Promoting Your NFT Artwork – 10 Useful Tips You Need

For most digital artists and marketers, not a day goes by without hearing someone talk about NFTs. Brands and creators are causing ripples by introducing novel designs and exploring unique use cases for NFTs. So, if you are a digital artist planning to try your hands at minting an NFT or a brand looking to use NFTs in marketing you should know that you are entering a competitive space. So, you have to make conscious efforts to promote your NFT artwork. To take in front of the right people. And to help the right people understand the value of your NFT. that’s when the demand grows and its value appreciates. 

NFT design by Kimp

Why is promotion so important? There is time, money, and effort involved in creating NFT designs, finding the right marketplace, and minting and selling them. After all these, you will definitely want your design to be appreciated by collectors. That’s when you can make profits out of NFTs. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about promoting an NFT artwork or collection – why you should promote it, how, and where. Let’s get started.  

Why Promotions Are Crucial for Your NFT Artwork? 

  • The NFT market is projected to reach US$80B by the year 2025. So, there is ample opportunity to explore. Therefore, strong promotions can increase the chances of your NFT artwork growing in value. 
  • Many big brands like Nike, Gucci, McDonald’s Pepsi, and others have already joined the race. And now we see celebrities endorsing, buying, and even launching their own NFTs. Lindsay Lohan’s music NFT released in 2021 is a good example. In short, there is a lot of activity. So, if you wish to mint an NFT artwork, you should be ready to face the ever-growing competition. And that gives you one more reason to actively promote your NFT artwork through multiple relevant channels. 
  • While we hear a lot of people talk about NFTs, one in four Americans do not know about NFTs. And this means that there is a huge gap to fill. So, to really make progress with your NFTs, you should aim at building awareness. Strong promotions make this happen. 
  • Your NFT will be just another piece of digital artwork unless you add more meaning to it. Is there a story behind your design, or a historic event that you wish to recreate virtually? Focus on the purpose and give your audience the right perspective for your NFT artwork. That’s one way to make them understand why your NFT is worth considering in a pool of digital designs. Your promotional materials, both the design and copy in them, will tell your audience about the purpose or meaning of your NFT and thus help them appreciate the art a little more. 

10 Secrets To Promoting Your NFT Artwork

1. Know your audience 

People who mint, collect and trade NFTs are from diverse demographics. But unless you have a clear focus group it is difficult to make your NFT work. This is not like a utilitarian product where you are offering some value or solving some problem for the target customers. 

Decisions to buy an NFT or ignore it and go for another one rely on factors like the NFT design, the reputation of the brand or creator behind the NFT, and other factors. Another influential factor here will be the interpretation of the NFT and the value that people attach to it. By understanding your audience well and using your promotional collateral to communicate your message clearly to your audience, you improve the chances of people noticing your NFT and actually buying it too. 

2. Make the most of social media 

Social media has become the go-to place for all types of promotions. Brands big and small use social media to establish their brand identity, connect with customers, and also popularize their products or services. Therefore, any NFT creator will also find social media to be a resourceful platform to boost the promotional activities for the NFT launch. 

Wondering where to start? Create a page for your NFTs so that you can separate the rest of your online portfolio from NFT-related content. This is an optional step as you can also use your regular page to promote your NFTs. But when you do this, you should plan and create a visual difference between the rest of your content and the content related to your NFTs. You can have a set of templates or a separate style guide for promotional creatives for your NFTs. 

Use your social media page to tell your NFT story. What makes it special? How many designs will the collection have? And other relevant information that can intrigue your audience and familiarize them with your NFTs. 

Connect with your audience both before and after the release of your NFT. To fuel the growth of your NFT you should consistently talk about it. That said, we’ll also tell you the type of content you can create before releasing your NFT and after. 

3. Giveaways and online contests 

Informing your audience about your NFT release is not enough. You should make things more interesting for them. Contests and giveaways are great ways to do this. After all, there is a thrill in playing and winning something rather than receiving something without making an effort. 

Giveaways are popular strategies that many brands use in order to promote their NFTs. The rules vary. Some require the participants to follow the page and some ask them to share content. Finally, there is a lucky draw or a random airdrop.  

