KIMP’s Picks 29th May: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Welcome back to another round of Kimp’s Picks from social media. We’re thrilled to have you back as we explore the realms of graphic design, AI, marketing and more. Sifting through countless posts on various social media platforms is a struggle. We get it. That’s why we have curated a list of posts with all the critical updates and share-worthy information from this past week. 

Are you ready? Let’s talk about all the viral gems and hidden treasures.

In the Marketing Realm 

On dealing with copycat competitors 

Dealing with competitors who have a better content strategy than yours is one thing. But dealing with those that copy your ideas is a whole different challenge. The below Tweet from the Entrepreneur magazine and the linked blog talk about this challenge. 

This Tweet is a reminder that even small business owners need to take competitor tracking seriously. Additionally, it proves the fact that the only way to stand out is to come up with a content strategy that’s hard to mimic. And the best way to do that is to create a strong tone of voice for your brand and stick with it. Because ideas can be copied but your brand’s unique voice and its unique personality cannot be coped. 

Talking about competitor analysis, the next Tweet talks about one way to do it. 

Competitor analysis 

Among the many attributes that brands monitor while analyzing their competitors, knowing what these competitors post and how frequently they post is one. The below Tweet from Ahrefs lists two easy ideas to help businesses track a competitor’s frequency of posting. 

Tracking nuances like this one can help you stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, this one step can go a long way in filling content gaps and even finding new ideas to reform your content strategy. 

Identifying bad marketing advice 

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. Hence marketers are always on the lookout for useful insights. But there are times when we are bombarded with bad advice delivered confidently enough to confuse a beginner. The below Instagram post by Semrush is a fun take on such bad marketing advice that many digital marketers can relate to. 

From including Comic Sans in your content to ignoring data and going with your gut, the video covers a lot of common slips that can limit your marketing capabilities. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Building an authoritative content funnel 

Among the many goals that businesses set for their content strategy, building authority is one. From consistently increasing organic traffic to your site to building trust in your brand, there are several benefits of building authority. The below Tweet on creating authoritative content is from the Twitter page of Moz, the tool that makes your SEO approach smarter. 

The Whiteboard episode linked in the post talks about the different categories of content that brands need to focus on and where each category fits in the authoritative content funnel. If you are looking for inspiration to update your content strategy or if you need to identify the gaps in your content marketing strategy, all the insights shared in the post can be valuable. 

To add to this, the next Tweet further breaks it down and gives some insightful ideas on the types of content to focus on. 

Content types trending in 2023 

Sprout Social makes social media management so much simpler. In the below Tweet, Sprout Social shared an infographic that shows the distribution of focus on various types of content like static images, text-based posts, and videos. 

Based on the infographic, static images and short videos (5-15 seconds long) continue to be among the top priorities for brands. That’s a great reminder to rethink your strategy for social media visuals. 

And as you rework your content strategy, be sure to check if the content you create aligns with your brand’s vision. The next Tweet we’re going to discuss talks about this. 

Creating innovative content that resonates with your brand 

Content Marketing Institute is a great source of insights and updates in content marketing. The below post from Content Marketing Institute lists several handy tips on creating innovative content that also resonates with your brand. It lays down the essential steps to coming up with content ideas to attract attention while also staying true to your brand. 

From understanding the cultural alignment of your content to the consideration of executability of the ideas the post delves into a lot of practical considerations to refine your content planning process. 

Content marketing mistakes to avoid 

We’ve been talking about posts that deal with the do’s in content marketing and now it’s time for some don’ts. Ann Handley, Head of Content at MarketingProfs, shared the below Tweet that talks about the common content marketing mistakes that marketers make.

With the don’ts out of the way, let’s talk about some additional content marketing tips for small businesses. The below post breaks it down effectively. 

Content marketing tips for small businesses 

Jeff Sheehan who talks about marketing, social selling, and other topics, shared the below post on his Twitter page. The linked blog simplifies the content marketing process for small business owners. From starting with a clear analysis of the target audience to finding the right timing for your content, the post talks about so many overlooked yet essential details in content marketing. 

In the Design Realm 

Critical graphics in the history of illustrated newspapers 

On its Twitter page, I Love Typography shares a lot of interesting pieces of information on typography and trending fonts. In the below Tweet, I Love Typography shared a post that talks about the most important graphics that deserve a special place in the history of newspaper illustration. 

Tweets like these provide a retrospective on how it all began. Because graphic design and illustration are so much different today than they were in the times of print media. In fact, illustrations from newspaper designs in the past have had a strong influence on various art movements. 

