Amazon Advertising: 6 Tips For Amazon Marketing Videos

Almost every product-based business, be it a small business or an established brand, lists its products on Amazon. The audience base, the reach, and the convenience of shipping on top of everything differ completely from most ecommerce platforms. Not to mention how easy it is to list different products on Amazon. Most of it happens just with a click.

Also, since Amazon is to shopping as Google is to information, the traffic you get is unbelievable. Even if you don’t sell a lot on Amazon, the brand recognition and awareness you garner are reasons enough to list here. 

Given that the ecommerce store is so popular, brands sometimes do not feel the need to market their products on Amazon. 

However, that can be a huge mistake. By the same logic of popularity among the customers, the Amazon marketplace is becoming a little overcrowded. So if you want the visitors to pick your product over others, position yourself based on content and design.

Every technique that you use on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter applies here. 

Of all these, we are going to discuss one particular marketing tool – Amazon marketing videos. Incorporating videos is a brilliant and effective strategy to gain an edge over your competitors while improving your conversion rate as well. 

Before we speak of how you can create the best Amazon marketing and advertising videos for your product, let us look at their benefits a bit. 

Amazon Marketing and Advertising 

Amazon got close to 2.5 billion views a day on its website from both desktop and mobile users combined. Even when you consider the millions of products listed on Amazon, the traction you can achieve is pretty amazing. As exciting as this number is, we spoke about how the competition at the site means that every business must push itself to get any actual results. 

Amazon marketing videos help you achieve that with no external advertisements. Product videos make it easy for the customers to understand and engage with your product without moving away from the project. Thus they can help you improve your conversion rate for all stages of the buyer journey.

Besides the regular product videos, Amazon launched an update to its advertising model in 2018. Amazon advertising works on a similar model to PPC ads on Google, and this wing of the E-commerce giant touched a revenue of 12.75 billion in 2020.

This sudden increase in revenue (almost 24% from 2019) can also be because of the introduction of video ads on the platform. 

Source: Amazon

These video ads, also known as Amazon sponsored brand videos, help you bring attention to your product, drive brand awareness, and product sales, and improve the visibility of your product on Amazon-owned sites such as, amazon search page, IMDb, and Fire TV. 

The best part about these video ads is that you can create Amazon video ads, irrespective of having an Amazon listing or not. You can just modify the landing page to be your website, social network page, or Amazon product page. 

Amazon Marketing Video Ideas to improve your conversion rate 

While there are no specific rules on what you can and cannot create as part of your Amazon video marketing strategy, some ideas work better than others. As a rule, you have to follow the specifications to a tee and ensure that you do not give out any false information. 

While personal opinions are acceptable, you must not misrepresent them as facts. You can check the detailed technical specifications here

Now that we know the value of amazon marketing videos to your marketing strategy, let’s get started on the creative process.

What does a customer want to see on the Amazon page? 

Of course, the product and the brand value. Keeping these in mind, some of the ideas that can help you skyrocket your conversion rate include : 

1. Product Promo 

If you want to create a video ad that entices customers onto the product page with some incredible product footage and detailing its value, a product promo is the way to go. These short videos are perfect for a customer just browsing and torn between too many choices, as it happens to all of us on Amazon. 

2. Testimonial 

Now you can definitely use testimonials for your Amazon video ads, but you ensure that your brand and product are in the limelight. Instead, you can use transformation stories, reviews, and testimonial videos on the product page. Since the customer is already on it, all it takes is a little trust-building to make the final click. 

3. Product usage Demo 

Again, a suitable format for both video ads and other Amazon marketing videos, this video type is more along the line of How-to videos. Your aim here is to provide informational content on the product, its usage, and the many benefits so that the purchase process becomes easier. If you do not have this, you risk losing your customer to YouTube and have no way of having a role in that decision. 

You can place this in the product listing carousel or the related videos section to cover your bases well. 

Kimp Tip: Irrespective of the type of Amazon marketing video, work with your design team to ensure the spotlight is sufficiently on the product and the brand than anything else. Even when the video features reviews, displaying the product in use can build recall value seamlessly. 

Talk to the Kimp Video team to understand how to build product-centric review videos for your Amazon marketing strategy. 

6 Tips for Amazon Marketing and Advertising Videos 

No content form is perfect without optimization. Especially videos with a high production value and a high expectation of ROI. 

Optimizing your Amazon marketing and advertising videos can help you cut down on the approval time, improve customer experience, and help you with SEO as well. Videos can hold the customer’s attention, but if you want them to click the “Buy Now” button instantly, you have to take it up a notch. 

Kimp brings you a curation of tips that can make your Amazon marketing and video ads stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get right into it. 

1. Video length

As is the case in video content across the web, Amazon marketing videos and video ads also work better when you keep them sweet and short. The ideal length of a video ad is between 15- 30 seconds. 

