Marketing to Generation Alpha: 15 Tips Your Brand Needs To Know

We’ve been talking about millennials and GenZers for a long time now. However, there’s a whole new demographic to focus on – Generation Alpha – the tech-savvy tots! 

Born between 2010 and 2025, Gen Alpha represents the dawn of a new era, and, believe it or not, the future is now. Oh ya, millennials and Gen Z are crucial target segments – no doubt. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, understanding Generation Alpha is your new golden ticket.

So, how do you market to these changemakers of tomorrow? The generation that knows how to protest on Roblox, and are possibly addicted to their iPads and have a language, a slang only they understand! 

Let’s find out! 

To get things started, let’s first understand Generation Alpha a little more. 

Generation Alpha: An Overview 

As we discussed earlier, Generation Alpha (aka Upagers or Generation Glass) includes those born between 2010 and 2025 – 21st-century kids in the truest sense! 

Okay, so with the nitty gritty laid out there’s the big question – do you really need to start focusing on Generation Alpha? Well, the oldest in this segment are teenagers already, and in a couple of years, they’ll be getting their first car! Based on McCrindle’s research, by the year 2030, about 11% of the workforce will consist of Generation Alpha. That’s how close they are to becoming spending consumers. 

That’s not all. Gen Alpha are born to Millennial parents – the first generation to witness massive technological shifts and become highly dependent on tech. Moreover, nearly 60% of Millennial parents are reportedly influenced by their children (Generation Alpha) when it comes to making purchase decisions. 

In summary – Generation Alpha is today’s purchase decision influencer and tomorrow’s spending consumer! So, yes, now is a good time to start focusing on them and tweaking your marketing strategies to accommodate their preferences.  

How is Generation Alpha Different From The Previous Generations? 

A lot has changed in the past decade and Generation Alpha was born into this ever-evolving tech landscape. Well, for starters, here’s what the Instagram logo looked like in 2010! Can you imagine that? 

Yes, that’s how much things have changed. From iPads to smartwatches, VR headsets to self-driving cars a whole lot of tech inventions gained momentum in this past decade and Generation Alpha has therefore been exposed to all these latest innovations from their early years. 

The millennials were pioneers – they have seen cassette tapes, CDs, and digital streaming services. On the other hand, Gen Z were born into a world where mobile phones were the norm. For Generation Alpha, on the other hand, cassette tapes are a relic, and phones with buttons are contraptions they probably cannot figure out! 

And finally, Generation Alpha knows how to instantly get answers from Alexa and many of them are adept at the language of social media! So the bar is exceptionally high. You cannot woo them with your usual ads. You need to really understand them, walk the walk, and talk the talk. How do you do that? That’s what this next section will answer. 

Marketing to Generation Alpha: 15 Quick Tips

1. Visuals carry a lot of weight 

As we’ve already established, Generation Alpha is surrounded by screens of all shapes and sizes. So, visuals are your best bet when it comes to grabbing their attention. Not just any visuals but engaging and authentic ones – in the form of catchy images, personalized illustrations, interactive carousels, and engaging videos. 

The human attention span was already measured in mere seconds, supposedly less than that of a goldfish. And data shows that this has dropped by about 30% in the last two decades. So yes, visuals will get your message across within the shortest time. 

Finally, keep your visuals fun, vibrant, and intriguing like the Froot Loops commercial here. 

2. Choose a mobile-first approach 

Gen Alpha’s connection with mobile devices needs no introduction. So optimising your strategies for a mobile-first approach is one of the first things to do when targeting Generation Alpha. This includes everything from your website to social media content. 

A mobile-first approach ensures that you have content that is easily accessible on small screens. Take Cartoon Network for example. While the brand is mainly about content for traditional television, they also have plenty of interactive games designed for mobile devices. Their Cartoon Network Gamebox app is a treasure trove of games for the little ones. 

Similarly, create easily snackable content that looks good on smartphones and tablets – they could be interactive games, quizzes, online challenges, and more. That’s how you keep up with a generation that swipes away at lightning speed. 

3. Do not underestimate the power of humor 

Generation Alpha tends to be fluent in the language of dad jokes and might have just the right meme for any occasion. So yes, humor strikes the right chord with them. 

About 61% of 12-15-year-olds reportedly use social media to find funny posts and another large group is looking out for memes in particular! 

So leveraging humor is a great way to optimize your approach to focus on Generation Alpha. Plus, it also humanizes your brand! That brings us to the next idea – memes! 

4. Invest in meme marketing 

Remember that Generation Alpha lives in an era where Meme Creator is an occupation! So, hit them with your best memes. Do not underestimate their understanding of social media lingo. After all, they are the next-gen kids to whom Gucci means “cool” more than a fancy bag! 

So, incorporating memes in your marketing is one way to ensure that you are seen as a cool kid by the Gen Alphas. 

The below post from The Nick Jr. Channel features a simple meme that most kids instantly understand. 

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5. Ace the language of emojis 

Forget the puzzling lingo – Generation Alpha has a whole new take on emojis! Would you be able to converse with your friend for a full hour in just emojis? Well, a Gen Alpha might beat you in that! 

So, if you aren’t already using them in your campaigns, start today! In your post captions and even ad copies! Because to Gen Alpha, emojis are about emotional expression! 

6. Rewards ring a different bell! 

Remember that rewards mean different things to different generations. Think of the young social media users to whom no amount of money brings as much joy as a massive boost to their follower count! 

