Beauty Logo- Design & Branding Tips For Beauty Brands

Won’t people expect a beauty logo to be, well, beautiful?! Well, yes! Beautiful branding and marketing designs are must have in beauty branding. In this blog, we are going to talk about creating the perfect beauty logo for your brand and design tips for the perfect ads for conversions. 

Running a beauty brand can be exciting. Whether you own a brand that makes beauty products for men and women or you run a salon that offers beauty services, you are in the business of bringing the best out of people. It is about advocating the right products and processes to make people feel more beautiful. So, aesthetics is an area where you simply cannot compromise. 

But simply because you prioritize aesthetics, you cannot ignore the deeper meaning of your designs. They need to paint a lovely picture of your beauty brand. They need to convince people that your brand is different from other similar names in the industry. Want to know how to do that? Let’s get started. 

Beauty Logo – Getting Your Fundamentals Right 

So, you want people to notice your beauty brand. In a supermarket aisle stocked up with beauty products from several brands, you want people to quickly recognize your brand and choose your products. Sounds right? Let’s lay the foundation for that. Yes, with a catchy and memorable beauty logo. Ready to find out how to design one? 

Let your audience be your guide 

A theme for your logo will be a good place to start. Do you want it to appear pretty or professional or sophisticated? Let your audience be your guide in making this decision. After all, these are the people your logo is going to be communicating with. 

For example, if your business offers beauty services for women, like a beauty salon, then you will want people to look at your brand as warm and approachable. This applies even to a spa and wellness center. 

Your ideal customers are people who are looking to be pampered. They are people who are looking for services that will make them look and feel good. So, you need a logo that looks calm and graceful. 

That’s when your target customers will be ready to walk into your salon or wellness center without hesitation. You do not want to intimidate them with your logo design or even your color choices. Warm colors, graceful fonts, and subtle illustrations can all be of help in adding a softness to your logo. Here is a logo designed by Kimp. How does the logo make you feel? 

Designed by Kimp

From the script font to the mellow colors, several things about this logo make it an overall breezy design. And that’s a good theme for a beauty brand. 

The above rule of keeping the logo soft and elegant works for most beauty brands targeting women. But then if you are in the business of creating beauty products for men, and if you want to exude masculinity, your logo should convey that idea clearly. 

Designed by Kimp
Simple but not too plain 

There is a thin line between simple and boring. And trust us when we say this, a beauty logo cannot be boring! Because you know how competitive the beauty industry is. An uninspiring logo and weak branding can all reduce the chances of customers choosing your brand and sticking with it. 

A boring logo has no element of beauty in it. This happens when you use an ordinary sans-serif font that you see everywhere. It happens even if your logo has no colors that make an actual connection. 

Instead, go for a unique font. Choose pleasant colors that set your brand apart. Here is an example. 

Designed by Kimp

The above logo looks simple and elegant. Yet, the exaggerated “i” provides an element of surprise. The gradient colors have a relaxing ambiance perfect for a “skin, nail, and hair” salon! 

Want to create a simple logo for your beauty brand? Get in touch with the Kimp team today. 

Get creative to stand out 

You must have heard about the different types of logos a brand can have, like wordmark, brand mark, letter mark, combination mark, and others. Do not confine your choices. If all the beauty salons in your neighborhood use a wordmark logo, that does not mean that you have to choose a wordmark logo too! 

Every type of logo design has its purpose. The key is to identify what works best for your brand. The choice depends on what kind of brand persona you want customers to see, your plan for marketing designs, and where you will be using your logo. 

For example, will be a versatile choice for beauty brands, especially for beauty salons. You will have a strong symbol and brand name to adorn your store signage. And the symbol in your logo can be used on store merchandise, branding your employees’ uniforms or even store accessories, and more. 

Kimp Tip: Have your design create multiple versions of your logo. Both based on different types of logo designs as well as variations in colors and fonts. It is easier to make a decision when you actually see your designs. 

With Kimp subscriptions, you get unlimited designs month after month. So, your designers can create any number of logo variations you like. And you can choose one that perfectly captures the idea you have in mind. 

Designed by Kimp

With the logo design now sorted, let’s talk about other designs your beauty brand needs. 

Tips for Better Beauty Branding and Marketing 

How many salons are there in your city? Hundreds? And how many in your neighborhood? Every street has one in some places! 

When there are so many choices, why would people choose a salon that has a poor brand presence? A salon whose ads they have never seen before? Or one that makes little to no effort in introducing itself to its customers or communicating with them? 

So, introducing your beauty brand to the right customers and making that first contact with them is very important. It is a matter of becoming successful amidst competition or giving in to the competition. Let’s look at some ways to use designs to strengthen beauty branding and marketing. 

