10 Ecommerce Instagram Aesthetics To Inspire Your Brand

Sunny runs an ecommerce store on Shopify. Their brand deals with bespoke designer watches and has been doing quite well for the past year.

Now, Sunny wants to expand to new markets and tap into social media advertising too. The brand has an Instagram account. But not much engagement. 

So what do you think is missing? Alternatively, what attracts you the most when you visit a brand’s Instagram profile? Given how the majority of Instagram users follow brands on the platform, this is an important question.

And invariably, it is the styling and design of the images/videos on their profile. We live in a time where each photo has to be perfect, and the audience is borderline obsessed with the vibe and mood of every Instagram post.

To ensure you cater to this section of the audience, you need an Instagram aesthetic. A set of design principles that guide your Instagram content.

While there are many options, Kimp brings you 10 of the best Ecommerce Instagram Aesthetics and how to achieve them. This guide will help you find the inspiration you need to revamp your Instagram profile. 

The Impact of Ecommerce Instagram Aesthetics 

For anyone wondering about the impact of Instagram Aesthetics, we just want to say it is huge. We have spoken about the value of visual marketing for your brand’s sales and revenue figures many times. And Instagram aesthetics are the digital arm of visual marketing in many ways. 

Brand discovery and Awareness building 

Customers are using Instagram as a platform to discover local businesses, support niche small businesses, and also understand the ethos behind big brands. And they base a majority of these impressions on how your content interacts with and impresses them. 

Your Instagram Aesthetic tells them if you are a young and cheerful brand or a brand with an earthy personality. This also helps attract the right audience base for your content on Instagram. 

Choosing the right Instagram Aesthetic is important to showcase your brand identity and promote brand awareness outside of your ecommerce channel. 

Boosting Social Commerce 

If you are a brand that saw the value in ecommerce and built a trendy brand, then it is time for you to embrace the next big thing in retail too. And that is undoubtedly, social commerce. Yes, the beautiful marriage between ecommerce and social media is here to stay. Almost 130 million people tap on Instagram shopping posts, much more than any ecommerce statistic in its nascent stage. 

Instagram checkout is also now available in select countries. 

“Most social platforms have jumped on the social commerce bandwagon, with many launching nascent ecommerce functions that are unsurprisingly set to flourish. The future of ecommerce lies in being more intuitive than the competition, grabbing consumers with content that resonates with them.”, says Software ecommerce company Productsup’s Chief Marketing Officer, Marcel Hollerbach. 

So your social media posts, especially Instagram posts have to be shop-ready and invite customers to give in to impulse buying tendencies. And they must make your brand recognizable anywhere on Instagram. This comes from the uniform design style Instagram aesthetics bring in.

Source: Pexels
Improve Organic reach on Instagram 

Consistent organic reach on Instagram is every marketers’ dream. But with changing algorithms and customer expectations, it remains just a dream often. What if you could change that? 

A study from Curalate tells us that you can achieve consistent growth with the right Instagram aesthetic. 

Other takeaways include: 

  • Lighter images have a better performance metric than darker ones
  • Images with negative space or white background have a higher reach 
  • Blue dominant images worked better than red dominant ones 
  • A single dominant color is better in images than multiple colors 

How can you incorporate all these insights into a single Instagram feed without it looking all over the place? By designing an appropriate Instagram aesthetic, of course!

Source: Later

10 Ecommerce Instagram Aesthetics to inspire your brand + Design Tips

Now that we know the significance of Instagram aesthetics, you may be wondering how to choose the best one for your brand. And that is a genuine concern. Chances are you already have a well-established visual identity for your ecommerce brand, and you do not want to dilute that. 

And that is important, as your Instagram aesthetic goal is to boost your brand’s identity and not dilute it in any way. 

In this section, we list 10 of the best Ecommerce Instagram Aesthetics so that you can get inspired. And then build and innovate on one that you really like.

1) The Colorful Instagram Aesthetic 

Our brains process images faster than text, so you’re usually working with very little time to impress customers with your Instagram feed. When someone lands on your Instagram profile, you want them to scroll and see more. 

And what can bring about that response? Color and nothing else. Color has a very primal connection with the human brain. It signals to the viewer what to feel when they look at any image. Colorful images excite and interest customers to see more. 

But we saw that customers expect a singular dominant color in the previous section. So when we say colorful Instagram aesthetic we mean choose your brand’s color as the dominant color and other colors that support it. 

Look at the Instagram aesthetic of Recess. The brand has its logo on a colorful gradient background, and the same vibe extends all over its Instagram feed. Across all images, the brand colors remain dominant while other colors come together harmoniously. 

This theme reflects the brand’s personality and its visual identity perfectly. 

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Kimp Tip: Choose colors that support your brand’s visual identity and also look pleasing to your customers across all devices. These colors are a part of your social media presence, so they must be in line with the personality you wish to project.

