Marketing for the Paris 2024 Olympics: The 8 Best Examples So Far

What began as a sporting event in Olympia nearly 2,700 years ago has transformed into a global phenomenon. Yes, we’re talking about the iconic quadrennial event, the Olympic Games. With the Paris 2024 Olympics just around the corner, now is a good time to discuss the event. 

The Olympics have transcended the realm of sports, becoming a powerful force that unites people. Fans worldwide cheer on their favorite athletes and teams, fostering a sense of community that goes beyond borders. Naturally, this massive audience has become a powerful opportunity for brands. 

From official sponsorships to creative ambush marketing strategies, live activations to engaging social media campaigns, brands have deployed innovative ways to capitalize on the immense reach of the Olympic Games. Every year, there are new and exciting strategies, captivating consumers and inspiring other marketers. 

Today, we’ll delve into these inspiring strategies, exploring both the branding and promotion of the Paris 2024 Olympics Games themselves, as well as the marketing tactics employed by participating brands.

So, without further ado, let’s get started, shall we? 

The Paris 2024 Olympics Branding: An Overview 

Analyzing the design of the Paris 2024 logo emblem 

First, let’s set the stage by examining the Paris 2024 logo. After all, the unveiling of each Olympic logo is a highly anticipated event in the creative world. 

What makes the Paris 2024 logo special is that for the first time, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will share the same logo. Hence the identity is meant to be more inclusive and versatile. 

The logo of the Olympic Games usually combines a core message – the theme of the year, and a visual cue that connects back to the hosting country. The Paris 2024 logo is no exception. 

The striking emblem is a combination of three elements: 

  • The Gold Medal – an accurate and easily recognizable symbol of achievement. A reminder that the medal isn’t reserved just for the champions but open to every athlete in the pursuit of excellence. 
  • The Olympic Flame – this one needs no explanation! The burning passion the Olympic Games ignite naturally represents the game accurately. 
  • Marianne – the last and final element is the one that connects back to the heritage of France. She also represents “humanism, fraternity, generosity and sharing” the values shared by the Olympics and the Paralympics. 

In summary, these symbols effortlessly come together to weave a beautiful story to carry the spirit of the game. As for the design aspects, the emblem keeps it clean, minimalistic, modern, and memorable. There is a brilliant use of negative space to pack extra layers of meaning without complicating the design. 

This emblem appears along with the three agitos for the Paralympics and the Olympic Rings for the Olympic Games. 

The fonts and colors in the Paris 2024 logo emblem 

The bespoke font introduced as a part of the Paris 2024 Olympics brand identity is the next catchy element. Instead of a cliched ordinary-looking font, the design incorporates a custom typeface that draws inspiration from the Art Deco movement, a prominent artistic style popular in France in the 1920s. 

Another interesting trivia here is that the last time France hosted the Olympic Games was in 1924! The year, the chosen art movement for the font style – they all wonderfully fall in place. 

While excelling in the aspects of readability and modernity, this custom font also carries a unique Parisian flair that makes it all the more relevant! 

As for the color, the emblem features gold precisely aligning with the gold medal symbolism. However, to maintain a more modern and versatile aesthetic, the design uses a muted gold instead of something flashy. 

The Paris 2024 Olympics posters 

As a part of igniting the Paris 2024 Olympics brand identity and setting the stage for the promotions that ensued, they released the official posters of the event in 2022. 

To spice things up, they released the posters in a unique “diptych” format. This simply means that each poster can stand alone, but when placed side-by-side, they form a complete picture. In other words, they metaphorically represent the interconnectedness of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, highlighting their shared spirit and importance.

In terms of the design, the posters feature a vibrant illustration of Paris depicted as a “stadium-city”. What’s even more alluring are the details in the illustration: 

  • Olympic rings
  • The Agitos
  • Iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe
  • Parisian elements like Patrouille de France
  • Illustrations of the various sports like surfing, skateboarding

These are just a few of the several tiny details accurately and aesthetically captured in the illustration. This not only sets the visual style of the Paris 2024 Olympics but also captures the grandeur of the game. 

