The Top 10 Designs You Need To Promote Your Product Launch

Product launches are a product of great effort. Multiple teams come together to develop something unique for customers and the brand for mutual benefit.

But, ultimately the biggest measure of success is how many customers are reached and engaged. 

So what marketing strategies must you employ to make your product launch a tremendous success for your brand? 

As all traditional and digital marketing platforms are highly visual, we recommend adopting a visual marketing strategy. 

An all-out visual marketing strategy may feel overwhelming or intimidating, but it is achievable with planning and the right team. 

So how do you go about employing a successful visual marketing strategy specifically for a product launch? This blog by Kimp will answer all these questions and more. 

But before that, let’s take a second to understand the importance of product launch campaigns. 

The Significance of Product Launch campaigns 

In an ideal world, customers organically discover products for slower but steady growth in revenue. But the current market scenario in any industry does not allow this.

We live in an extremely competitive world, and customers’ attention spans are currently at a meager 8 seconds. So, if the product does not get traction instantly, chances are high that the product will struggle to find a customer base. 

And that is where product launch campaigns come in handy. A well-designed visual product launch campaign can result in:

  • Improved reach
  • Faster sales
  • Generate significant buzz
  • Aid PR and outreach opportunities
Improved reach

Reach is everything in today’s marketing world. The more eyeballs you have on your campaign, the higher the conversion rate. And so without a marketing campaign for your product launch, it’s difficult to generate the needed views and reach. 

Even if you have an existing following and customer base in place, there is no guarantee that these customers will have an interest in your upcoming product, too. And they may take months to even become aware that you have a new product in the market. 

A product launch campaign brings you attention from existing customers and new customers, too. 

Faster sales

Following the same train of thought, improved reach for your new product in the market will eventually result in faster sales. The more effective your product launch campaign is, the more people will want their hands on your product. 

A product launch campaign brings excitement, breaks the information barrier between an unknown product and the customer, and considerably reduces friction in the sales process. 

Merely listing a new product online or displaying it on your shelves will not drive sales. You need clear communication about the product out in the market, and that is what a product launch campaign achieves.

Generate significant buzz

Buzz is worth its weight in gold. And we mean this wholeheartedly. In this attention-deficit filled world, buzz gets you organic reach on the internet and even brings in footfall into your stores or traffic to your site. Buzz generation is a very systematic and methodical activity. It takes a lot of hard work to get content to go viral. 

A well-planned product launch marketing strategy with consistent content creation can improve your chances of having a significant buzz for your product launch. 

Aid PR and outreach opportunities 

PR and outreach are a significant part of all product promotion strategies. While social media and digital marketing can help with buzz generation, reaching certain circles becomes possible only through PR and other media outreach campaigns.

Lucky for you, product launch campaigns allow you to tap into the power of PR and other media outreach campaigns with compelling visuals.

Now that we have covered the significance of a well-planned and well-designed product launch campaign, let’s take a look at how to make it possible. 

The Top 10 Designs to promote your Product Launch

We spoke about the importance of a successful product launch. For that, you need something that grabs your customers’ attention, stays in their minds for a long time, and makes them come back for the product. 

Many marketing experts agree it is the visual quality of creatives that is a common thread in all successful product launch campaigns. So it all comes down to the designs you use to promote your product launch. 

In this section, let’s take a look at the top 10 designs you need for a successful product launch.

1. Teasers and Trailers

This design comes in handy for your pre-product launch event for buzz generation. What better way to get it going than a teaser or a trailer. Video content has a higher reach and engagement than textual and static graphic content. 

Teasers and trailers only let out a little about the product, just enough to generate curiosity so that people tune in when the actual product launch event is. 

The perfect teaser and trailer: 

  • Are short enough to make it suitable for social media 
  • Are in line with your brand style guidelines 
  • Showcase the product aesthetically 
  • Work without audio with text overlays and closed captions

This OnePlus 9 series teaser is a great ad to replicate. It showcases all the significant features of a product in a cinematic and aesthetic manner. 

Need help? Work with the Kimp Video team for the best teasers and trailers for your pre-product launch announcements.

Video design by Kimp
2. Product Promo Videos 

While the intent of product promo videos is the same as that of teaser/trailer videos, the styling is a little different. Product promo videos go a little beyond a few seconds of well-edited footage and reveal a little more of the product. 

Some details to include in your product promo videos for your pre-product launch campaign include: 

  • The product launch date 
  • Details of the product such as make, utility, and other product specifications
  • Preview of the actual product design
  • Preview of the product’s full-fledged ad

This promo video by Spaceti is an obvious example of how simplistic and animated promo videos can help you take the product to the customer instantly. Styled like a demo, it is a great video to have in your kitty before the product launch. 

Kimp Tip: The styling of your product’s trailer and the promo must be consistent for the customers to connect with it and your brand. They must know what the promo is about within the first five seconds. Essentially, the beginning frames of both these videos must match seamlessly. 

A Kimp Video unlimited video design subscription gives you the chance to work with a dedicated design team to get all of your designs consistently designed and branded.

3. Pre-order and Launch Announcements

From teasers and promo videos, let’s move closer to the product launch. As the launch date nears, customers get hungry for more information. And that is the perfect time to load them up with all the important dates, sales links, and pre-order details.