Need help? Work with the Kimp Graphics team to try out a few combinations before deciding your Instagram aesthetic.

2) The Warm Pastel Shade Instagram Aesthetic 

From bold, vibrant, and colorful Instagram themes, we now move to a very similar but distinct Instagram aesthetic – the warm summery pastel shade theme. We know the name sounds wordy, but trust us when you look at examples you will understand what we mean. Summer evenings are full of good vibes and emotions, and they are Instagram’s favorite too. All of us have seen a lot of golden hour pictures, right? 

If you manage to capture the same emotion, vibe, and design style in your Instagram feed, you’ll be seeing the benefits in engagement.

This theme uses a muted and saturated pastel palette. Ideal for brands dealing with lifestyle products focusing on a younger generation, this is one of the best ecommerce Instagram aesthetics.  

This Instagram feed snapshot of Privacy Pls will show how effortless styling and posing looks with this theme. But the products shine through as the settings become more muted.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Kimp Tip: Intersperse lifestyle images and aesthetic text on your feed for a wholesome feel that makes potential customers feel welcome. Extend this design style to your stories, videos, and more for the best results. It is all about capturing the right mood and connecting with the audience. 

Looking to edit your lifestyle product photos to suit your Instagram aesthetic? Why not sign up for Kimp Graphics’ design subscription with design AND editing services for a flat fee.

3) The Eclectic Instagram Aesthetic 

You know how there is beauty in chaos? And organized chaos that has a mind of its own is even more gorgeous. The Eclectic Instagram theme marries this nature of organized chaos with an earthy charm to bring you an honest, humble, and attractive depiction of your brand. 

This Instagram aesthetic has the qualities of a warm, minimalistic, and earthy theme. It works well for brands that work with local materials, has a firm heritage in art, design, or manufacturing, and leverages all of that to connect with its audience. 

The best example of this Instagram theme would be Etsy’s Instagram feed. Being the largest curator of homegrown brands, Etsy chose a theme that reflects its values and connects with local culture everywhere.

Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy

Kimp Tip: Even if you choose the eclectic Instagram aesthetic, ensure that your brand colors, fonts, and overall design style remains intact. Choose to convey the aesthetic, not just via editing but via the images you choose and adding elements such as illustrations, doodles, and more. 

Kimp Graphics’ unlimited design service gives you access to unlimited design categories, including illustrations, at a flat monthly fee.

4) The Rustic color Instagram Aesthetic 

Not every brand associates itself with the bold and vibrant color aesthetic. Some brands tend to favor the vintage, dark, and rustic aesthetic as their products and target audience is more attuned to that. 

For such ecommerce brands, we have the right Instagram aesthetic right here – the rustic color theme. This Instagram aesthetic celebrates the power and beauty in dark, rustic, and rugged products and styling. Brands that deal in automobiles, automobile gear, adventure sports gear, active life products, men’s grooming products, and so on can use this Instagram aesthetic to their advantage. 

Consider the Instagram aesthetic of Beyond Clothing. This brand’s Instagram feed mostly contains lifestyle product images and features them in the wild wilderness in all their glory. A rustic theme need not be typically orange or black, you can have a colorful rustic theme too. It is the vibe that matters, as always! 

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Kimp Tip: The Rustic Instagram aesthetic can end up looking darker than you expected it to be. But we know from studies that customers favor light images over darker ones. So, include a few lighter ones that break up the darker colors and shades and add some contrast that really makes things pop.

5) The Monochrome Instagram Aesthetic 

Do you remember when we said that Instagram aesthetics can promote your brand identity and take it to a wider audience? If that is your marketing intent behind launching an Instagram profile, we have the perfect Instagram aesthetic for you. 

As an ecommerce brand, you have many avenues of promoting your brand’s visual identity via packaging, website, and advertisements. Social media, however, will be the feather in your cap. Instagram has over a billion users, and if you choose a Monochrome or monotone Instagram aesthetic as an extension of your brand identity, you can really increase brand awareness. 

In the monochrome theme, you can choose to implement a Black and White Instagram aesthetic too if it works for your brand. The popular choice, though, is to pick the dominant brand color and design an Instagram aesthetic around it. 

Consider this Instagram aesthetic by Kaja Beauty, it promotes the brand’s dominant colors scheme of pink and purple perfectly. A look at the Instagram feed, and you will know what the brand’s visual identity is. 

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Kimp Tip: If you choose an Instagram aesthetic with primarily just one color, chances are it can get monotonous. So bring a little variety by including subtle elements that contain that color between full-blown posts of that color. Sometimes you need a pink filter, and sometimes just a pink bottle will do. Balance is important. 

Not sure how to create engaging ecommerce Instagram aesthetics that use a single color? Sign up for the Kimp Graphics subscription to experiment as much as you’d like for a flat fee.

