Amazon Store – Design Tips to Establish Your Brand on Amazon

One of the easiest ways to get into ecommerce these days is by becoming a seller on Amazon. And setting up an Amazon store is so simple that even someone with little to no experience in selling online will be able to start right away. But this simplicity is exactly what you should be cautious about.

There are about 2 million small and medium businesses selling on Amazon. So, to make significant profits from selling on Amazon, you should have a strong strategy to get your products noticed. And one of them is to create a strong Amazon store. Instead of simply having a seller account and listing your products you should create a strong store presence. When people visit your store page on Amazon, they should be convinced to check out your other products too. They should be convinced to find out more about your brand rather than making that one purchase and forgetting about it. How can you make this happen? Let’s find out. 

What Is An Amazon Store? 

The Amazon store page is your brand page on Amazon. It is the face of your brand on Amazon. It is the space that introduces your brand to your target customers. In short, your Amazon store page will be like your own custom-branded website within Amazon. 

From a large pool of Amazon sellers, why should users choose you? The overall design and branding in your Amazon store can give your target audience this answer. 

Here is what the store page of a Canadian home essentials brand, Brooklinen looks like. 

While a simple page will be enough, to really make a difference and to ensure that your target customers pay more attention to your brand, use your Amazon store page to:

  • Talk about your brand, your story, or what makes it different. For example, do you only use organic ingredients or locally-sourced products, or if your products are handmade? Use the space to highlight the things that make your brand unique. 
  • Introduce them to your product lines – what if they like one product they purchase from your brand? You want them to come back for more and from other categories too. 
  • Use the space as an introduction to your brand identity. Sometimes your Amazon store might be the first touchpoint for your customers. This might be the place where they encounter your brand for the first time. So, strong branding in your store aesthetics will help connect with your customers better. 
  • And doing all this will help you emerge successful even if there is a lot of competition in your niche. 

So, the key is to optimize your Amazon store and make it your own. How can you do that? And how does design help you there? We’ll tell you.

Optimizing Your Amazon Store and Emerging as a Strong Brand 

To optimize your Amazon store,

  • Come up with a plan for the kind of content you want to be displayed on the brand page – the order matters because people do not always scroll till the end. 
  • The aesthetics of the page – this includes the colors and graphics, like the hero image. 
  • Ensure that your logo is used intuitively so that a visiting customer remembers your brand. 

As an Amazon seller, you might be selling under different brand names for your different products or you might have only one brand. You can create a customized store page for each of your brands. This way you will be able to impart a specific identity to each brand and make each of these brands stand out in their own niches. 

But yes, for each brand you can only have one store page to carry the story of the brand. So, you need to be extra careful when it comes to customizing it. The hero image and all of the tiles on the page should be designed and laid out in a way that will make an impact on your customers. 

To organize the elements on your Amazon store page and create an impact on your audience, here are a few useful tips. 

Pay attention to your logo 

If you do not already have a logo for your brand, now is a good time to create one. Because without your logo you cannot create a store page for your brand on Amazon. Do you want customers to recognize your company as a reliable brand or “just another seller on Amazon”? A brand right? So yes, you need a logo. 

If you already have a logo ensure that you have a clear 400×400 version of the logo. In this resolution, the colors, symbols, and fonts in your logo should all be clear. And it should not appear pixelated. 

When you work with Kimp, let your design team know about the applications of your logo and the team will be able to provide you with different versions of your logo for different places. This way you do not have to worry about loss of quality no matter how much you have to scale up or scale down your logo. 

Create a memorable hero image 

The hero image will be the first thing that people notice about your brand on your store page. So, from the colors to fonts and other design elements, every little of your hero image matters. Your hero image should:

  • Convey what your brand does 
  • Set the mood for your store 
  • Introduce your customers to your brand’s unique personality 

Here is an example of a great hero image for an Amazon store page. 

Designed by Kimp

Can you instantly tell that the brand deals with pet supplies? The clean and clutter-free design looks professional. Because of the simple color palette customers are more likely to remember the brand colors even after they leave the page. And since the brand logo is laid prominently on the design customers might instantly recognize the brand the next time they see a product from it. 

All of these make the above design a good example of what an Amazon store hero image should look like. 

Keep the design simple and on-brand. If you have a tagline, your hero image will be a good place to add it. But try to keep the information on the hero image minimal. Your brand logo and tagline, if required, will be more than enough to grab attention. Of course, you can always use imagery to communicate the core idea, like the dog image in the above example. 

You can use the grid below to talk about your brand story and other information. Adding them all to the hero image might end up making your customers overwhelmed. 

