2022 Video Marketing Trends: 8 Ideas For Your Campaigns

Video content is everywhere. Whatever channels you visit to get info on your brands, we are willing to bet that they are full of video content. In fact, many marketing experts would agree that if you do not include video in your content marketing strategy, you are missing out on a lot. 

And we feel that the state of video in marketing turned a corner in 2020 and 2021. Brands and content creators truly realized the power of video for their marketing efforts. Social media platforms and search engines revamped to make video more accessible than before. 

So whatever your current plan for video is, it has to go at least 2x to compete in the market in 2022. But you cannot go in blindsided, can you? No, and that is why this roundup of the expected 2022 video marketing trends is coming up just for you.

What are the best platforms to market your video content in 2022? How popular and accessible is video content going to be in 2022? And what should you be creating in 2022 to capture audiences looking for stellar video content? 

We answer all these questions and more. 

This is your guide to improve your brand’s reach on and off the internet keeping up with the 2022 video marketing trends. 

So let’s get right into it.

The State of Video Marketing: An overview of the 2022 projections 

Before we tell you what you should be creating, we’re going to share the intel we have on the state of video marketing in 2022. The internet is abuzz with data and information on how video content is going to change in the coming year. 

So check out Kimp’s highlight reel below on the latest update, statistics, and success stories of Video content. 

Why invest in Video marketing in 2022?

Let’s start with the obvious here. Customers love watching video. And this is evident from the fact that the average video watch time has now touched 16 hours per week. That is a lot of hours. 

Even with that number, as a brand/marketer, you still want to see results or the promise of results at least, right? Well, studies tell us that over 85% of companies invest in video marketing for promoting their brand/products. 

And did you know that experts estimate that 82% of all web traffic will come from video content in 2022. 

64% customers agree that they have purchased a product after viewing a brand’s video content on the same. Moreover, they remember branded video 86% more than the unskippable ads on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

We know customers and marketers love it, but what about the big names in the industry? Yes, we mean the all-powerful social media platforms.

Source: Karola Karlson

Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms 

Well, we all know how TikTok is becoming the biggest social media platform. Not wanting to be left behind, Instagram launched Reels, Snapchat introduced the discover page, and YouTube has a short-form video feature called YouTube shorts. 

Video is so popular that Google launched a pilot in 2020 where search engine results feature video content from social media platforms. 

There is a 215% increase in daily uploads on YouTube and studies tell us that video ads on YouTube have a significantly higher brand recall

Pinterest has a “Watch Tab” and LinkedIn is planning to incorporate educational video content with its recent creator program. Twitter is also testing a better user experience for customers viewing video content and measuring the success rates of video vs other content on the platform.

And these platforms have good reason to propel video content. Social media users share twice as many videos than they do any other content. This means that video also helps social media platforms grow.

We think we have given you plenty of reasons to buckle up and get on the video marketing train. And next is the stop for the 2022 video marketing trends and ideas to leverage them in your marketing campaigns. 

2022 Video Marketing Trends: 8 Ideas for your Campaigns 

Whether you are new to the video content game or have been at it for a few years now, you can never have enough ideas. The rate at which video marketing trends come and go, and the speed at which audiences devour them is supersonic.

Well, we hear you and completely understand how you feel. The Kimp Video team has put together a list of top-performing video ideas for your upcoming campaigns. All these ideas take off from the latest predictions for 2022 video marketing trends to give you a boost. 

So with no further ado, let’s dive right in. 

1) Tell a story with your ideas 

The average human attention span is on the constant decline. You literally have seconds to engage your audience. But if you want to beat this attention deficit you need an advantage. You have to frame your videos in a way that people can take away bite-sized information within a longer branded video. And the art of storytelling can do that for you. 

Frame your videos well with the right introduction, a good storyline, and an ebb and flow. And research backs up the fact that people will watch it to the end. YouTube did this study but it holds true across platforms. 

Content that emotionally connects with the audience has a longer shelf life. And a good story can bring in that connection instantly. 

Kimp Tip: A video does not tell a story based on its scripts alone. The direction, the cinematic effects, and the audio matters a lot too. This guides the viewers’ emotional response and provides a more fulfilling user experience. 
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A brilliant example of the impact of storytelling videos in marketing.

2) Interactive Video

You showed your customer a story, a cause, or a reason to convince them of your brand’s worthiness. But what next? Where do they go from here? If you do not guide them on this, then the ROI you expect from video marketing in 2022 will take a serious hit. 

The perfect video content is engaging and interactive. You have to pull the viewers in and make them a part of your video. Using questions, giving choices, and even gamifying the video to make audience participation possible are just some of the options. The more involved they become, the longer they will remember your message. 

Even if you are not able to achieve gamification right off the bat, make the video compelling and engaging.

Kimp Tip: Use questions and CTA frames throughout the video to keep the customers involved in the video. You can also give them choices and create opportunities for them to follow the video along. Many fashion brands use this process in their tutorials and it keeps the viewer hooked till the end. 

Source: Smartzer
3) Keep it Light with Fun and silly short-form video content 

You know what we are referring too because it is possible that you too are hooked on the same content. Yes, we are talking about those trendy and engaging TikTok style videos. Short-form video content has been ruling the social media and digital space for a couple of years. It is the perfect example for bite-sized content, easy to understand, and available on all platforms. 

