5 Real Estate Logo Ideas To Inspire Your Brand + Design Tips

In some industries, branding makes the business run more than anything else. And real estate is definitely one of those industries. Ask anyone who is remotely connected to this industry and they will tell you how tough the market is. And it is the connection you build with your customers, vendors, and other partners that takes you far. 

But if you are a new business or entering a new market, how do you build those connections? What is it that helps you with a foot in the door when you are building from scratch? 

Logo Design by Kimp

Without a doubt, it is your branding that breaks the ice and brings people to your door so that you can start building those connections you need. 

Branding is a lot of things – it is your visual identity that is the logo, brand name, brand colors, website, social media profiles, and so on. It is also the way you handle your customers, your unique characteristics, and the expertise you bring to the table. 

But the visual identity takes precedence over all because, without the perfect first impression, you may never get to display the rest of the characteristics. 

So how do you get it right? Well, we recommend starting with the logo design – the branding element that becomes the face of your business. 

A good real estate logo design has a lot of value in this industry. In this blog by Kimp, we will take a look at the many benefits of a good logo and how you can get it done for your business too. 

So, let’s go ! 

Significance of Logo Design in Real Estate 

The real estate industry is fast-paced. When you have a hot listing in hand, you have to impress the client instantly. Not tomorrow, not later, now is the word. There are a million real estate agents in any city, so how do you ensure that you get the call? Yes, you can advertise as you must but so will everyone else. 

If you want customers to stop and look at you, start from the basics. Cement a memorable identity in the market to grab attention and that begins with a good real estate logo design. 

A good logo design can : 

1. Make you memorable 

Imagine this. A couple in your target locality specifically wants someone who is dealing in luxury homes. And you do that better than any other competitor. Now when they are looking for real estate companies to work with either online or offline, how do you ensure they pick you? Because if they don’t, someone else might convince them for a different property. 

With a logo design for your real estate company that exudes luxury and conveys your expertise, you can make that customer call you. Not just that, your advertisements become much more effective with a cohesive brand identity. 

2. Builds trust

In the real estate industry, if you have your customers’ trust, the deal is all but done. You can convince customers to increase their budgets, pick the vendors you suggest, and so on. But how do you build trust in the first impression? 

A good logo design does not mean magical results, but close. When you have a professional logo and branding identity, it changes how the market perceives you. You are now in the big leagues and customers consider you to be so. A logo gives the impression that you are serious about your work and that customers trust you. 

3. Makes personal branding easy for agents 

A real estate company is only as good as its agents. Most times, it is the agents that define the company itself. So can a good logo improve their effectiveness too? Well, of course. 

You know bad people are with names, right? And there is nothing more embarrassing than having to introduce yourself repeatedly. But people remember images better than names. You can leverage this by associating the agent with your logo design. It will make brand recall so much easier. 

Personal branding for real estate agents is very important for the success of your firm and with a good logo, you can achieve that quite easily. 

Designed by Kimp

Now we know why your real estate business needs a good logo design right now. But what is a good real estate logo? 

Well, how can we be a design service provider if we don’t answer this? So, here goes! Scroll on to know the elements you need in your real estate logo design. 

Elements of a Good Real Estate Logo Design 

Every design has three or four components that determine its success or ineffectiveness. And if you can tune those elements to reflect your brand personality in the best possible way and also attract your target audience, then you are done. Your logo design is ready to go out in the world and make a difference for your brand. 

So let’s explore these components and see what you need to make your logo design the best in the market. 

1. Colors for a real estate logo design 
Logo Design by Kimp

When we say McDonald’s what comes to your mind? The yellow man and the golden arches right? What about Facebook? The blue logo is what pops up in your head, right? That is because color leaves a lasting impression on customers. And we have quite an emotional connection with colors too. Each color means something personal to us. 

So pick a color that conveys the right message about your brand to your audience. 

For example, you can pick Blue if you want to associate with traits like trustworthiness, conservation, calm, and professionalism. Or if you want to show people that you deal in luxury products, Purple is the way to go. Green is a good way to go to show people you work in the sustainability sector. 

