Tap Into the Potential of an Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Multimedia has a huge impact on the audience. Images and videos break language barriers. That’s precisely why marketers everywhere constantly rave about the need for visuals in any marketing campaign. 

It’s not just that visuals are important. They have always been. But the recent increase in the number of marketing designs a brand needs is what deserves your attention. 

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This surge in design requirements is one reason why several businesses big and small are now moving to graphic design subscription services. Conventional approaches to design production are great. We don’t deny that. But will they be cost-effective and convenient even when your design needs constantly keep fluctuating? Now that’s something to consider, isn’t it? That’s where the merits of an unlimited graphic design service can be felt strongly.

But, What is an Unlimited Graphic Design Service?

You very well know that you can find a logo designer in no time. But what about your social media designs? Do you really want to keep breaking your head trying to make up your mind on decisions like who will design your logo, who will design your ads, and other social media content? 

And then comes another problem, the wavering costs in design production. A lot depends on the company or freelancer you work with. What’s one way to put an end to this never-ending cycle of spending time and money finding the right talent to produce your marketing designs? In such cases, when you need something more long-term, a design subscription or an unlimited graphic design service is just what you need.

With unlimited graphic design, one monthly bill takes care of all your marketing and brand design needs.

But yes, you have plenty of options even when you decide to go with a design subscription. The key is to compare your options and identify the subscription that best suits your design requirements. We’ll tell you how. But before that, we will also tell you why a design subscription works, for almost all businesses. 

Why Unlimited Graphic Design Subscriptions Work

Graphic design subscriptions are pretty easy. Here’s how things go when you choose an unlimited graphic design service for your business. 

  • Choose a subscription plan that fits your budget
  • Work with a dedicated team (or designer in some cases) 
  • Provide your design requirements 
  • Gain access to unlimited multimedia content month after month 

And for all this, you get fixed monthly bills, timely revisions, quick insights on the design trends, and full design customization to establish your brand identity. So, how to understand if a graphic design subscription works for your business? Try to answer the following questions. 

  • Are you looking to revamp your brand’s image on social media?
  • Do you constantly look for images and videos that strengthen your social media marketing strategy? 
  • Does designing original graphics for your brand feel overwhelming? 
  • Do you have a consistent need for quality graphic designs for your business?

If you answered “yes” to even one of the above questions then a design subscription is perfect for your business! With these subscriptions, you can finally put an end to banal designs and choose to stay on top of current trends that your customers love. 

Design subscription services are flexible. And they work well for all kinds of businesses. They are also good for bloggers planning to expand their web presence. Even entrepreneurs searching for ways to boost their visual marketing strategies might benefit from them. 

With a design subscription, you will have all of your multimedia content requirements met in a single place. And this helps in streamlining your operations better. Also, tracking budgets and analyzing the performance of your marketing plans become so much easier.  

Things to Consider While Choosing an Unlimited Graphic Design Service

So, you have finally decided to give graphic design subscriptions a try. Great decision! One quick search and you will understand that there are plenty of choices out there. They all look so similar and yet they are all so different. You might also see that they are all at very different price points. So, how do you know which unlimited design service to choose? Here are a few questions to ask- 

1. What kind of services do they offer? 
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Design for the digital world has an endless scope. Businesses today need Images for websites, blogs, and social media, marketing videos, GIFs, logos, display ads, and so much more. So, the first trait to consider when you are comparing unlimited design subscriptions is the scope of services they offer. 

While some businesses need design services mainly for their offline advertising in the form of billboards, signage, car wraps, business cards, and packaging designs, others might have digital designs as their current priority. So, pick an unlimited design service that offers the designs that your business immediately requires.  

One other point to consider is to understand whether the offered services suit your business model. After all, every business has a different approach when it comes to digital marketing and the use of graphic designs. Would you be giving complete design requirements or would you want the team to give recommendations based on your objectives? 

Align these observations with the current objectives of your business. 

2. Do they have flexible plans that fit your budget? 

One of the main reasons why even large organizations are in favor of the graphic design subscription model is the fixed price it comes with. That being said, you should consider whether the price you pay for this service fits your budget. 

Considering that this would be a recurring expense it is important to compare the prices. A cumulative understanding of the price and the features offered will help you evaluate your choices better. 

With design subscription services you are assured of timely inputs on design trends. And also the best design recommendations for your social media pages and other brand designs. Receiving such support constantly makes design subscription services cost-effective options in the long run. 

Some also offer discounts based on the number of subscriptions or duration you choose. With this, you can have the design requirements of all your brands met in one place by choosing multiple subscriptions. This further saves your business some money and time. 

Finally, there should also be clear pricing. You do not want to be stuck in a loop of hidden costs or additional charges after choosing the subscription. 

