Black Friday 2023: Design Tips For Success

There is one day that excites marketers and business owners as much as it excites shoppers. Yes, we are talking about Black Friday. The day many love to go on a shopping spree. Are you planning your Black Friday 2023 campaigns? So is every other brand in your industry. How do you stand out then? What kind of campaigns and promotional designs will make a difference? We’ll talk all about that in this blog.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 24th. Yes, it’s just around the corner. So, now is a good time to start talking about Black Friday campaigns. 

After all, it’s not just about one day of shopping but a whole weekend of deals all the way till Cyber Monday. And a great opportunity even for early shoppers who pick Christmas gifts in advance. So, yes, if you plan it right and time your campaigns right, you can make a huge difference and boost your brand’s holiday season sales. Shall we talk about Black Friday 2023? Ad ideas, design tips, and other details? 

Black Friday – A Peek Into History 

Okay, before we get into the actual marketing side of things, let’s talk about how it all began. Some quick trivia to break the ice! 

Today Black Friday is all about deals, and shopping. But did you know that when it all began, there was no connection between the term Black Friday and shopping? Back in 1869, Black Friday was the day when the securities market crashed. It was nicknamed the “gold panic of 1869

The association of Black Friday with the retail industry began with the mention of the term in  Factory Management and Maintenance, 1951 edition. A couple of reasons why the Friday after Thanksgiving was referred to as Black Friday in the magazine were: 

  • A large number of workers were absent that day so as to make the most of a long weekend. 
  • And due to the holiday shopping spree that started post-Thanksgiving, there were several traffic jams. This led to the police officers calling it “Black Friday”. 

Some say that the day went on to be known as Black Friday owing to the phrase “black ink” which means “a business profit”. Because, on Black Friday, most businesses make a huge profit through deals. 

Looking back at the origins of any festival or shopping trend can change your perspective. Why you might even get some creative ideas for your campaigns. If nothing else, even sharing these less-known facts can be used as a conversation starter on your social media pages. We hope that the above facts made you more curious about this hard-to-miss discount season of the year. 

Now let’s talk numbers, shall we? Because there are some retailers who doubt the effectiveness of Black Friday sales since most shopping has gone online these days. 

Black Friday 2023 – Statistics You Should Know 

In 2022, about 196.7 million Americans shopped during the 5-day holiday weekend spanning from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. This was about 17 million more than the number of shoppers in 2021.

Another quick statistic to know is that the average spending on Black Friday in 2022 increased by about 2.3% from 2021 and reached $9.12 billion. So, both in terms of the number of people who shop during this holiday weekend and the amount they spend, there has been a steady upward trend in recent years.

One trend to note here is that shoppers don’t restrict their shopping plan to Black Friday anymore. They do an extended shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend all the way up to Cyber Monday and later.

Accordingly, brands have started spreading out their deals and extending the sale duration too. This is something to keep in mind if you are planning the duration of your Black Friday discounts. Early sales and last-minute deals until Thanksgiving, doorbusters for Black Friday, and some late shopper deals will help you increase the volume of sales. 

Finally, remember that there is a steadily increasing volume of online shopping during the holiday season. So, coming up with promotions for both online and offline purchases will help you take advantage of customer groups in both these segments. 

Based on all these statistics and the trends we have always observed during Black Friday campaigns, here are some ideas that can change your promotions this year. 

Black Friday 2023: Design Tips For Creating Ads That Sell 

1. Choose colors that make a connection 

What is a Black Friday ad without some black in it, right? In fact, it’s not just about black, you can choose colors that reflect the excitement, the thrill, and the “sense of hurry” that most people connect with Black Friday. What are some colors you can think of that shout “thrill” and “excitement”? Orange, red. And for more ideas, we have a blog on color psychology that might help. 

The beauty of black is that it has a strong personality and yet it seamlessly complements most colors. So, you can easily use it in your Black Friday 2023 ads without worrying about the color messing with your brand colors. 

The key is to simplify the color palette as much as possible. Just black + your brand colors will be a good place to start with. 

We’ll explain this with an example. 