You can also pick colors for your logo design based on the audience you are targeting. Purple seems to be the color that Gen Z and Millennials love. Traditional colors like black, blue, Grayscale, and Teal work well for the older generation. 

Wondering what other options you have for your logo design? Check our report on 2022 color trends or sign up for the Kimp Graphics subscription for expert advice. 

2. Fonts 
Logo Design by Kimp

So you have a handle on the color but what about the font? If you go with the trending logo design for real estate, you will also adopt the Wordmark over any other format. In that case, the font assumes a very significant position in the impact of your design. 

Font psychology tells us that the font type, style, and size can impact the message you are sending out. And this applies extensively to branding. For example, even if your logo design is just your brand name, the font can tell your customers about you.

A conservative font like Times New Roman will tell customers that you are an established business and do things the old-school way. But a decorative font on the other hand can attract a younger audience.

Kimp Tip: If you feel nothing fits you, then we recommend working with a professional design service like Kimp Graphics to create a custom font for you. Pick the font with care as the customer will see this across your promotional marketing and advertising efforts. 

You can take inspiration from your peers in the industry or check 2022’s font trends report from Kimp too. 

3. Imagery
Logo Design by Kimp

We just mentioned that most real estate brands use wordmark logos. But you can always combine it with a symbol or icon to make the message clear. And that can help you denote the kind of properties you work with. 

For example, residential real estate logos feature basic images of houses, roofs, gardens, or other components of a home. Commercial real estate logos on the other hand feature tall lean buildings, hotels, offices, and skyscrapers. For luxury real estate logos, you can feature expansive villas or scenes such as beaches, sunsets, and swimming pools, etc.

You can also use custom images that cater to your specific localities such as the map of a neighborhood, city, or country. The possibilities are endless. 

Beyond this, some other common images that feature in real estate logos are circles to donate area,  the shapes square and triangle give the logo design a very professional logo. 

Kimp Tip: Clarity in the logo design is very important. What is the point of an elaborate logo design if the image is not readable? Always proof the logo design against a transparent background, in black and white color schemes, and a typical color scheme to check for readability issues. 

With a Kimp Graphics subscription, all these iterations cost you nothing extra. They are all a part of our unlimited design service package. Cool, right? Book a call with the team to know more. 

4. Visual Metaphors 

The last and most important part of the logo design for your real estate company is the use of visual metaphors. Visual metaphors help you convey your brand personality, niche, and a lot more with the use of visual aids. It is like having a hidden meaning in the logo design that can amaze your target audience. 

For example, You can have the image of a star in your logo to show that you are an overachieving brand. Similarly, having an animated logo signifies that you are a new-age brand that keeps up with the trends. 

If you want to take your logo design up a notch, check out this guide by Kimp on visual metaphors here

Now that you know what a good logo design must have, how about some visual examples? We believe that seeing is better than reading, so here are a few examples of real estate logo ideas to inspire your brand. 

5 Real Estate Logo Designs to Inspire your Brand 

The real estate industry is quite vast. You can experiment as much as you want but there are some formats that seem to shine in this industry. Opting for these can give your brand an edge and help you associate positively with your industry. 

So the Kimp team brings you a curation of popular logo design ideas to inspire your brand and ways to replicate that for your brand too. 

1. Wordmark Logo design 

As we all know, wordmark logos are one of the most common and popular logo design types in the real estate industry. This is because most real estate brands have very industry-oriented names and they want the customers to know them by these names. It also so happens that some real estate firms have the owner’s name in the brand’s name to build popularity. So a wordmark logo makes sense for them. 

Designing a wordmark logo can be tricky. You want it to reflect your brand personality, stand out from the crowd, but still feel like a real estate logo. 

We recommend picking a font that feels traditional but adding one or two elements that can set you apart. 

For example, consider this logo design for the real estate company Hestia Design and Build. It is a minimalistic logo with just the brand name. But just the one symbol of fire makes the brand stand out. It brings youthful energy to the brand’s personality. It also makes it easier to remember the brand. 

