The Best Marketing Ideas In Real Estate That Get You Results

If you’re a real estate professional, you know that you need to be creative to keep your edge. It is one of the most competitive industries. And for you to get the results that you want, you need to be investing in marketing. That’s why we’ve put together some marketing ideas in real estate for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started or already experienced, this list will help you get the results that you are looking for.

So, why should you leverage content marketing?

  • Helps you build your trust with clients
  • Gives you better brand awareness
  • Drive organic traffic with the use of SEO
  • Gets you more qualified leads 
  • Builds the reputation of your brand or company 
  • Provides content that you can share via social media

What are the best channels for your marketing ideas in real estate?


Your website is a must. A lot of your real estate clients will visit your website and you should have the latest information up there. This includes details about your track record to help your clients trust you. Your website should also have links to your social media pages and your blog if you have one. You can also incorporate various design types, that you can update every so often, to keep your visitors informed. These include: 

  • Sliders 
  • Banners 
  • Call to action buttons (where relevant)
  • Images on blogs with useful insights and data 
  • Client testimonials

Having blogs that will provide information that is helpful is also a must, for your real estate marketing. They will allow you to keep clients informed about relevant topics and reinforce your role as a subject matter expert. This will also help you build the credibility of the brand and enhance your search engine rankings. Once you get your blog going, and have a few entries, you should definitely consider a blog archive that has clear categories. This will make it more user-friendly for your potential clients to navigate.

You can make sure your blog is branded by including design elements that you would need to consider such as feature images on blogs, infographics that add value to the content you have written, and images that can have your branding (like your logo). Need some help with the design component? Consider Kimp, and get the support of a dedicated design team for a flat monthly fee.

Create an email list 

You can leverage emails to promote any new content that you have. This includes industry news and any updates that will help clients find the properties that they are looking for.

In order for you to build your list of subscribers, you should have a subscribe button both on your blog, and on your website. After you have built this database, you can start experimenting with different types of emails and use marketing tools to measure your results. Based on these analytics, you will be able to organize the list into buyer segments that will help you take on a more personalized approach, and therefore maximize on your engagement. 

Some of the types of emails that you could try out are: 

  • Welcome emails to new subscribers  
  • Monthly or weekly newsletters 
  • Emails of listings to keep your clients updated 
  • Emails about events like open houses
  • Open house follow up emails to see which clients would like to invest 
  • Neighborhood expertise emails to let your clients know that you have properties in an area that they may be interested in
  • “Under contract” emails to offer to find a similar property to the one a client has missed out on.
  • Expired listing emails 
  • Low-interest rate announcement emails 
  • Emails to potential sellers to share details about your services
  • Client retention emails (could include offers, listing, invitations and more according to what your company can provide)
Work on your social media presence

If you want to connect with prospective clients, be sure to include social media in your real estate content marketing. You’ll be able to share information like your listings, build connections with people both within and outside the industry, and even reach much younger buyers. When you create your social media content, be sure to look at how you can brand it. The information that you choose to share, could also be shared by others. So, branding your posts will help you create more brand awareness.

Once you’ve established a social media presence, you can use social media tools to monitor topics that are getting a lot of engagement and chiming in. As far as your content strategy on social media, remember that you’ll want to have a combination of branded posts, high quality pictures of properties, and video and text-based content, like blogs and articles.  

What are the types of content that will work for you? 

Once you are settled on the different channels you want to focus on, you need to plan out the types of content you will be using. 

Keep in mind that posting fresh and high-quality content is very important. You should work on posting consistently on your website, your blog, and your social media channels. You need to also mix up visual and written content to gain the attention of prospective clients.

Marketing ideas in real estate for your blog
  • Tell customers the story behind your brand in your blog, Why are you so passionate about real estate? How did you get into the field and who are the faces behind your brand? You can also complement this with a series of posts that narrate the story behind the brand. This could include the faces of your brand or meaningful quotes from your brand story. 
  • Tell customer stories with honesty in your blog. Tell people about the challenges that your clients faced and how they overcame them to own the property they wanted. You can share excerpts from the customer stories via branded social media posts, which will help customers visualize the story. It’ll also give them interesting tidbits that will then encourage them to visit your site. 
  • Give people more info about locations where your listings are. For example, the amenities and schools, or important historical details. Your social media posts can summarize the details in captions and include images that highlight the locations.
  • Spread awareness and come across as a brand that knows what they are talking about, by sharing local or global news that you think will appeal to your clients. 
  • Provide tips and hacks for buyers and sellers. Some great ideas would be ones such as – preparing for the buying process, how to improve the real estate value of your property so it sells fast, and tips for first-time sellers to improve their home. You can use these tips on branded social media posts and slideshows to further brand awareness. 
  • Build an FAQ page and answer the most commonly asked questions from your customers.
  • If you want audience feedback, you can ask questions from your customers. Pick a topic and pose questions in a post that serves as a call out for reader perspectives. This will also give you ideas for content that you can curate going forward. 
Video marketing ideas in real estate
  • Set up a channel on YouTube and share your listed properties on there. 
  • Use your social media to post virtual tours of the homes that you have up for sale. 
  • To help your clients get a feel for the neighborhoods where your properties are, create videos of them that are appealing. 
  • Get interviews from members of your staff or your clients about how you work, your values, what you have to offer, and so on. 
  • Interview clients who are satisfied with your services, so that you have client testimonials which are credible.
Visual marketing ideas in real estate
  • Use infographics to your advantage and highlight the most recent surveys that have been done, along with stats from your industry.
  • Get the services of a professional photographer to take property photos that you are representing and post them up. 
  • Take pictures of your staff. Let people see your team having fun, connecting, and enjoying the work that they do. This will help build trust in your brand. 
  • Offer quick guides, how-tos, and any kind of market info, use slideshows.  

Content marketing and real estate go hand in hand

Real estate is an industry in which clients make huge, life-altering transactions. So they’re always on the lookout for helpful content that will make the processes involved easier. Here’s where you come in. You already have expertise in the industry. Now it’s just a matter of being creative and having fun with your content. There’s no need to go full-speed with all channels and formats at once. Get your feet and keep building on your efforts little by little. The key is to make consistent efforts with your marketing ideas in real estate. And to take stock of how they are performing so you know where to invest, and where to scale back.