3. Are there different plans to choose from? 

Another factor that influences your budget would be the type of graphic design and video design categories you wish to explore. The availability of different plans to tackle video and image requirements would make it easy for you to choose. 

This gives you full flexibility to choose the monthly budget based on the type of content you usually work on. And as there are no binding contracts, you can always switch plans without a hassle. 

The presence of flexible plans also makes it easier for this model to grow with your business. Scaling by adding subscriptions or upgrading plans are all essential for any rapidly growing business. And some unlimited graphic design services offer this luxury, making them a suitable choice for any upcoming brand. 

4. How does it work? 

Every design subscription team works differently. Some provide you with a single designer to support your design needs and others might assign a whole team. There are a few who offer dedicated teams for long-term collaborations. A dedicated team means better interactions, design consistency, and much more. 

You should also get clear estimates on the timeframes for the delivery of each design in your project. This will help you schedule your campaigns and social media posts conveniently. 

Understanding the number of tasks or the duration for which your design team will be working on your project daily will also help you work on timelines or choose additional subscriptions based on the volume of work you require. 

With KIMP subscriptions, for example, you get a clear picture of the timelines on KIMP360 and this helps you pick the right number of subscriptions at any point. 

Process transparency is often a deciding factor when it comes to graphic design subscription services. These are not like conventional design services where you work with a designer or a designer merely for a single project. As the subscription model would be an ongoing process, choose a service that offers a transparent process flow. 

This also involves clear project management dashboards or communication channels where you get regular updates. It allows you to be sure that your design projects are all on track. 

5. How do they tackle revision requests?

Revision requests might be because the design team did not understand the design requirements or because you feel that minor tweaks would make the delivered design better. Look for graphic design service companies that take all kinds of revision requests on priority. Timely changes based on the proposed revision will ensure that the end results are not affected. 

The ability to accommodate unlimited revision requests is an added advantage. Some have restrictions on the timeline for revisions or the number of revisions allowed. You might end up paying additional charges if there are strict caps on the revision requests. 

6. Do they have an impressive portfolio/clientele?

The chosen company’s clientele gives details that you cannot find directly on the website. When it comes to design, the portfolio speaks the loudest. Look at the past work, the type of clients, and the industries that the company has catered to. This would help you better understand whether the company has handled businesses similar to yours. Does the company provide diverse design styles? Look for someone who keeps up with the latest design trends. 

Client testimonials are also a great place, to begin with. Gather information about the responsiveness of the company, the quality of work, and the support offered all from the words of the previous clients. Another cue from this section is the size of businesses that the company has worked with in the past. Bigger businesses mean bigger workloads.

7. How is the quality of work? 

Quality goes beyond the actual designs you see in their portfolio. A design team that quickly learns from feedback would be one that you can trust. It is all about paying attention to the little details. 

Designs go beyond colors and compositions. For example, the relevance of the image, the use of visual metaphors and other catchy concepts, and the incorporation of the Gestalt principle to create timeless designs can all enhance the output. 

Most businesses spend nearly 13% of their total marketing budget on social media marketing alone. And, a huge chunk of this will be for graphic design services. Knowing this, you would definitely want to look for the best quality of work in order to be sure that you get the best returns on your investment.  

A lot depends on the process flow itself. You should understand how the team gathers the design requirements and how they accommodate the feedback. Remember that these designs strongly influence your brand image. So you would not want to compromise on the quality of work. 

8. What is the turnaround time for your designs? 

Timeliness is as important as accurate delivery of the designs. Have you noticed how what’s trending in social media today is forgotten tomorrow? So, the design subscription you choose should deliver designs on time so that you have your designs ready when you need them. 

Knowing the turnaround times of the chosen unlimited design service will make it easier for you to plan your work. Along with this, there should also be the flexibility to prioritize your design requests based on your social media calendar. 

9. Do they have a responsive support team? 

For your design-related queries, you might have a design team to correspond to. But then if you have other questions like information about the plans or details regarding payments or subscriptions, a responsive customer care team can help you out. It would be great if the response is quick even for non-design queries. 

This would ensure that you get instant answers and thus make quicker decisions about choosing the suitable unlimited graphic design service. 

10. Do they offer trial periods? 

Even after gathering all the information you need, you might still need to actually experience their service to understand whether it would work for your business. Some firms offer trial periods where you can get a taste of their service for a short period, for free. 

There are others that offer money-back options where you can try the services and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with their work or processes. Both of these would help you understand whether you are in the right place. 

KIMP’s Graphic Design Subscriptions for Hassle-free Design Production 

Comparing all the above-mentioned attributes, when you choose an appropriate design subscription service, you are sure to make the most of multimedia for the growth of your business. Visual marketing is the way forward. Make your designs work for your brand and create the best customer experience. 

If you are skeptical about the applications of unlimited graphic design for your company, sign up for KIMP’s free trial and find out yourself.