So, when you create campaigns to reward your Gen Alpha customers for purchases or incentivize their clicks and other responses, you need to understand what kinds of rewards actually matter to them. Take Doritos for example. The below campaign talks about in-game items that excite gamers. 

Several Gen Alphas are pro gamers like Gen Zers! So, ideas like the one that Doritos uses here to reward a purchase make sense! 

7. Focus on co-creation – involve them in your campaigns! 

Generation Alphas born to millennial parents are well aware of the DIY craze! So they like to get hands-on! So, make them co-creators in your campaigns. When they feel like you are involving them in your campaign, they feel closer to your brand. 

V&A Museum of Childhood (now Young V&A) asked children to depict their food fantasies. Later they picked the best ones and created the Edible Museum that brought the children’s ideas to life. This is the kind of involvement we are talking about. Campaigns like this one foster strong bonds with Generation Alpha. 

Engage Gen Alpha in campaigns by inviting them to contribute ideas, designs, or content. This not only sparks creativity but also builds a community around your brand. But then remember to highlight and celebrate user-generated content on your platforms, showcasing the talents and contributions of Gen Alpha. 

KIMP Tip: When creating campaigns that involve your customers, have a strong visual style guide in place. This helps you create consistent-looking collateral to drive your campaign. And then you’ll also have aesthetically appealing and on-point visuals when sharing user-generated content as well! 

8. Tap into the power of storytelling 

Given that most Generation Alpha are still tweens or young teens, storytelling is a language they easily connect with. 

Stories that they resonate with, ones that let their imagination run wild are the kind of stories that create magic. The below commercial for Monash Children’s Hospital captures this brilliantly. 

9. Invest in audio content 

According to The National Literacy Trust, about 25.4% of children and young audiences listen to audiobooks and a good number listen to podcasts as well. After all, the Generation Glass is surrounded by screens and a quick break from screen time is a good idea! So, focus on creating audio content for Generation Alpha. 

Podcasts, branded playlists, and voice-activated content – there are many ways to align with the multitasking and tech-savvy lifestyle of Gen Alpha. These can be in the form of on-brand yet kid-friendly and teen-friendly Alexa Skills as well as Spotify Playlists optimized for the younger audience. 

10. Forget ads – focus on creating interactive campaigns 

Generation Alpha is exposed to a lot of images and videos. So, the key to attracting their attention is to create something interactive that truly stands out. By doing that you are appealing to their innate love for clicking that button, picking up their device, and creating something on their own. 

Take the below Crayola campaign for example. Incorporating AR stickers like this one is a great idea particularly since Snapchat has popularized this trend among teens. Besides, it gives them the freedom to create something. This personalization works well with Generation Alpha. 

11. Pay attention to sustainability and other social causes 

According to the popular consumer insights platform GWI, 42% of 12-15-year-olds say that caring for the planet is important to them. 

After all, Generation Alpha was born into a world where the environment is rapidly changing and global warming is a looming threat. Besides, their millennial parents often tend to be in favor of sustainability as well. Hence environmental awareness is a significant part of Gen Alpha’s upbringing. 

Summing it up, by championing eco-friendly practices, your brand not only resonates with the inherent environmental concerns of Gen Alpha but also meets the expectations of their environmentally conscious millennial parents.

Take Mattel for example. Their Barbie Loves the Ocean range includes dolls made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. This is the kind of move that connects with Generation Alpha. 

12. Let them involve their tribes 

Generation Alpha experienced the idea of “lockdown” for a couple of years. So they are used to the idea of families coming together and making collective decisions. Parents involving children in purchase discussions and decisions is a common thing. 

Therefore, campaigns that foster the idea of families doing things together, having fun together resonate with Generation Alpha. The below campaign from McCain Canada is a great example of focusing on the social media-loving Gen Alpha. 

13. Foster curiosity 

Generation Alpha knows how to instantly get answers – you can always ask Alexa, right? So, how do you keep up with them? By regularly incorporating content that educates them and evokes their curiosity. 

Include content that challenges their perspectives, share less-known facts and questions that intrigue them, and kindle their thirst for learning something new. That’s one way to tickle their brain cells and also leave a lasting impact on them. 

14. Create content that’s progressive and inclusive 

There has been a steady rise in the discussions surrounding Inclusivity and diversity. Generation Alpha has been witnessing such discussions from a very young age and is known to be quite progressive. After all, from an age when parents reprimanded kids for “wasting time” on social media, we’ve come a long way to an era of kid influencers whose parents help manage their social media accounts. 

So, there has been a huge paradigm shift. This should be reflected in your campaigns. From fostering inclusivity in selecting models to broadening your perspectives when it comes to the representation of your target customer persona, there are many little tweaks to make. 

15. Remember that they have different problems to deal with

Growing up in a digitally dominated world comes with a unique set of challenges that Generation Alpha understands better than others. So, you should tailor your products and messaging to address these distinct problems, positioning yourself as solutions to the specific issues that define Gen Alpha’s experience.

Understanding their unique problems and creating content that resonates with them shows them how well you understand them. Besides, it also shows that your services and products are a solution to their everyday issues. 

To begin with, focus on issues like FOMO, digital anxiety, and social media burnout. 

For example, the below image summarizes a set of problems that a Gen Alpha will instantly understand. Similarly, a good understanding of their unique problems comes in handy when creating the copy and visuals for your ads, or even when working on memes and other social media posts focusing on Generation Alpha. 

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