Find the right layout for your homepage 

What type of tiles do you want and how do you want them arranged? Will you have a text-only tile or text-on image tile? The best part is that Amazon makes it easy to customize the layout with its preset templates. You can choose from templates like Marquee (where you can add your brand story in different tiles and also add your product links), highlight (where you let specific product lines show up distinctly), and product grid (where your products will be displayed).

Marquee layout 

Once you have finalized your layout, plan your tiles in such a way that there is a good mix of text and images on the page. This would present your brand in a more balanced form. 

Choose the right graphics for your store page 

Irrespective of the layout you choose, Amazon lets you add different types of tiles like image, image+text, video, and more. The graphics you choose for your store homepage can make or break your brand aesthetics. 

Designed by Kimp 

Here are a few tips to remember when choosing graphics for your store page:

  • Use lifestyle images in place of ordinary product images. Product photos are great for the listing page. But your store’s homepage should be interactive. Adding a lifestyle image so that your customers will see the product in action will make the page look livelier. 
  • Choose the right colors for your homepage graphics. Creating custom graphics for your store page instead of using standard product photos also gives you the benefit of sticking with a color scheme. And when you do this, you get customers to remember your brand colors. That’s good for your branding. Besides, too many unrelated colors can cause visual strain. You do not want your store aesthetic to chase potential customers away. 
  • When it comes to adding text to the images, use a brief copy. And the copy should convince customers to make a purchase. Simply talking about the product features will not be enough. You will have to focus on the highlights, the advantages the product offers, or the problems it solves. 

One way to execute the above ideas will be to alternate between image and text tiles. This way you can keep your images free from clutter and simply add the text to separate tiles. This way you can have each row talk about a particular product or product line. Use your creativity to optimize your layout and keep it on-brand. 

Consistency is the key to strong branding 

The graphics on your Amazon store page should not look drastically different from the graphics you use on your website or web ads or even on social media. Visual consistency strengthens your brand image. 

When we talk about delivering consistent designs for different channels it is about delivering a consistent experience. 

Take a look at the below images – the first one is a social media design and the second one is a design for the product listing page on Amazon. Can you instantly tell that they are both from the same brand? The color scheme helps you make this connection. 

Social media design by Kimp 
Amazon graphics designed by Kimp 

Your brand guidelines will be the foundational block in establishing consistency. Another step that can help create consistency in your designs will be working with the same design team or designer for all your designs. Because every designer has a different style. So, even with the same brand guidelines and creative brief, different designers might come up with different concepts and visual styles. When there is no connection between one design and another, your customers will be confused. And your branding gets weaker. 

So, even if you choose design subscriptions so that all your designs are covered in a single monthly bill, go with a service that assigns a designated designer/design team for all your projects, as Kimp does. That can make a huge difference in consistently branding your Amazon store. 

Have your brand guidelines in place 

A well-optimized Amazon store will not make much of a difference if your other marketing channels are not well equipped. People don’t just notice products on Amazon – they notice brands. And one of the essentials for a good brand is strong brand identity. One of the essentials for a strong brand identity is clear brand guidelines. 

Brand guidelines or a brand book will act as a reference for your branding designs and marketing designs. From the colors to use in your designs to the fonts and visual styles, a lot of rules will be clearly laid out. This helps designers to create designs that don’t just convey the intended message but also reflect the brand personality. 

Need help creating brand guidelines for your Amazon store? The Kimp team is here to help. 

brand guidelines designed by Kimp
Brand guidelines designed by Kimp 
Is it optimized for mobile?

All the effort that goes into designing your Amazon store page will not be complete unless you optimize the page for mobile devices. 

Users who are not happy with the mobile store experience a brand offers are 62% less likely to return to the brand. And a large portion of online shoppers uses their smartphones to make purchase decisions including product comparison. They also often frame first impressions of a brand on their smartphone. So, you want your Amazon store page to be fully optimized for smartphone users. 

Before finalizing your store design always check the mobile preview. Check whether the tile order is right and whether the graphics you place on the page are as effective on mobile devices as they are on a computer. 

Create an Aesthetically Appealing Amazon Store Page With Kimp 

A catchy logo, consistent color palette, impactful custom graphics along with your listing images all determine the impact your brand creates. So, in order to create a strong brand on Amazon, you should have a visually pleasing Amazon store page for each of your brands. Once you have an elegant store page for your brand, you also need to work on strategies to drive more traffic to your store. Promoting your brand on social media and using web ads and other channels will further enhance the performance of your brand. One Kimp subscription can take care of all the graphics you need for all these purposes. 

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