Kimp Tip: Use these online contests as a way to multiply your online engagement. After all, all the valuable social media content you create will not be of much use if your social media engagement rate is low. You can also add a lead capture landing page and leave the link with your post. This way you can use the contest to grow your email list and gather a more relevant list of interested audiences to target for your future campaigns. 

From creating the post that draws attention to the landing page that gathers information and the emails to keep your audience informed, all types of designs to promote your NFT can be covered in one Kimp subscription

4. Identify and define the purpose of your NFT 

Creators have their own reasons when it comes to launching their NFTs. While NFTs help in putting the creator’s talent in the spotlight, they can also act as a revenue stream. And for brands, NFTs can be a way to expand their reach. NFTs can also be used as a promotional tool for an upcoming product or event. And in some cases, NFTs are also useful to gather funds for the brand’s charitable activities. Which among these objectives can you relate with? Define the purpose of your NFT and your promotions get so much better. 

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5. Create anticipation before the release 

The first and foremost thing is definitely to let people know that you will be releasing an NFT soon. But how you convey this information makes a huge difference. Instead of directly giving information away, create intrigue. 

Use an air of suspense to give your audience a peek into what’s brewing without giving away too much information. This will ensure that you have their attention. And the more you keep talking about this mystery announcement, the more eager they will be to come back to your page and look for further information. And they will also talk about your announcement to their friends. This helps in strengthening your NFT’s popularity even before the launch. 

Kimp Tip: To set the stage for your NFT release a catchy video teaser will be a great idea. This not just draws attention in a crowded social media space but also helps in creating the intended level of thrill so that your customers get as excited about your NFT release as you. 

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6. Exclusivity helps build a fan base 

There are many ways to create exclusivity and one of the popular strategies that many brands and NFT creators use is to create whitelists. These are lists of people who gain early access to the NFT. As a result, users also have a better chance of finding exclusive content and reducing transaction fees in some places. 

By creating a whitelist for your NFT, you are building a community even before the launch. And strong online communities are indispensable in the growth of an NFT. 

Some creators also use a waitlist where users can register their interest on a first-come-first-serve basis. Even Pepsi used this strategy for its first NFT. 

7. Create a sense of urgency once the NFT goes live 

If you have been following the NFT releases by big brands you must have noticed that several of them were sold out hours or even minutes after the launch. This does not happen with all NFTs. The key is to continue promoting your NFT actively even on the day of launch. You can share figures that point out how many tokens have been sold out or how many are remaining. 

Posts that tell customers that there are only a few left create a sense of urgency and boost the rate at which the NFT gets minted. 

8. Let customers know what they are missing out on after the release 

Even after all of your NFTs have been minted, you can still give timely updates to your audience through social media. 

If you had an airdrop or giveaway and the NFTs are available in the secondary market, let your audience know about this. Or if there is going to be another giveaway anytime soon, keep them posted. Or simply talk about the time it took for the whole collection to get sold out. Keep your posts interactive because after all your NFTs have been minted, to help them consistently grow in popularity you should focus on strengthening the community. 

9. Create more value for your audience 

Trading NFTs that appreciate in value brings in profits. That’s something nearly everyone knows. And that’s an advantage every NFT brings. So, what makes your NFT different? Why should people choose your NFT artwork over the others? 

Social media design by Kimp

For example, Dolce & Gabbana announced that users who hold the brand’s NFTs will get a host of benefits in the form of physical and digital products as well as exclusive access to the brand’s events. 

Some brands provide early access to upcoming products and others provide branded merchandise. Additional perks can garner more interest in your NFT artwork. 

10. Make the whole process simpler for your audience 

Part of your promotion should focus on giving your audience all the essential information that they will need to know before they purchase your NFT. 

Remember that there is a mix of people who are adept at collecting and trading NFTs as well as NFT amateurs in your target audience. The key is to simplify the process for them all. In traditional sales, to avoid cart abandonment and make a sale happen, you need to eliminate bottlenecks in the purchase process. Similarly to ensure that most, if not all, of the people who show interest in your NFT purchase it, you should give them all the essential information. 

Social media design by Kimp

You can use your social media page for this. Talk about the release date and time, the marketplaces where users can find your NFT, and other requirements. 

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