But there is a specific type of this short-form video content that we expect to dominate among the 2022 video marketing trends. These are the peppy, fun, energetic, and trendy dance/music videos that rule our feeds. 

It may be because a lot of the Gen Z and millennial customers replicate these videos or that they promote a trend culture where everyone becomes a part of something big. Either way, these are on the way to becoming a cultural phenomenon.

So it is time for brands to shed their inhibitions and put on their dancing shoes. And most brands are doing it already. Right from news to crypto tutorials to even health information, everyone is embracing this format with open arms. 

Kimp Tip: Wondering how to fit your brand’s message onto some trending music? Don’t worry, a couple of edits and text overlays can do the trick. 

Or just sign up for the Kimp Video design subscription and we will handle your editing and enhancements for you.

Source: WWD
4) Videos for SEO

If video content is important for your content marketing strategies, one can argue that SEO is equally important too. But the good news is you do not have to work separately for these objectives. Video content can be your route to achieving both higher engagement and better SEO rankings. 

A major 2022 video marketing trend will be the attempt of brands to create more relevant and long form video content that helps in their SEO efforts. Google displays video results before websites and we already saw how effective video content is for diverting traffic to websites. 

All in all, 2022 is the year to focus on videos too for your SEO goals. Two birds with one stone, right? 

5) Educational videos will be even more popular 

Reading manuals vs, viewing product demos? Articles vs. How-to videos? Or even written reviews vs. video content? No points for guessing which format wins out every time. And these topics are important to you as a brand too. This is how you build goodwill in the market. 

2022 video marketing trend reports predict that this is the year to develop engaging, interesting, and informative educational video content. You can take your pick between product demos, tutorials, Q/A sessions, reviews, and How-to videos.

Educational video content also works across platforms: landing pages, product pages. Facebook Watch, Instagram Reels, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to name a few. 

The hiccup with these videos is that brands often get their hands tied because of their budget. These videos can be production-intensive and cost a lot. And that is why we tell you that 2022 is the year of animated explainer videos. Yes, major brands have seen the merit in these and you should too.

They are the same as typical videos but created from illustrations and animations instead of recording a video. Based on the design style and color scheme you choose, they can actually work better than recorded videos. 

Kimp Tip: To keep your audience engaged, you have to create diverse content that keeps them on their toes. It is good to surprise your customers and keep them wanting more. 

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6) BTS content 

Gen Z and Millennials have a ton of purchase power today and act as trendsetters across industries. This has led to these two audience groups disrupting the field of marketing on an ongoing basis. Traditional ads do not work on them. So instead you must build a connection. But how do you do that?

Well, they want to see authenticity and transparency from brands. So any way you can show them that you are willing to do that will be a win. In the context of the 2022 video marketing trends, we suggest you invest in creating Behind the Scenes content.

Make them a part of your brand, take them through a typical day in your office, make the CEO and employees accessible, and you will see the tides turn. 

You can create vlogs for showcasing this side of your brand too. Vlogs are interactive, engaging, and quick-paced. They can turn your business into a friend everyone follows on YouTube or Instagram. No need for highly-produced videos anymore. Just shoot, edit, and upload. 

BTS content is ideal for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and newsletters as well. But ensure you repurpose your videos well to adhere to all the standards set by the respective platforms. 

Source: Pexels
7) Vertical video

Speaking of technical specs and repurposing content, here is some news on that front. 2022 video marketing trends are telling us that vertical video is going to be a permanent fixture in our lives. Yes, and it makes complete sense given that most videos are seen on mobile phones and not everyone wants to rotate them for each and every video. 

In fact, that extra effort you demand of your customers can be akin to friction in the shopping experience. 

A major reason for this trend can also be the popularity of Instagram TV, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and other short-from video content for it. So if your focus is going to be on social media videos, then vertical video adaptation is only right. 

Even if your channel of choice for video marketing is a website, blogs, or YouTube, we suggest thinking of ways to repurpose your videos for social media. Repurposing content can help you reach a wider audience and you don’t want to miss out on that. 

Source: Social Report
8) Social commerce via Video

Social media platforms are all set to turn into mini ecommerce websites in 2022. And 2022 video marketing trends are telling us that video is going to lead this change. Shoppable content is already a phenomenon on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But what is interesting is that YouTube has recently been in the news for this and now Twitter and Pinterest are looking at joining too.

What this should tell you is that all video-dominant platforms are turning into social commerce sites and you need some shoppable videos in your kitty now. Shopppable videos are similar to any product-related video you make with the exception being that customers can now tap on them to make a purchase. 

The most important here will be creating enticing videos that make people click on the tag instantly. So bring the focus back on the products and see the orders rolling in.

Kimp Tip: Studies tell us that silent videos perform better on social media. People prefer watching videos without audio. And including subtitles/closed captions/text overlays can improve views by 80%. For your social commerce videos to do well, you must make them accessible to everyone. 

With a Kimp Video design subscription, you can create videos, get them edited, and add captions/text overlays with ease. No additional charges because we offer unlimited video design service at a flat monthly fee. 

Source: Rapyd

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