Everything you need to know about Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop 

Firefly being made available on Photoshop is perhaps one of the most discussed topics in the design realm over the past few days. People have been talking about the ease of integrating generative AI into their design process through this upgrade. And among all the features that content creators have loved, Generative Fill is one that deserves a special mention. 

The below Instagram post from Adobe sums up all the questions that people have been asking about Generative Fill. Whether you are using the feature on Firefly directly or on Photoshop, these quick insights can help you utilize the feature to its full potential. 

Why AI logo creators cannot replace human designers 

When people talk about the creative capabilities of AI one thing that pops up is the question of whether AI can replace human graphic designers. The below Tweet from Designers Humor gives a comical response to this answer. 

Designers Humor is a great place for designers to find fun and relatable memes and posts on graphic design. The above Tweet is a funny yet practical reminder that no matter how creative AI gets, a little intervention from human designers is the secret ingredient. The post reminds us that AI tools and technology are here to augment human efforts and not replace them entirely. 

In the AI Realm 

Generative AI to enhance search 

Google Search has been getting better and better. From quickly answering your questions through featured snippets to making it easier to find products you are shopping for, Search is so much different now than it was just a few years ago. 

With AI now reforming every segment, Search is getting even better. In the below Instagram post, Google talks about the ways in which Generative AI is all set to revolutionize Search. 

When the simplest of things like finding information through Google Search can get so convenient, you can’t but help appreciate the perks of technological advancements like AI. 

Viral historic selfies 

Most people have access to the trending AI tools packed with endless capabilities but not all of them put these tools to good use. Take the AI art generators for example. To really appreciate their strengths you need to know how to use them efficiently in your work. 

This is where the internet serves as a great inspiration. We see AI artists sharing their brilliant work generated through AI. And if you have used AI tools, you know well that your results are only as good as the prompts

Why are we talking about all this? Because we found some awe-inspiring AI artwork shared on the internet. And these are proof that knowing how to unleash the potential of AI tools pays off. 

The AI Insight Twitter page is a great place to go if you need some AI inspiration or news about the latest developments in AI. AI Insight shared the below Tweet on its page. The Tweet is an assortment of the most popular AI-generated historic selfies that have been going viral on social media. 

Aiding AI to function as a virtual time machine is a fantastic idea, don’t you think? On another note, these selfies also come as proof of the understanding that AI has about crucial historic moments and historic personalities.  

On deepfake technology 

With the rise of AI-generated photorealistic images, the discussion of deepfake technology becomes vital. The TED talk referenced in the below Tweet discusses this tech in detail. It’s a thought-provoking discussion on the intimidatingly realistic simulations that AI makes possible. 

The post also comes as a quick refresher on the pros and cons of AI and the need for a cautious approach when utilizing AI technology. 

Exploring the different faces of AI in advertising 

While we talk about how AI can do a whole lot of new things, SAP, with its creative OOH campaign showed how AI can change the traditional way of doing things. 

Ad Age, a place to find the best creatives and campaigns from brands around the world, shared the below Tweet highlighting an outdoor campaign by SAP. The highlight of the campaign is the intuitive use of AI to create a dynamic outdoor ad. 

For the campaign, the AI software used in the ad utilized real-time data to generate creatives instantly. But of course, under the supervision of a human illustrator. Campaigns like these show the kind of magic that happens when human talent and AI come together. 

Since we spoke about AI in advertising, here’s another Tweet that might interest you. 

Google Ads AI Essentials 

Even if you do not have the budget or resources to execute a large-scale AI-integrated campaign as SAP did, you can still experience the benefits of AI in advertising through Google Ads. The below Tweet on the Google Ads Twitter page gives a brief on the many ways in which you can use AI to make Google Ads work better for your brand. 

Everything Else 

Tips for more productive meetings 

The management magazine Havard Business Review regularly shares business and marketing insights on its social media pages. The below Instagram post from Havard Business Review and the blog linked to the post talk about some of the overlooked distractions that bring down the productivity of meetings. 

Whether your business follows a remote workplace or a traditional work culture, adopting these little changes can enhance the productivity of meetings and also save your team’s time drastically. 

A brief on Instagram updates 

Social Media Examiner is known for its podcasts, blogs, and informative social media posts on various trending discussions on social media. The below Tweet from Social Media Examiner is a talk show, a quick discussion on all the latest Instagram updates. 

The video gives a quick peek into everything from the new Reels Editing tools to Partnership ads and more. 

Wrapping up for now! 

We know there were quite a lot of other informative posts out there. But these are just a few to ignite your creative spark. We hope you found these posts useful. Stay tuned and come back again for our next weekly roundup! Until then, keep exploring and keep innovating!