Build a strong social media aesthetic 

The below snapshots are from the Instagram page of L’Oréal Paris, one of the leading names in the beauty industry. What do you see? 

There are two things that are clear from the Instagram aesthetic of L’Oréal:

  • It has strong branding designs including packaging design and branding colors for each of its product lines
  • The brand’s social media designs are visually cohesive with the branding designs of the respective products 

And both these are great lessons to inspire beauty brands. When you have multiple services or products you would like to distinguish you can use individual branding for them. That holds good particularly when these cater to different audience groups. For example, the brand colors and packaging designs that women like might be different from those that appeal to men. But to remind people that they all belong to the same brand, you should continue talking about them consistently on your social media pages. 

A strong social media aesthetic grabs more eyeballs and increases the visibility of your brand and your products too. 

Take your packaging design seriously 

For brands catering to beauty products, packaging design is one of the most crucial parts of branding. This also applies to beauty salons with an in-house brand for beauty products. 

Your packaging design should relevantly capture your brand’s personality. It should be a sample of the type of experience that any customer can expect from your brand. 

For example, if you are a beauty brand advocating clean and simple ingredients or a brand that sells luxury beauty products, do you think multicolor packaging with too many fancy fonts will send the right signal? Not at all. However, consider a packaging design like the one below. Don’t you think it will make a strong first impression? 

Designed by Kimp
Define what your brand stands for 

Talking about your products alone will be weak branding. You need to humanize your brand. You need to show your target customers what your brand stands for. This purpose will be something that customers relate to. And that will become the reason they stand by your brand. 

For example, some brands are all about empowerment. They run campaigns revolving around these themes all the time. And some talk about inclusivity. Others emphasize the use of organic ingredients. And some showcase their fun side. Which of these personas should people relate with your brand? Identify that and stick with it. Your branding designs, ads, and social media pages should all be a reflection of this idea. 

For example, Maybelline talks about inclusivity most of the time. From featuring models from different ethnic groups to creating products for all skin types and skin tones, the brand makes efforts in many ways to align with its core values. 

Estée Lauder talks about its sustainable approach and other corporate social initiatives on its social media page. You will find all the information preserved in the Highlights section. 

Kimp Tip: More and more consumers are now becoming responsible shoppers. They see beyond brand labels. They observe how brands source their ingredients, and what measures they take to contribute to the community. So, defining a clear brand message is one way to build a credible brand. Use your marketing visuals and social media to get this message across to your target audience. 

Want to create social media posts to regularly talk about your brand message to your customers? A Kimp subscription is just what you need. 

Create value for your customers 

We are talking about things far more than your products and services. Because every other brand in your industry offers these products. What makes your brand unique? What extra do your customers get? 

Customer engagement has all your answers. The store or salon experience is definitely one way to boost engagement. But then you also need to go beyond that. Engagement skyrockets when you connect with your customers on social media. Since most of them like to talk about their experience there. 

On social media, it should not always be about your brand. Create posts that garner engagement. A beauty brand talking about beauty tips and skincare secrets will earn the trust of customers. Here is an example. 

Designed by Kimp

With informative posts like these, you impress your existing customers and increase the chances of acquiring better leads through social media. 

Prioritize personalization 

Every customer comes to your brand with a unique set of expectations. Each has a different skin issue they wish to address. Or a different take on beauty. And each has his or her own standards when it comes to beauty.  So, when you want to come up with ideas for social media posts or even marketing designs, prioritize communication over promotion. 

Simply telling your customers about your products will not be enough. Personalization involves understanding the diversity in the demographics you cater to. And it also includes delivering each customer a relevant message at the right time. This can be in the form of personalized emails, and product recommendations based on their previous beauty services. 

beauty brand postcard design
Designed by Kimp

The above image shows a postcard designed by Kimp. It talks about aftercare routines for microblading. Sending it to customers who have just finished this procedure will show how much you care for them. And it shows the efforts you make in personalizing the experience for them. Steps like these have a strong role to play in building customer loyalty. 

Consistently coming up with marketing designs to target different kinds of leads and different kinds of customers can be overwhelming. But, when you choose a Kimp subscription, you get unlimited designs and super-fast turnaround times. So you get all your designs without the hassle of talent hunting. 

Create a Beauty Logo and Other Marketing Designs With Kimp 

Kimp’s subscriptions simplify graphic design for businesses big and small. Irrespective of the industry your company belongs to and the type of marketing designs you need, you can trust your dedicated design team to take care of all your designs in one place. So, to keep up with the evolving trends in the beauty industry, the Kimp team always has your back. 

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