Kimp’s Picks 22nd May: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI & More

We’re back again with another weekly round-up of the trending posts from social media. Curious to learn about the happenings in the world of marketing, design, and AI? Finding it hard to keep up? Don’t worry. We’ve shortlisted a few that might interest you. A few that you cannot afford to miss.

What new AI tools and upgrades have rolled out recently? How are brands leveling up their marketing strategies? What are the ads that have set new trends or brought new inspiration to marketers around the world? Were there any interesting posts on tech, workplace productivity, and other relatable topics? We have all the answers right here. 

In the Marketing Realm 

A brilliant moment marketing example 

The Ads Of The World website features an assortment of the most creative ads from various sectors. In the below Tweet, Ads Of The World featured a creative ad from PetSmart that’s an example of moment marketing. 

King Charles’ coronation was something a lot of people were talking about on social media. And several brands created campaigns to join the celebration. One such brand is PetSmart. The featured ad here shows a thought-provoking message about adopting shelter dogs To convey a strong meaning, you need an ad that’s unique and visually interesting. The featured PetSmart ad is a bit of both. 

To know about the other brands that hopped on this trend and created content to celebrate King Charles’ coronation, check out our blog here

Tesla is giving in to the trend of spending on advertising 

Can a brand that does not spend money on advertising actually emerge as a well-recognized brand? Well, most of us would say No but Tesla proved otherwise. Tesla’s advertising strategy, or a lack thereof has puzzled several marketers but somehow it has worked for the brand so far. But things are changing. 

The below Tweet and the linked blog from Marketing Week, an online magazine for marketing news, talk about Elon Musk’s decision to “try a little advertising”. 

Given that Elon Musk had expressed his “hatred for advertising”, his sudden decision to invest in advertising for Tesla has certainly created ripples in the world of marketing. It’s evident that no brand, including Tesla, can ignore macroeconomic norms. 

Changes in CTV advertising 

The annual event for digital video and TV ad sales, Brandcast 2023 was an event of interest last week for advertisers looking to expand their advertising strategies. The below Tweet shared on the YouTube Advertisers page gives a glimpse of the announcements from the event. 

Based on the data gathered by Nielsen, about 150+ million people watch YouTube on connected TVs. This number has been increasing steadily. Hence YouTube announced some updates for CTV advertising at Brandcast 2023. This includes the addition of non-skippable 30-second ads and Pause options to YouTube on connected TVs. 

A creative twist to product placement campaigns 

Muse By Clio is an online news site that brings the latest trends in the world of advertising. The below Tweet on the brand’s Twitter page featured a McDonald’s campaign that shows how you can innovate to expand the scope of TV advertising. 

Netflix and other brands have used the idea of product placement ads to collaborate with brands and market them through content. McDonald’s has adopted a similar strategy but this time the brand has gone one stead ahead. 

This campaign is titled “Order That Scene”. And when users see specific items on the McDonald’s menu appearing on the screen, they can simply scan the item to place an order. This lets users order their favorite snacks while binge-watching their favorite show or movie. 

Insights on influencer marketing 

On its Instagram page, AdWeek shared snippets of insights from its event focused on influencer and creator marketing, Social Media Week (#SMW) 2023. There were a series of Reels showing quick tips shared by influencers to help brands and budding influencers tackle influencer marketing better. 

The below Reel is one such where the influencer talks about his strategy of finding brands with similar storylines as his. It comes as a reminder that for an influencer campaign to work, what the influencer stands for and what the brand stands for should be similar. 

A few don’ts in marketing 

While the Semrush tool can help you stay ahead in your SEO game, the social media pages of Semrush can give you quick marketing insights. The below Instagram post, for example, talks about a few don’ts in marketing. It talks about the types of messages and emails to not send to your target customers. Because, to influence your audience and to convince them to make a purchase, you cannot adopt clickbaity content! 

In the Design Realm

Canva has a new feature 

Canva has recently been introducing a host of new features to allow creators to edit and perfect their images and videos on the platform. One such is the new background remover feature. 

The above post on Canva’s Instagram page gives a peek into the Video Background Remover feature. It looks quite promising since video is one of the most prominent content types in marketing. 

For further tweaking your Canva projects, get a Kimp subscription

A new way to design a logo 

Logo design is an interesting subject to talk about. Because it captures the identity of your brand. And animated logos are even more fascinating because they bring your brand’s story, your brand’s personality to life with animations. London-based branding agency NB Studio recently found an innovative approach to design an animated logo. 

UK-based online design magazine, Design Week, shared the below Tweet highlighting this unique approach adopted by NB Studio. 

The animated logo project was for Philharmonie Luxembourg, a concert hall. Since music is the key identity of the brand, the logo incorporates a pulsating design. But what makes this design even more unique is that the pulsating wave is designed using creative coding which lets bespoke waveforms appear based on the music fed. In other words, a dynamic logo animation that varies based on the featured music. 

