8 Types Of Content Every Brand Should Post On Social Media

The internet has brought about a lot of advancements in the world of marketing. And social media is undoubtedly the crème de la crème of the lot. Conquering the ever-evolving landscape of social media feels like a challenge to marketers. Sounds relatable? Let’s turn the tide on this by talking about the types of content you need to stay ahead in your social media game. 

No matter the scale of the business and its location, nearly every business owner knows the power of social media in today’s marketing. But not every brand manages to make their presence felt. Why is that? 

Beneath the surface of the seemingly effortless posts on social media lies hours of social media planning and a meticulously thought-out content strategy. Things are changing so rapidly on social media that even the most seasoned marketers tend to feel stuck every now and then. 

However, when you have a brief idea of the types of content that engages your audience, the themes that work for nearly every brand, then things get slightly easier. That’s why we have put together a list of the most common types of content that brands with a large social media following regularly post on their pages. 

Without further ado, let’s uncover the secrets of creating better content for social media. 

8 types of content every brand needs on its social media page 

About 27% of marketers feel that creating engaging content is one of the biggest challenges in social media marketing. Part of this is because they know that consumers rely heavily on social media in order to make their purchase decisions, to judge a brand or even to make their purchases. 

Social media has the power to make the name of a small business heard in every corner of the world. It has the potential to break the ice and initiate conversations between brands and consumers. It can help shape a brand’s image and set the brand on the path toward success. 

For a platform with this much power, you need the right strategy to move forward. Why, even maintaining your current position feels like a struggle in the social media race today. That’s because of the overwhelming content that we come across on almost every social media platform. Therefore, user expectations are constantly changing. And the only way to swim through these challenges and emerge a winner is to deliver variety. 

Yes, we are talking about creating different types of content that keep your audience engaged. The types of content themes that keep them coming back to your social media pages for more! 

1. Content with a hint of humor 

Nearly 80% of marketers believe that funny content is one of the most effective types of content for social media. There’s never a dull moment for your brand once you start sharing funny content on your page. After all, humor is a universal language. 

BMW’s Super Bowl commercial from 2022 is proof that even a luxury car brand can benefit from funny content. 

Also, funny content does not always have to be in the form of elaborate star-studded videos like the one from BMW. You can easily incorporate humor even into static designs. Netflix, for example, is known for the funny posts it shares on social media. Here’s an example of Netflix doing its thing. 

The meme is funny and so relatable. That’s what makes it shareable and therefore engaging! 

Videos or static posts, if you need help creating the most eye-catching visuals that bring a funny idea to life, Get Kimp

2. Content that inspires 

Next on our list of the types of content to share on social media is inspirational content. Among the many reasons why people use social media, finding motivation is one. Content on social media can be an escape from mundane routines. When you share posts filled with positivity, you are sure to win hearts. 

Don’t believe us – hear it from brands like Nike who regularly share inspiration on social media. 

You can easily find motivational quotes or pieces of wisdom that you think will resonate with your target audience. For this, you need to know what kind of topics interest your customers. Social listening is one way to keep up and it can be of great help in coming up with ideas for inspirational content that your customers will love. 

Social media design by Kimp 
3. Educational and informative content 

People are constantly looking for ideas. Ideas to simplify their day-to-day tasks, hacks that make their lives simpler, hacks to boost productivity, and so on. And social media happens to be a great space to find all these ideas. If your brand page happens to be that reliable space to find such informative content, you are on the right track. 

Because when you consistently share information that your target audience finds to be relevant to them, your brand’s credibility gets a boost. And your customers are always coming back to your social media page when they are looking for ideas or answers. 

Social media design by Kimp 

Informative content can be quick tips in your niche or detailed videos that demonstrate solutions to specific problems your target audience relates to. If you are able to incorporate your products in these demonstrations, you are also intuitively promoting the real-life applications of your products. It’s a win-win! 

Whole Foods, for example, regularly shares various recipes that you can make with the items you can shop from the Whole Foods stores. 