The slogan for the Paris 2024 Olympics 

To further amplify the brand of the year and establish the Paris 2024 Olympics event as a memorable one, they also announced a slogan: Games Wide Open. The below video unveiled the slogan right after a montage of visuals that pay homage to the sheer magnitude of the event. 

While there are many interpretations of the slogan, it’s clearly a representation of inclusivity given the spirit of making the game accessible to everyone. Additionally, it also reverberates a sense of connection – between athletes, fans, and the hosting city itself. 

The Paris 2024 mascot 

Brand mascots undeniably add more value to a brand’s identity. Of course, they hold an even stronger significance in sports branding. So, yes, the Paris 2024 Olympics brand has a mascot as well. 

The mascot is called Olympic Phryge and it is inspired by the Phrygian hats that are symbols relevant to the French Republic. 

You will see these mascots appearing in the Olympics branded merchandise as well as in other branded campaigns created in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee. 

Having dissected the Pairs 2024 Olympics core brand let’s now talk about some marketing campaigns and strategies adopted by brand partners, sponsors, and others tapping into the trend. 

Beyond the Stadium: How Brands are Cashing in on the Paris 2024 Olympics 

Promoting your brand and products during the Paris 2024 Olympics means massive exposure, positive brand association, and a significant boost to brand awareness as well. 

However, this does not always have to involve huge budgets required for sponsorships at the event. You can also cash in on the trend and create online campaigns that resonate with the hype. Therefore, we’ll look at campaigns from partners and sponsors as well as those from other brands jumping on the bandwagon through various channels. 

1. Nike is going big this year 

Nike has been known to spend a great deal on marketing, especially with sporting events given their relevance to the brand. According to Reuters, Nike’s spending on the Paris 2024 Olympics will be their “largest media spend”. 

A few weeks ago, Nike introduced their uniform collection for the tracks and field for the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

Through these sponsorships and products, they directly showcase their role in equipping athletes for peak performance on the Olympic stage. Measures like these position Nike at the forefront of the athletic apparel market thus building credibility and boosting the trust on their quality. 

2. Air France welcomes the world to France

As an official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Air France is creating a full-fledged welcome experience. At the crux of the campaign is a visual featuring a young model with the French flag painted on her face. 

Representing French loyalty, the campaign features the copy, “Proud to welcome the world to France”. Air France plans to deploy the campaign visuals right from airports welcoming fans to the event venues and several online channels as well. 

In short, Air France’s campaign here goes beyond traditional marketing. They achieve this by creating a cohesive experience – from the moment visitors arrive at Parisian airports to online interactions. This approach personalizes the brand and leaves a lasting impression.

3. Samsung’s “Open always wins” campaign 

As one of the official partners of the Paris 2024 Olympics, Samsung has launched the “Open always wins” campaign. 

As shown in the video, this campaign is about embracing the openness which is at the crux of the Paris 2024 Olympics games – as depicted by their official slogan that we discussed a while ago. 

The campaign depicts how openness can foster elements like innovation, connection, and the spirit of pushing boundaries all of which are values shared with the Olympic games as well. 

The campaign also marks the brand’s collaboration with athletes from diverse sports and from various countries like skateboarder Aurélien Giraud from France, Para sprinter Johannes Floors from Germany, and breakdancer Sarah Bee from France. 

In addition to the video campaign, Samsung has also unveiled an experiential activation, Olympic Rendezvous that takes customers through historic game moments, as well as some of the latest innovations from the brand itself. 

Multi-faceted approaches like this one tend to have a lasting impact on the audience while also positioning the brand as a credible authority in the industry and ensuring broader brand visibility. 