Pre-orders are a great way to boost your sales revenue, even before the launch, and generate FOMO within customers so that they secure the product while stocks last.

Now, there are many ways to leverage design for these announcements: 

  • Banners on your website/ecommerce site to announce pre-order sales and launch dates to potential customers
  • Email marketing campaigns with countdown emails, pre-order announcements, and announcements about quantity in stock 
  • Social media stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to generate inbound traffic to your sites. 

Kimp Tip: A mix of graphic design, animation, and video designs helps you cater your campaign to a wide audience base. 

Check out the Kimp Graphics + Video unlimited design subscription to get all the designs you need for a flat fee.

4. YouTube Channel Trailer 

YouTube is the leading social media channel with a huge video-centric audience. Given the popularity and effectiveness of video content, this is a medium you should not miss out on during your pre-product launch days (and during and afterwards for that matter). 

Having a branded channel can greatly improve the impact of your product launch campaign. If you do not have one currently in place, then we suggest checking out this blog by Kimp

If you have one in place already, we strongly recommend updating the YouTube channel’s trailer with the current product launch information for a wider reach.

Kimp Tip: Customers usually come across your YouTube channel trailer when they visit your channel. This is usually in auto-play mode. If you want them to pay attention, ensure that you engage them immediately in the first five seconds with the right music, intro card, and other details.

Check out Kimp’s YouTube channel trailer here for some inspiration: 

Video design by Kimp
5. Educational Videos 

With Google and social media in our lives, no information is inaccessible. Anyone can find out anything at the click of a button. And this is one of the biggest reasons for the success of the ecommerce industry. 

Educational content breaks down the information barrier and reduces doubt from customers’ minds. This immensely contributes to the success of a product launch. So even before the product launch takes place, ensure that you have enough educational content out there. 

This can take the form of:

  • How-to videos
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • FAQ videos 

Once you have these in hand, you can use them across channels, such as social media, YouTube, email marketing, digital billboards, and so on. 

Video design by Kimp

Need help creating educational videos for your brand? Try a Kimp Video subscription for engaging educational videos for your brand.

6. Gamified Content

Engagement moves mountains. But creating it can be tricky. Especially as algorithms keep changing the game on us quite often. That’s why you need to pull out the big guns.

And that is gamified content for you in a nutshell. Everyone loves puzzles, prizes, and participation. So whip out some exciting contests for your customers across all marketing channels for your product launch. 

Some gamified content ideas are: 

  • Puzzles or polls on social media with a giveaway linked to them
  • Interactive videos on your website, landing page, social media, and newsletters 
  • Engaging and fun puzzles that promote the product indirectly 

Don’t forget to engage with the audience once they start commenting on your posts. To make it more interesting, you can design branded GIFs to respond to them on Twitter and Facebook.

Video design by Kimp
7. OOH Advertising 

While many force you to think this way, the world is not completely digital yet. While the statistic of 55% internet penetration may be very persuasive, what we need to understand is that the digital audience consumes offline content too. And that is why it is important to invest in quality, innovative, and strategic offline advertisements, too. Specifically, billboards and other Out of Home advertising channels. 

Studies show us that the conversion ratio of billboards is significantly higher than some PPC ads. And the cost is quite less in comparison too. Even social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are investing in OOH extensively. 

Billboards and other OOH advertisements can get quite innovative too. With 3D designs, GIF billboards, and digital designs, the sky is truly the limit here.

Kimp Tip: You can link your offline campaigns to your online store with QR codes. Then you will have the best of both worlds by engaging potential customers on and offline. 

8. Exclusive Packaging Design 

What if the product could promote itself? Yes, the best method to bring customers to your product is the packaging design.

A well-designed package is much more effective than any other promotional strategy. And in fact all of your other promotions depend on it. By leveraging the techniques of FOMO marketing, you can launch an exclusive, limited packaging design to make the product fly off the shelves. 

Promoting the product launch and motivating customers to pick up the products also becomes easier with such a sweet offering. 

Do you want to stand out with your packaging design? Check out 2022’s packaging design trends here.

9. Instagram Reel or Tiktok Challenge 

Have you noticed how easy it is to go viral with Instagram Reels or TikTok videos? These two platforms have the highest viewerships today, and the format is a runaway hit. The audience here is also the hardest to reach – Gen Z and Millennials. So this is not a platform you can ignore anymore, nor is it just a trend. 

It is time to consider creating TikTok, and Instagram reels branded challenges. But how?

  • Create videos that are easier to replicate with your products and reward customers by offering rewards and goodies. 
  • Launch AR filters customers can use for their videos with a branded hashtag to promote your product launch. 

For the success of these challenges, the primary quality of the videos will be an enormous factor. So ensure that a qualified professional team edits and designs the videos for these platforms.

10. Blog Images 

Even in a world ruled by social media and video content, SEO still brings considerable ROI for branded campaigns. 

And blog images make long-form content palatable and easy to understand for your viewers. Without these, your content will have a high bounce rate and plummet in search engine rankings.

Meaningful custom images like the design above can help you engage your blog audience. 

Design successful product launch campaigns with Kimp 

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