Social media design by KIMP

The above image shows a social media design for the Black Friday campaign of Workwear Express. And here is what the brand’s Instagram page looks like. 

Comparing both the above images you will notice that orange, the brand color is used extensively on the brand’s social media page. So, a Black Friday ad with black and just the brand color will look perfectly in place with the rest of the content.

KIMP Tip: Seasonal campaigns are definitely important since they help boost your sales. However, the collateral for these temporary campaigns cannot mess with the visual identity you have already defined for your brand. 

When you work with a professional design team like KIMP, the team refers to your previous designs and creates ads that look on-brand while also communicating the message clearly. 

2. Go beyond single-image posts 

With a single image to capture the essence of your campaign, you are good to go. But with all the competition brewing, you need more. You need carousels, videos, and other formats. We’ll talk about videos for Black Friday campaigns in a second. But before that, we’d like to talk about an engaging and effective format for such holiday campaigns – carousels. 

The above ad beautifully displays the products in focus. This format works particularly well for “gift-guide” posts. These are the ones where you advertise your Black Friday campaigns by displaying a series of images. Each shows a different product or combo pack as a recommendation for those shopping for gifts. 

Gift guides are timeless tools to boost traffic and increase sales during the holiday season. You can also bring your most profitable items to the spotlight. Or you can use them to promote products that have not gained enough traction yet. And both these strategies work with holiday shoppers who are looking for ideas on what to buy during the sale. 

KIMP Tip: One thing to remember while designing carousels is that every image in the set should look connected to the other. Without visual consistency, your carousel will look like a random array of images. And they might not have the intended impact. 

To overcome this, 

  • Come up with a strong color scheme for the carousel and ensure that every image follows this. 
  • Have a template that tells where the text, imagery, and CTAs appear on each of these images. 
  • Arrange the images side-by-side and see if they look cohesive. 

Finding it overwhelming to keep up with all the creative design formats that work for holiday campaigns? The KIMP Team is here to help. 

3. Videos can boost your Black Friday campaigns 

By the year 2020, it was observed that the YOY increase in social media engagement on Black Friday was 968.5%. And engagement is something that most brands crave especially with their social media campaigns. Therefore, the time of the year when social media engagement is expected to skyrocket is a good time to create engaging content. Yes, we are talking about videos. 

All your competitors will be busy working on their campaigns for Black Friday 2023. So, you do not want your posts to be lost in a sea of other Black Friday posts. Videos are great ways to stand out. 

Short and engaging videos like the one below can instantly grab attention.

KIMP Tip: When designing videos for your Black Friday campaigns remember to use crisp product photos, smooth transitions, and a clutter-free layout.

Wondering how to make Black Friday 2023 different for your brand? Sign up for a KIMP Video subscription. 

4. Typography that sets the mood 

As much as colors, typography also has a strong role to play in design. From the typeface you choose to the formatting, every aspect of typography can make or break the mood of a design. 

Unlike other occasions where shopping is just a part of the celebration, Black Friday is a celebration of shopping itself. So, you cannot settle down for ad designs that are too plain and uninspiring. The typography should resonate with the enthusiasm of the shoppers. It should build anticipation. You need bold and loud fonts. But you also cannot deviate too much from your brand fonts. How can you do this? 

Understand font psychology. Look for fonts in the same family as your brand fonts. Something relatable to your brand font but distinct. 

If that sounds confusing to you, choose a bold font and use it only for focus words in your design. Just the word “sale” or “Black Friday”. And the rest of the text can be in standard fonts that you use in all of your designs. 

Another way to do this is to use simple font formatting like outlines and accents. Here is an example. 

Social media design by KIMP

Notice how the word “Black Friday” pops out. And the spotlights on top direct all your focus to the text portion. On the whole, this is a simple yet impactful design, the kind that works for Black Friday campaigns. 

One other way to make a difference through typography will be with the use of animated typography. This way you will have a simple animated video to go on your social media pages. Notice how the simple text animations in the below video make it hard to scroll away from it.

Animated typography or custom font styles, KIMP subscriptions can help you with all your unique design needs. 

