Typography Trends: The 20 Coolest Fonts To Design With In 2024

As another year draws to a close, it’s hard to believe how time flies! But with a new year on the horizon comes a wave of fresh design trends to dive into, and doesn’t that just spark excitement? Today, we’re particularly thrilled to delve into the realm of typography. Fonts, being the building blocks of most designs, hold the power to elevate your creations. That’s why we’re here to explore some of the coolest fonts aligning with the anticipated typography trends of 2024.

Ready for a dose of typography inspiration? Let’s go! 

Coolest Fonts Based on Typography Trends for 2024

With the advent of AI tools for design generation and editing the design landscape is shifting rapidly and unpredictably. Based on some of the trends observed recently and based on some predictions by critics and experts around the world, below are some typography trends to look out for in 2024 along with some font ideas based on each. 

Chunky Fonts to Attract Attention

Chunky fonts with heavy stroke widths attract attention and are easily recognizable. Therefore, they make excellent choices for logo designs since memorability is the core aspect there. They also work well in posters and social media ads where you need bold headlines that instantly draw viewer’s attention. 

KIMP Tip: Avoid overcrowding when using bold and chunky fonts because you do not want visual clutter or a compromise in legibility. Moreover, chunky fonts might look out of place in designs that require a delicate touch, like elegant event invitations. 

With this overview and the tips in mind, let’s look at some of the coolest fonts in this category. 

1. Bollity

Bollity is a paid font which is an attention-grabber. This heavy-display font does not compromise on the legibility of its characters both in uppercase and lowercase. But given the strong character of this font, it’s more suitable for shorter text portions like the title text in designs. Moreover, it makes an excellent choice for type-focused designs like wordmark logos as well. The image below shows a logo featuring the Bollity font. 

2. Val Stencil 

If you are looking to create a lettermark logo then you need a typeface where every character looks like a work of art and for such instances, Val Stencil is one of the coolest fonts to use. 

With its heavy strokes and unique geometric letterform, this typeface truly stands out. But yes, some of the characters are difficult to comprehend and therefore the font might not be suitable to use in text-heavy sections of the design. 

The image below shows a glimpse of how this font can transform a simple lettermark logo into something extraordinary. 

3. ChunkFive Print 

In this font family, ChunkFive is the solid version of the font whereas the ChunkFive Print is a textured one. So, if you are looking to add a touch of sophistication to a simple design, this is one of the coolest fonts to use. 

With chunky strokes and serifs, this font has a subtle vintage vibe to it and therefore comes in handy when you are creating designs that call for a nostalgic theme. This is one of the most attractive free fonts in this category. 

Modern Gothic Fonts – A Contemporary Twist on Tradition

Nostalgia was a big trend in the world of design in 2023. Naturally, something that blends the old and new is something that is likely to top the charts in the coming year. That’s why we think that modern gothic fonts might make an appearance in the design realm in 2024. 

With modern gothic fonts, you depart from the mainstream and stand out with your visually intriguing designs. One of the biggest benefits of going with modern gothic fonts is that each carries its own unique strong personality. Therefore, if you are looking to evoke strong emotional responses with your design, then these fonts do their job perfectly. 

KIMP Tip: Given the drama that most modern gothic fonts are known to create, remember to use them in moderation. Otherwise, you end up overwhelming your readers. Moreover, these might also not be the best choice in designs that contain too many decorative elements. 

So, what are some of the coolest fonts from the modern gothic category to explore in 2024? 

1. Burgie 

With ornate serifs and extended swashes, the letterforms carry a subtle antique mood in them. This big bold font is a great choice for any classic design theme in packaging, and signage.  

If you are creating retro posters or even designing a statement t-shirt, then Burgie is one of the coolest fonts in the modern gothic category. Take a look at the below t-shirt design to get an idea of what the font looks like on different media. 

2. Panata 

Panata is a modern take on traditional blackletter typography and features contemporary sleek letterforms. This font is available for free for personal use. 

With its magnetic charisma, this font makes a brilliant choice for poster headers, social media title text, hero text on landing pages, or even print designs like packaging. Its contemporary makeover is what makes it more legible than most other gothic fonts and can therefore be used even in short text sections and not just headers. But avoid small font sizes where the letters become hard to distinguish. 

3. Obra Letra

A vintage font with a contemporary flavor, Obra Letra is a great font for designs where you wish to establish your authority. Given the strong personality this font carries, it makes an attractive choice for logos. 

The font is free to use on Canva and also comes with multilingual support making it a great choice for marketing designs. 

However, in small font sizes and lengthy text portions, the legibility goes down a little. So, use Obra Letra for headers and subheadings rather than for body text. The below design shows how the font can cause a slight visual strain when used in long lines of text. 

Sans-Serif Fonts With Strong Personalities 

While that might sound like an oxymoron, and though sans-serif fonts are believed to be simple and plain, there are some serif-free typefaces that carry a lot of character in them. These are the types of fonts that are likely to trend in the coming year. 