The static remains identical and therefore retains the brand’s identity and the animation captures the identity of the featured music. A brilliant idea, don’t you think? 

Some logo inspiration 

Looking for some logo design inspiration? Logo Archive is one of the largest online archives of logos from various categories. Therefore, a great place to spark your creativity. 

The below Tweet on the Twitter page of Logo Archive features a fantastic collection of airline logos from the 1970s and 1980s. 

The power of simplicity in advertising 

Ad designs don’t have to be complicated to be creative. Sometimes, the simplest of designs can help establish the message in the most memorable way. Creative Review, a well-known print and digital magazine, features one such ad design in the below Tweet. 

The above ad is from Back Market, a popular marketplace for refurbished products. It uses a creatively placed screenshot of a camera roll and clever copy to get the message across. The idea is to encourage buying refurbished products by highlighting the idea that even if we change our phones every year, we end up doing almost the same things with the new phone we buy. 

The ad is also a good example of the magic an ad can create when good design and copy come together

In the AI Realm 

AI art and the rise of synthetic content 

People have been talking about Met Gala a lot on social media. And an image of Selena Gomez attending the event was a notable trend. Not because of her Met Gala outfit but because of the fact that she did not actually attend the event. 

The below Tweet on the Twitter page of Entrepreneur Magazine and the linked blog go on to explain how an AI-generated image of Selena Gomez at Met Gala 2023 has been doing the rounds on the internet. This post comes as a reminder of the rise in synthetic content online. Like the fake Trump arrest photos that took the internet by storm a few months ago. 

“You cannot believe everything you see on the internet” is a true statement now more than ever! Instances like these are proof of the intimidating capabilities of AI and what can happen when they fall into the hands of miscreants. 

The emergence of ethically generated images 

As in the above example, we see an increase in the number of fake, AI-generated images in several places. Companies like Adobe are coming forward to tackle this. The below Tweet is from Content Authenticity Initiative, an association formed by Adobe, the New York Times, and Twitter to “curb misinformation”. 

The Tweet announces the plans for introducing what’s called a “digital nutrition label” to content generated digitally with AI. Measures like these will make it easier to discern AI-generated art from art created by humans. 

ChatGPT iOS app 

ChatGPT has evolved into a virtual personal assistant to many. Not a day goes by without people talking about the strengths of this conversational AI platform on social media. 

Greg Brockman, President & Co-Founder of OpenAI, announced on his Twitter page that the ChatGPT iOS app has been launched in the US. Availability of the app in other countries and the Android version of the app, are in the pipeline. 

This comes as happy news to those who have gotten used to quickly generating content and ideas with the help of ChatGPT and businesses that have integrated this wonder tool into their workflows. 

ChatGPT plugins are here 

Rowan Cheung, the founder of The Rundown AI, regularly shares updates from the world of AI and lots of insights about trending AI tools. In a series of Tweets covering all things new in the world of AI, Rowan Cheung spoke about the introduction of Plugins in ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT plugins have been the talk of the town. Because this brings in new capabilities and makes ChatGPT much more user-friendly. 

Everything Else 

Self-care for those in the social media biz 

Social media can get overwhelming. And most social media managers can relate to this. The below post on the Instagram page of Later, a social media management tool, shares some quick insights into keeping your sanity while staying on top of your social media game. It particularly talks about the less-used Instagram features that help you maintain a work-life balance as you constantly strive to keep up with social media. 

From muting the notifications in order to prevent getting distracted all the time to managing your Instagram usage, the linked blog talks about a lot of quick tips. 

The TikTok ban in Montana 

TikTok has already been banned in several countries and the US has been talking about a possible ban and restrictions on the usage of the app. Amidst this, Montana has become the first US post to completely ban the app. 

The below Tweet from Fortune Magazine highlights that the ban also comes with a $10,000 fine for anyone offering access

TikTok’s parent company has been trying several measures to keep up in case a ban is imposed on TikTok. The introduction of the Lemon8 app in the US market recently has been one such move. 

Will the other US states follow Montana’s move or is the ban not likely to happen at all? We’ll have to wait and watch! 

Tagging products in Shorts 

Talking about TikTok, another short-form video platform, YouTube Shorts, is getting a few intuitive updates. Product tagging is coming to Shorts, finally! 

Considering that several influencers use short-form videos like Shorts and Reels to provide product recommendations, the option to tag products is quite useful. 

The below Tweet from YouTube gives a sneak peek into what product tagging in YouTube Shorts looks like. 

And That’s a Wrap!

From interesting announcements in the world of tech to the introduction of new apps and the arrival of the much-awaited upgrades for the existing apps, a lot was discussed on social media last week. 

Moreover, as always, the AI sector is one where all the excitement unraveled. So, yes, there’s a lot to catch up on. We hope these quick updates help you in revisiting your strategies and tweaking them to accommodate the changes happening around you. 

And with that, we must bid adieu for now! Join us again next week for more remarkable stories.