5. Everything should lead to the CTA 

A good ad conveys the message. A great one gets people to take action. You need a great ad for Black Friday. And for this, a CTA is the most crucial part of your design. Whether it is a flyer that promotes your Black Friday in-store deals or a social media ad or a web banner ad, you need a clear CTA. Otherwise, how will your customer know what step to take or where to go next to move ahead in the purchase process? 

In fact, just around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, you will see a lot of brands post wishes, announcements, and more. A clearly visible CTA on the image instantly tells customers that this is a post that deserves their attention. This is a post that calls for action. 

KIMP Tip: The color and fonts you choose for your CTA, the size of the CTA section, positioning, and overall hierarchy all determine how easy it is for customers to notice the CTA button. Here is an example. 

Social media design by KIMP

In the above design, the bright orange button is enough to grab attention. But the layout of the text section effortlessly directs your attention towards the bottom, the CTA button. And when this happens, your customers are more likely to click that button. 

6. Visuals to the rescue 

Image posts or videos, you need visually rich content to make heads turn. All-text posts can be made interesting too. But nothing beats the use of imagery. Including actual product photos or lifestyle shots of the products or services you want to push can make a huge difference. 

About 48% of all online sales on Black Friday 2022 reportedly came from smartphones. And we have seen a steady rise in mobile commerce these last few years. This means that marketers need to focus more on mobile shoppers.

Therefore, visuals have a strong role to play. Because visuals are better and more appealing than text, especially on smartphones.

In summary, instead of adding lines of text to communicate your message, keep the copy crisp and use imagery to capture the essence of your Black Friday post. This applies both to promotional content and conversational posts that you create to tap into the increased engagement rates during the holiday season. 

Social media design by KIMP

KIMP Tip: During times like Black Friday, it’s all about creating something unique to grab your customers’ attention. You do not want cliched layouts and stock images in your posts. Use actual product images. Even if you have to use stock elements, add your brand’s touch to come up with a catchy Black Friday post that grabs eyeballs. 

7. A landing page makes so much difference 

Most Black Friday campaigns do not end with a single post. You might have a whole series of posts on social media or even web ads and email campaigns to promote them. The key is to connect them all effectively and towards the intended objective. 

Are you planning to introduce a new product for Black Friday? Or perhaps have some products that sell at discounted prices for the first time? Different brands have different objectives for Black Friday campaigns. What is yours? Once you have clearly established this objective, come up with a landing page idea for this. 

This way, you will have one place to capture all the essential information about your campaign including multiple links to product pages or sale pages, discount codes, the process to avail discounts, and more. And then you can optimize your ads, social media posts, and other promotional graphics without deviating from the intended goals. Also, you can minimize the text and content in each design since your landing page carries all the details. 

And for those places where adding a link can be difficult, or in the case of print ads, you can always add a QR code that takes users to the respective landing page. 

Target had a whole month of deals for Black Friday. Instead of crowding the post with details, here is a crisp Twitter post with a link to a landing page with information about all the exciting deals and respective links. 

Don’t want to work with different designers for your social media designs, print designs, and landing page designs? Choose a KIMP Graphics subscription. 

8. Keep it on-brand 

And while you focus on all other design aspects, there’s one thing you cannot ignore – alignment with your brand. True, Black Friday has grown to be a global shopping phenomenon and almost every brand you know runs campaigns during this time. But that does not mean that you need to go with cliched ideas and designs. Find what really works for your brand. 

From the visual style to the color palettes, fonts, and font styling, copy and the overall tone and mood of the design should align with your brand’s personality. 

While working with a designated design team at KIMP, staying on-brand with all your print and digital designs becomes so much simpler. 

Black Friday 2023: A KIMP Subscription Can Make a Difference 

As you can see from the above pointers, there are so many ways to tap into the potential of Black Friday campaigns and make them productive for your brand. Everybody is posting on social media and actively running campaigns around the holiday season. So, focus on creating content that is unique and on-brand. And if you need help executing those brilliant ideas you come up with, the KIMP team is just a call away. 

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