With such sans-serif fonts you are marrying clean lines with intriguing elements to create something that makes a statement. They add a touch of elegance to digital designs in particular. 

Wondering where to use them and where not to use them? Well, we’ll talk about that when we discuss the coolest fonts in this group. 

1. Strawford

Strawford is a minimalistic sans-serif font with low contrast and a visible visual balance. They are some of the coolest fonts for modern brands that are looking for sleek and simple designs for print and digital media. 

Moreover, this font scores high in terms of legibility and therefore makes a great option for designs that carry a lot of text including packaging labels, brochures, and infographics. However, if you are looking for a bold header or eye-catching logos, there are other sans-serif fonts that work better, like the next one on our list. 

Some styles within the Strawford font family are available for free while the others can be downloaded for a price. 

2. Wiloka 

With its playful letterforms and modern tone, this is the kind of sans-serif font that we were talking about when we discussed sans-serif fonts with a strong personality. Because, as can be seen in the above image, the letters have their own uniqueness making this the kind of font that can enhance your design without additional adornments. And without creating clutter as well! 

Notice how Wiloka complements the bohemian theme running in the below design. In such designs that call for a unique sans-serif font, this is one of the coolest fonts you can use. 

3. Disclaimer 

With tall and uniquely shaped letters and a slightly condensed structure Disclaimer is one of the coolest sans-serif fonts for designs that call for a modern touch. 

In the right font size, Disclaimer appears legible and does not cause a lot of eye strain. However, avoid this font in designs where there is limited space. Because without enough space to let the letters stretch tall, this font does not spin its magic as effectively. 

Disclaimer is available for free both for personal and commercial applications. As can be seen in the image below, Disclaimer looks good on quirky packaging designs. 

Pushing Boundaries With Experimental Fonts

Experimental fonts are those that push the boundaries of conventional typography. They are daring and seldom bound by rules. From font size variations to stroke width differences, each typeface alters a different aspect of the letterform so as to create variety. This way, you are left with something innovative and fresh. 

For young brands that mean to challenge the norms and steer from the ordinary, experimental fonts work well in branding designs like packaging as well as in engaging social media posts. Experimental typefaces with legible characters also come in handy for logo design. With them, you can create unique logos without any extra accents. The intrigue that these fonts introduce makes them strong contenders for attention-attracting outdoor designs like banners and street furniture. 

KIMP Tip: Given the nuances of experimental typefaces, ensure that you verify the legibility of all the characters. You don’t want to miss out on the message for the sake of aesthetics. 

Now, let’s take a peek into some of the coolest fonts that belong to the experimental font category likely to make it big in 2024. 

1. Marte 

Available in a single case, Marte mixes and matches character shapes from traditional uppercase and lowercase letters. This way there is an inherent variety in it that adds a unique dimension to your design. The slim and consistent stroke width helps maintain the legibility of the characters throughout and in a wide range of font sizes as well. 

Free for use both in personal and commercial applications, this modern font works well in digital designs. 

2. Kanibal 

If unpredictability is your style, if eclectic themes best represent your brand, then experimental typefaces like Kanibal work in your favor. With diverse glyphs and unique letterforms, this typeface is a stunner. 

Given the unique nature of the font, it makes a great choice for designs that are meant to attract the immediate attention of your audience, like web banners or even display ads and Story ads on social media. 

If you are looking to create something quirky like the design featured below, then Kanibal is one of the coolest fonts you should try in 2024. 

Outline Fonts for an Alluring Design

With subtle details and sleek hollow strokes, outline fonts are head-turners. They are known for their unique visual impact. 

Outline fonts are great choices for brands looking to add a touch of modernity to their branding and marketing designs. The fact that you can customize them by adding unique textures or even glow effects to personalize their aesthetics makes them even more attractive in marketing designs for digital media. 

Ensure a balance between the outline fonts and negative space in your design to maintain readability and visual appeal. 

KIMP Tip: When it comes to font pairing, avoid combining two different outline typefaces as they might end up creating visual clutter and inconsistencies in your design. Instead, opt for a solid stroke typeface to complement an outline font in your design. 

Let’s now talk about some of the coolest fonts in this category. 

1. Arenq

Given the geometric letterforms and the clear rounded counters, Arenq scores high in terms of legibility. This is one of the coolest outline fonts in terms of versatility. Because with simple color variations and gradients, you can easily optimize it for modern and retro designs alike.

Available for free for both commercial and personal use, this font is pretty easy to work with. 

2. Belligro 

Belligro is one of the coolest fonts if you like outline typefaces in the script category. The strong and vibrant handwriting style letterforms are personalized with outlined downward strokes as with calligraphy styles. 

So, if you need something modern and bold, with a touch of personalization, then this is a great option. A cool fashion logo or boutique signage, graceful event invitations, elegant banners – there are several kinds of designs where outline fonts like Belligro come in handy. 