This may feel less but is perfect for the experience of the platform. Customers are either browsing for goods or on the app to look for something specific. In both cases, they are in a hurry to check other products, and if you take too long to come to the point, you may lose your shot. 

A 15-30 second video length is easy for product promos but may become a challenge for product demos, reviews, and other informational videos. Don’t worry. The experts at Kimp Video are here to transform your video footage into the best Amazon marketing video. Talk to the team today! 

Demo of an Amazon Video ad on mobile 

2. Mobile Optimization 

Amazon web is famous, yes, but let’s face it, all of us love shopping on our mobiles. And mostly when we have nothing to do, we browse Amazon. Supporting both these arguments, and also understanding that over 60% of mobile shopping happens on a mobile phone, Amazon strongly recommends that you optimize your videos for mobile.

This includes video framing, design, size, and the quality of the final output. You must consider how the video will look for a customer on a mobile screen. With video ads, you must choose the placement accordingly too.

Choose a framing that does not shrink your image, but ensures that the content plays on the full screen. Opting for a visual-heavy and text-lenient design always proves helpful. 

Did you know that, at Kimp, mobile optimization is a default? Our team optimizes all your graphics and videos for mobile users, even if you miss mentioning them in your design brief. How great is it to work with such an intuitive team, right? Well, our customers certainly agree. Check what they are saying about us and book a call with the team today! 

3. Information, Information, and Information

Whether you aim to improve brand awareness, product awareness, or sales, you must impart information via Amazon marketing and advertising videos. This builds a connection between you and the extremely valuable customer. 

To improve the information quotient of your videos, you can choose an : 

  • Video format where the product is in use and the customer can directly see the value add
  • An animated informational video about a product and its features 
  • Video featuring an influencer 
  • A video ad you shot for any other platform 

The key to making these informational videos interesting enough and improving your conversation rate is with captivating visuals, pleasing sound effects, and well-designed frames that speak elegantly of storytelling. 

Kimp Tip: If you want to repurpose video content from an existing social or digital platform to Amazon, check the specifications and the changes you must make before finalizing it. You may have to bring in a few tweaks, add/remove some content, and optimize for the ecommerce platform. 

Or you can sign up for the Kimp Video package that handles end-to-end marketing and advertising videos for your brand. We will handle the repurposing and editing while you can focus on building your business.

4. Subtitles and Closed Captioning 

Most viewers prefer to watch their videos without sound. Now, this is a consumer behavior that is present across all social networks. So, it shows that optimizing your marketing and advertising video for this feature is good business sense. You want your customers to experience the true essence of your reviews, testimonials, and other product videos even if there is no audio playing. 

For this, you can opt for closed captioning or subtitles. 

Now, there is more to subtitles than just optimizing for the play-when-mute option. Amazon mandates that all the videos be in the English language only. If you are advertising on any other regional portal and want the native, non-English speaking language to understand, you can achieve that via subtitles. 

5. Video Design 

As many of you may know, creating a marketing video or a video ad is not just about shooting one and editing it to fit the time frame. There is a lot more to the design process, and if you want your Amazon marketing videos to do well, you must pay attention to all of them. 

This includes designing an engaging and informative thumbnail, an introduction frame that serves as the headline, the main content – editing the speed, color correction, and other technical parameters, and the exit frame that contains the CTA usually. 

Each of these elements has a really special place in the video design process and must come together holistically to promote your product well. 

You must also pay attention to how the closed captioning and subtitles appear on the frame. Excess crowding on elements can drown out the product. 

Kimp Tip: Amazon marketing and advertising videos are a great tool to build brand awareness outside your immediate community. So, even though the videos have the primary purpose of highlighting the product and its features, ensure that your design team creates a video that is consistent and flattering to your brand identity. 

Every marketing collateral you put out there is a spokesmodel for your brand and must speak the same language. Creating a brand style guide can help you make this a consistent norm. Talk to the Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video today to understand more about brand style guides and branding consistency.

6. Use quality Creatives 

Amazon Marketing and advertising videos are a great way to create a great first impression on the customer. Even if they do not buy from you immediately, you want to leave a lasting impression that will make them come back. You also want them to think highly of your brand and stay attracted to your products.

Visual marketing can achieve these. Here, your product images and videos speak louder than the text you may fill up pages with.

Use high-quality graphic design and motion graphic services so that you never have to compromise on this important factor. 

Level up your Amazon marketing with Kimp 

Quality video services have become hard to find in this market at an affordable rate. When you market on a platform like Amazon, you must put your best foot forward. You also need the marketing and advertising creatives to be of the best quality, versatile, and in line with your brand identity. This needs a team with experience and expertise. 

And that is Kimp Video for you. Our talented team of designers brings you the best stock audio, video, and animated graphics so that you can level up your marketing videos with no hassle. 

All this at a flat monthly fee and attractive discounts every month for new customers.

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