4. Deloitte celebrates history-makers 

Deloitte, an official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympics, collaborated with the International Olympic Committee and launched “The First Effect” campaign. 

The campaign here shines the spotlight on a fresh perspective – the transformative power of global events like the Olympic games. The video celebrates athletes who push boundaries thus inspiring generations to come

Deloitte shortlisted five trailblazing athletes for the campaign including Nicola Adams of Great Britain, who became the first-ever female Olympic boxing champion in 2012. Her victory skyrocketed the interest in women’s boxing in Great Britain. Labeling it “The First Effect”, Deloitte built their campaign around such exceptional athletes. 

In addition to these historic firsts, the campaign also highlights some firsts with respect to the Paris 2024 Olympics: 

  • Like the Opening Ceremony happening outside a stadium for the first time. 
  • And the fact that this will be the first-ever Olympic event with an equal number of male and female athletes participating in the games. 
5. P&G takes a multi-faceted approach 

P&G is going with a multi-faceted approach for the Paris 2024 Olympics by creating multiple dedicated campaigns for some of their bestselling brands like Pampers, Ariel, Always, Gilette, Oral-B, and others. 

The brand has strategized collaborations with athletes for each of these brands. In addition to these, there are brand activations in the form of complimentary products and services at the Athletes’ Village like The Village Nursery promoting Pampers. 

Through these campaigns, the brand establishes real-world applications and the impact their products create rather than sticking to some conventional promotional messages. On the whole, they demonstrate the brand’s position in the athletes’ daily routines which is a great way to build trust and drive sales too! 

KIMP Tip: To create a wholesome experience with events and brand activations, craft meaningful narratives, and incorporate an omnichannel approach similar to what P&G does. This can be in the form of branded merchandise (like the welcome kit featured in the image below) and other branded designs at the event venue. 

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6. LVMH tackles it from different perspectives 

The popular luxury goods company, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, is planning diverse campaigns to celebrate their partnership with the Paris 2024 Olympics. To begin with, they unveiled the dazzling medals trunk featuring the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. 

They introduced a mesmerizing video that highlights the grandeur of both the game and the brand itself and their unique craftsmanship eventually leading to the reveal of the LV trunk that houses the medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.

In addition to their involvement in creating trophies and trunks, they have also announced partnerships with athletes in various sports. And they have been honoring these athletes on their social media channels. 

As can be seen in all these campaigns, LVMH is going beyond traditional sponsorships. They’re seamlessly weaving their brand narrative into the fabric of the Olympics while also celebrating French excellence and the artistry behind athletic achievement.

7. Powerade supports the holistic well-being of athletes 

Powerade, a Coca-Cola-owned sports beverage brand announced a thought-provoking campaign for the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

As can be seen, this campaign tackles the vital but often overlooked aspect of mental well-being for athletes. It crafts a visually immersive story acknowledging the mental pressure alongside physical demands faced by athletes participating in the Olympics. It delves into the human side of these athletes and reiterates the need for them to pause to perform better. 

The video with its engaging visuals is hard to ignore and makes an instant emotional connection with the viewers. This is what it takes to deliver the intended message clearly and impactfully. 

KIMP Tip: This campaign exemplifies the effectiveness of videos when it comes to connecting with the audience at an emotional level. And it also shows how videos can be powerful tools in storytelling because they help you visualize and empathize with the people featured in them. So, now is a good time to start incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. 

8. AirAsia MOVE x Visa: the power of contests 

The idea of leveraging contests in marketing is not new. Brands around the world have been deploying online and offline contests that boost their sales and social media engagement. Evidently, the idea works even for a huge global event like the Olympics. 

Hence, AirAsia MOVE has partnered with Visa for a unique campaign leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympics. The contest brings an opportunity for customers to win a pair of tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympics. All it takes is for customers to make purchases on the AirAsia MOVE app. 

This contest directly ties into the allure of the Olympic Games, offering an exclusive experience for sports fans. 

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