6) The Flatlay Instagram Aesthetic

Flatlay is a very popular product photography style for ecommerce brands. And what do you know? It is also a very popular theme on Instagram. So no points for guessing that the flatlay Instagram aesthetic works really well for ecommerce brands. 

This theme allows you to bring the focus completely to your products without any other distracting elements. It is all about your products. This way, any new customer stumbling upon your profile will get all they need to know about what you offer almost instantly. 

For a truly engaging Instagram aesthetic, you can choose bespoke props and colorful backgrounds during your photoshoot. If you have any constraints, use a green screen and work with your design team to edit the backgrounds.

In this Instagram aesthetic by Letterfolk, all their announcements and product showcases are in the flatlay theme. Some lifestyle images are an exception, but they round up the overall aesthetic well.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Kimp Tip: Flatlay is an engaging and popular Instagram aesthetic that is popular among creators, audiences, and influencers as well. So as far as product-centric ecommerce Instagram aesthetics, this is the best choice. Consult your design team for tips on how to arrange the products. 

7) The Text-based Instagram Aesthetic

Some brands follow an educational content marketing model. This usually means articles, blogs, and podcasts. But Instagram has a hack for such brands too. Text-based posts may not be as popular as the images you see everywhere else, but they are aesthetically pleasing in and of themselves. 

The Text-based Instagram aesthetic features the written word on colorful backgrounds that match the brand’s personality. To game the algorithm, you can choose the right colors and fonts that your target audience finds attractive. You can also include a few images and videos for variety on your Instagram feed. 

Mind Body Green’s Instagram aesthetic is a perfect example of what we are describing here. They have images, videos, and text-based posts that enhance their content marketing immensely.

Source: Instagram

Kimp Tip: Infographics are a great way to include informational content on your Instagram feed without making it too texty. So create Infographics out of your product images so that you engage and inform at the same time. 

8) The Borders Instagram Aesthetic 

The Instagram feed is a tiled layout by default. And anyway you can enhance it and improve its readability leads to a better user experience. 

Take for instance the fact that most of the time ecommerce brands use this platform to spotlight their products. But a lot of product images laid out next to each other does not really help in this. Because of no possible visual hierarchy and negative space, customers cannot focus on a single product. 

If you have a similar hiccup for your Instagram profile, then you can adopt the Borders Instagram aesthetic. That will define your images and make it easy for customers to focus on the content. 

Consider this Instagram aesthetic snapshot by The Good Guys. They have a simplistic but effective red and blue border around every image. In the first look itself, you know where an image begins and ends. It makes the whole user experience much better.

Source: Instagram

Kimp Tip: Using the borders Instagram aesthetic can also help in raising brand identity awareness. If you look closely, the border colors here are the same as the ones in the brand’s logo. So it is a win-win. 

Not sure where to start? Work with a design team to design an Instagram aesthetic that enhances user experience and promotes your brand identity too.

9) The Rows and Columns Instagram Aesthetic 

The magazine layout works well on all mediums. The nostalgia of flipping through centerfolds and seeing the product images across both pages is still fresh in many of our minds. If you are a lifestyle brand, then you can bring the same vibe back to your customers on Instagram.

Yes, we are speaking of the rows and columns Instagram Aesthetic. In this theme, you dedicate a row or column for a particular type of content consistently. It breaks up your content and makes customers feel they are checking out  a magazine or coffee table book.

Just have a look at the Instagram feed for Shopee Singapore. The brand has two dedicated columns for memes, topical content, and announcements, whereas the other column is just for product images. This helps them get across content to their audience in away that’s easy to scan and consume.

Moreover, the highlight columns use the brand color, making it even more obvious whose Instagram feed it is.

Source: Instagram
10) The Dark Instagram Aesthetic 

Some brands have a very bold and dark brand personality. They associate more with moody emotions. In that case, it is only right that the Instagram aesthetic matches the same mood. And what better than a dark Instagram aesthetic for it?

A dark Instagram aesthetic does not mean that you only choose a black color or keep it all dark. The overall design style has to be in line with the dark and moody brand personality. 

Consider the Instagram aesthetic by P&Co. Not every image they have on there is dark or features black as a dominant color, but a cursory scroll will tell you the Instagram theme and brand personality of P&Co.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Create Stunning Ecommerce Instagram Aesthetics for your Brand with Kimp 

As easy as it looks, creating an Instagram aesthetic that gets results is tough. You have to maintain branding consistency, design consistency, and pick a design style that appeals to your target audience as well. 

Above all, you need a team that can create designs and Instagram posts (images and videos) that follow the Instagram aesthetic to a tee. 

With Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video unlimited design subscriptions, this becomes an easy job. You have a talented team of designers at your disposal to handle all your design requests and revisions across a bunch of design categories.

What more can you need?

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