Logo Design by Kimp

Kimp Tip: Two things are very important in wordmark logos – color and font choice. These two elements will make all the difference so spend some time and experiment before you find something that fits. They must reflect well on your brand. Any added imagery and design elements are an added bonus. 

Looking to replicate the results for your brand? Connect with the Kimp Graphics team today! 

2. Combination mark logo design

The second most common logo design type will be the combination mark logo. Typically, in this logo, the brands use a graphic to represent the brand in addition to the word mark logo. Here, the image is not just an added design element but holds a very significant position. 

You must pick the image/graphic design with care. Either go with the flow by using standardized images that everyone uses or choose to swim against the tide with something offbeat. There is no one size fits all solution here. You must pick what works best for you. 

Check this logo design for Centureon Group by Kimp. This is a real estate company that deals with land use sales and services. Typically these logos use the color green or brown with imagery around nature such as leaves, hills, and trees to name a few. 

But this brand embraced the offbeat with a gold and black color scheme. Even the brand mark of the logo is a geometric shape with very contemporary edges. This is quite far from industry standards and is sure to make the brand shine among the competitors. 

Logo Design by Kimp

Wondering how they arrived at such a unique combination? Well, with iterations and the expert skills of our Kimp Graphics team. You can connect with the team too and arrive at the best logo design for your brand. 

3. Visual Metaphors in logo design 

Sometimes, a simple logo design just won’t do. You have bigger things to convey and you want to start your messaging right from your brand’s visual identity. And that is when we recommend working with logo designs loaded with metaphors and symbolism. 

In these logos, the images and graphic design elements go way beyond the usual meanings. Often, they have very specific meanings based on the brand’s story and mission. This design needs care and a thorough understanding of your business by the design team before you begin.

Check how to write a design brief that achieves this here

Coming back to the logo design here, check the example given below. This is a logo design for the Ignite Realty brand by Kimp. You may notice that the logo has another name too and there is a symbol between the names. This is because Ignite Realty exists within the umbrella of the larger brand Royal Lepage. 

The new brand needs the reputation of the larger brand but the design managed to stand out instead of just writing the connection out. Now everyone knows they are connected and the logo design is easy to recall too. 

Logo Design by Kimp

Picking the right design element to represent your brand is not an easy task. But it is possible, especially with the Kimp Graphics unlimited design subscription that offers unlimited revisions at no extra cost. 

4. The Greyscale logo design

In a world full of color, it may feel intimidating to pick a greyscale logo design. But that is exactly why you must do that. Your logo design is to explain your brand personality and specifically who you are to your target audience. If grayscale is the way to do it, go for it. 

Sometimes, it is good to break the shackles of stereotypes and that is exactly what the logo for the Home Girls does. It has a very minimalistic logo design with the brand’s name in a pleasing Sans-Serif font and a roof imagery accompanying it. 

Even though the brand has the word “Girls” in it, the brand does not box itself by picking gendered colors. And with the emphasis on the word “Home”, they do a brilliant job of establishing their purpose.

Logo Design by Kimp
5. Animated logo design 

Last but not the least, we think the time is here for real estate to embrace this logo design trend. Animated logo designs are the next big thing and you must get on it immediately. 

Even in the simplest of designs, you can ensure that the logo design captivates your audience completely with the power of motion graphics. 

Consider this example for Realtor Kavi. The logo is a modern design with a very engaging color combination – red and blue. But what sets this logo design apart from all the other brands is the animation. Anytime the animation plays out, the audience is going to stop and notice. 

What more do you need? 

Design the best Real Estate Logo Ideas with Kimp

Real estate logo designs are fun as the sky is truly the limit when it comes to this industry. You can pick any format you like and tweak it to bring your brand’s personality instantly. 

But for many brands, designing the logo and getting it right is a tedious process. Too many iterations and the fear of overrunning your budget often take away the job from the branding process. 

But with Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video unlimited design service offering unlimited design requests, revisions, and service across a hundred different categories, all that ends now. 

Get your logo design and all other branding designs at a flat monthly fee with no limit on experimentation. 

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