4. Interactive content 

One of the most critical types of content that brands need to start taking more seriously is interactive content. This includes all types of content that encourage interaction. These interactions could be in the form of comments on the post, shares, tags, brand mentions and so on. 

Social media design by Kimp 

Social media contests and giveaways, for example, are great opportunities to nurture interactions with your customers. Other types of content include quizzes, polls, surveys, and more. As you can see, these types of content can significantly uplift your brand engagement on social media. Additionally, you also get to understand your audience better, especially with polls and surveys. 

Kimp Tip: If you are creating polls and surveys to understand your customers better, sometimes, a single social media post and the comments section might not be enough. You might have multiple questions to understand your customers better. In such cases, do not overwhelm your audience by posting all your questions in one post. Instead, create a landing page to go with the post, and social media users who find your poll/survey to be relevant to them will be happy to answer your questions. 

5. Promotional content 

At the end of the day, we cannot forget that social media is a bridge between customers and brands. Several social media users love to discover brands and learn more about their favorite brands through social media. So, don’t shy away from sharing promotional content on social media. 

There are a lot of things you can share under the promotional content category. This includes important brand announcements, quick updates about an upcoming sale, or even teasers and trailers to announce a product launch. 

Social media design by Kimp 

Customers who follow your brand will love to receive instant updates on social media. It makes them realize that following your brand on social media was not a bad idea after all! 

6. Content for social proof 

People might be relying on the internet to find information about products they wish to purchase. But it’s not the text and images they trust but the people behind the text and images. Therefore, social proof is an influential factor in marketing. Social proof has the power to make people buy something or stay away from a brand. 

In your target audience, there might be people who are familiar with your brand but are still not very confident about placing an order. Such leads need a gentle nudge to progress in the sales funnel. Social proof can be that nudge. To leverage the power of social proof, share customer reviews and testimonials, product ratings, and brand mentions. 

Social media design by Kimp 

Screenshots of reviews from various platforms or video testimonials shared by customers can all convince your leads and build trust in your brand. Other than these, you can also share case studies or even posts that talk about any recent awards and accolades won by your brand. 

Kimp Tip: When it comes to sharing customer testimonials, get creative to keep the content engaging. You can create a single long-form video with montages showing testimonials from different customers. Or you can create multiple short-form videos for Reels or even Story posts. 

Add your product photos or working demonstration videos in the background to add more relevance to the reviews you share. 

7. Cause-related content 

When you stand up for a cause, you are showing customers that you have strong ideologies and opinions. And this shows the human side of your brand. Cause-related content is one of the most effective types of content in humanizing your brand. 

Social media design by Kimp 

When you share content that shows that you are standing for a cause, you end up challenging your customers’ perspectives. You are changing the way they look at your brand and influencing the way they look at an issue. All these silent interactions strengthen the rapport you share with your customers. 

Even the simplest idea can be made to stick when you use a thought-provoking message to carry the idea. Here’s an example. 

Thought-provoking content or posts with a deep message in them captivate your audience and initiate conversations. These types of content also help in establishing your brand authority and differentiating your brand from your competitors. All these benefits are proof that standing for a cause and talking about the cause on social media can drastically alter your brand image

8. Content to show what happens behind the scenes 

People are well aware of the fake side of social media, the filter-applied images, professionally edited videos, and choreographed content. Your target audience knows that behind every perfect product photo you share on social media, there’s the magic of good lighting combined with the best angles. 

Knowing that customers have a knack for unmasking inauthenticity, it’s important to get real on social media. If you wish to keep your feed aesthetic and still maintain authenticity, one way to do this will be to regularly share glimpses of what happens behind the scenes. This could be in the form of behind-the-scenes videos, bloopers, photos of the messes you make, or photos highlighting the stumbling blocks behind all the perfection on your feed. 

When you are ready to share your failures and your quirks with your customers, they are ready to start trusting your brand more. They appreciate the authenticity of your posts and therefore they are more willing to engage with your brand. 

The above Instagram post, for example, is for customers curious to find out what happens behind the scenes in fashion shows. 

Like standing for a cause, showing what happens backstage is also a great way to humanize your brand and nurture more authentic long-term relationships with your customers. 

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