This free font works well in designs that call for a delicate feminine touch like the wedding banner below. 

3. Inlander Outline 

Inlander Outline is an outline font with elegant serifs and a traditional tone. Its slightly irregular strokes add a hint of versatility so that you can create dynamic strokes in your design. 

If you design your projects on Canva and need an outline font to work with, this is one of the coolest fonts that’s free to use. 

One quick tip to remember when using outline fonts like Inlander Outline is that they work well on solid backgrounds but might be bad choices to use against busy backgrounds. While the aesthetics might be preserved in some cases, the legibility is lost. Take a look at the below image for example. Reading the text here causes some eye strain which is not what you want in your designs. 

Inclusive Designs With Accessible Fonts 

Accessible fonts that are comfortable to read make all your audience groups feel welcome. Therefore, when you are shortlisting the coolest fonts for your designs it’s important to consider the accessibility aspect as well. This trend is a response to a growing awareness of the need for designs that prioritize readability, ensuring that information is accessible to individuals of diverse abilities.

Adopting inclusive fonts also means that you are committing to inclusivity and therefore it helps positively impact your brand image. On the whole, accessible fonts are all about creating easy and memorable user experiences. 

From the weight of the font to the x-height, shapes of the letterforms to the curvature of counters, and contrast between strokes various factors affect a typeface’s legibility. Let’s now look at some of the coolest fonts that are easy to read on diverse screens and designs. 

1. Novela 

Novela is a versatile contemporary sans-serif font that is equally charming in both digital and print designs. 

Some individual styles within the Novela font family are available for free. Novela falls into the category of accessible fonts because of its open counters and well-spaced characters. As a result, the font appears legible even at small font sizes and on low-resolution screens. 

The below image shows the use of this font on a book cover where the font exudes a subtle retro allure while also maintaining legibility. 

2. Mint Grotesk 

Fonts with tall x-height and well-structured letterforms are easy on the eyes and that’s where Mint Grotesk fits in. The strength of this modern clutter-free sans-serif font lies in its simplicity. 

From text-focused designs like brochures and posters to sleek web interfaces, Mint Grotesk looks good and is easy to read in a variety of designs. 

Available for free for personal use, this modern font is available in diverse styles to introduce variety without deviating from its legibility. 

Creating Immersive Designs With 3D Fonts

The shift has been toward creating more immersive experiences that encourage engagement. And therefore 3D fonts are likely to be used widely in 2024. Besides, they add a creative twist to any design be it digital or print. 

3D fonts offer a unique way for brands to express their personality, whether it’s through sleek modernity, playful vibrancy, or sophisticated elegance. From catchy store signage to scroll-stopping social media designs and videos, 3D fonts look good in several places. 

KIMP Tip: Like outline fonts, 3D fonts can carry a strong personality and therefore combining two or more different 3D font styles can overwhelm your audience. So, pair 3D fonts with sleek and clean fonts for the body text. 

With the nitty gritty addressed, let’s look at some of the coolest fonts with immersive 3D aesthetics. 

1. Bubble 3D Font 

Available for free for personal use, this vibrant font can instantly bring your designs to life. It feels young and fresh with its cheerful bubble-like letterforms. 

Wherever the design calls for an uplifting energetic vibe like on posters or typographic t-shirts Bubble 3D Font works well. And the best part is that by slightly adjusting the colors and gradients, this font can be tweaked to suit both vintage and contemporary themes. 

2. Calasans 

The 3D fonts category is one of the widest with fonts in various textures, shadow details, highlights, and more. Among them, Calasans is one of the coolest fonts for those looking for an instant retro vibe. 

This layered font features shadow details and textures on the strokes as well to add an extra dimension to the design. 

Playing With Symmetry Using Geometric Fonts

Leveraging the aesthetic appeal of precision and symmetry and some perfectly shaped letterforms, geometric typefaces are practical and elegant. Several such factors make geometric fonts a great choice for brands looking to imbibe a balanced aesthetic. 

These fonts are versatile, seamlessly adapting to a variety of design contexts. Additionally, the consistent letterforms convey professionalism and reliability making them a great choice for both branding and marketing designs. 

1. Modernia 

With solid proportions and sleek cuts, Modernia is a truly modern font that looks attractive on its own. So, it makes a brilliant choice for text-focused applications like wordmark and lettermark logos as well as packaging designs where the text needs to be an attention-grabber. 

Given the unique appearance of some of the characters, this free font is not the optimal choice when it comes to legibility when there are several lines of text. 

2. Contage 

When we speak about geometric fonts they are often perceived as traditional whereas Contage proves otherwise. This font shows that geometric fonts can carry a fun and playful vibe too without sacrificing on the consistency of letterform shapes and legibility. 

This modern and chunky display font is free for personal use. The exuberant font makes an excellent choice for designs where text needs to take center stage. Like book covers that need to convince readers to grab the book, as in the below design. This font also beautifully complements banners and posters that are meant to carry a fun theme.

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