KIMP’s Picks 24th May: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

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In the Marketing Realm 

Google Marketing Live 2024 crucial updates 

Google Marketing Live 2024 has been a big buzz in the world of marketing. Google recently shared a post summarizing some of the pivotal updates especially for advertisers to explore. 

These updates mean that you’ll now be able to access more creative controls within Performance Max so that you can create ads that resonate with your brand. And to boost engagement, brands will be able to make the most of 3D spinning ads and allow consumers to try on products virtually. 

Another core change is that Google will reportedly allow Search and Shopping ad placements within AI overviews displayed on the Search page. This is to expand reach and position ads to reach customers even at the awareness stage. 

Tackling customer acquisition in Google Ads 

The popular search news site Search Engine Land recently shared a post discussing a new feature in Google Ads. 

For brands struggling with customer acquisition there is a new Google Ads feature to explore, the new customer acquisition (NCA) feature. The post delves into the brass tacks discussing how Google distinguishes between existing customers and new leads and then about the customer acquisition tracking function. 

Google enhances AI-powered advertising 

The marketing technology news site, MarTech shared the below post discussing some AI updates in Google Ads for advertisers to look out for. 

The updates discussed here are again part of the announcements from Google Marketing Live 2024. From streamlined ad creation thanks to the power of AI to changes coming to Search Ads (as discussed earlier) and image editing features for creatives used in advertising, the post delves into some of the advertising features in the spotlight. 

Campaign inspiration: Liquid Death goes big with a real fighter jet giveaway

Liquid Death, the canned water brand known for its edgy marketing, is putting a real fighter jet up for grabs in a new contest. Talk about going big in advertising! Ad Age, the popular advertising magazine discussed this campaign comparing it with Pepsi’s infamous 1996 “giveaway” of a Harrier jet which was actually intended as a joke. Eventually, a determined participant exploited a loophole and collected enough points to claim the prize. 

The ensuing lawsuit and Pepsi’s refusal to deliver the jet became the subject of the Netflix documentary “Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?” 

However, this time, Liquid Death is offering a real fighter jet. This isn’t just a marketing stunt; it’s a full-fledged contest.  

Liquid Death’s unique and outlandish prize grabs headlines. Moreover, this edgy approach aligns perfectly with their brand image. Hence, this is a unique campaign inspiration for brands besides reiterating the effectiveness of contests to create an omnichannel presence. 

A great trendjacking example 

Trendjacking or newsjacking is all about capitalizing on current trends to get people to notice your brand. Ads of The World, the popular online library of ads and campaigns from around the world, featured the below campaign from Heineken which is a classic example of trendjacking. 

Capitalizing on the popularity of the upcoming movie, Deadpool & Wolverine, Heineken came up with a creative ad featuring the lead characters played by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The ad shows the superheroes finally overcoming their differences over a Heineken Silver. 

In addition to using strong emotional factors, like humor in this case, the ad shows the power of tapping into trends. Because this one is sure to appeal to the fans of Deadpool and Wolverine. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Tips to improve your AI content 

AI has become a must-have in marketing these days. Because even if you aren’t enhancing your marketing performance with AI, your competitors are going to! And content marketing is one of the segments where AI is very commonly used. 

However, quality control can be a big issue with AI content. Therefore, Social Media Examiner, a popular online magazine for social media news, shared the below resourceful discussion on the topic of improving AI content. 

The post particularly delves into the nuances of prompt engineering discussing how better prompts mean better AI content. The post mentions how important it is to clearly specify as many details as required in your prompts – like target audience, desired tone and style, etc. So, if you use AI in content marketing and if you are looking for a way to improve the content generated in these AI tools, then this post is for you. 

Top YouTube keyword tools to explore 

The popular online marketing tool Semrush discussed some of the most useful keyword tools for YouTube content. The post delves into the kneed for keyword research to create better YouTube content and then goes into the list of some of the most useful tools for this. 

From easily accessible tools like Google Trends to popular ones like TubeBuddy, the post includes a pretty extensive list for YouTubers and brands to explore. So, if you are looking to tap into the power of keywords to get better reach and visibility for your YouTube videos, then check out the tools featured. 

In the Design Realm 

Adobe Lightroom gets new updates 

Adobe’s Firefly is undeniably one of the most powerful generative AI design tools out there. And now that Firefly features are available across various Adobe tools, they have become crucial parts of the design flow for designers around the world. In the midst of this, Adobe has announced more updates, some exciting new Firefly features coming to Lightroom. 

In the below post, they discuss two main updates namely: Generative Remove and Lens Blur. Generative Remove, as the name suggests, is a feature that uses AI to remove unwanted objects in a photo. On the other hand, Lens Blur lets you add a soft depth effect similar to that created by a lens blur in a professional camera. 

Both these features come in handy for post-processing your photos and fine-tuning them with a professional touch! 

Spotify is launching a new font! 

Yes, you heard that right – it’s not a new playlist or a feature but a new font that Spotify has announced and it’s called Spotify Mix. Not only is the name a relevant choice but also the purpose for which the font was introduced. 

TechCrunch discussed this new update from Spotify in the below post. Reportedly, the font is introduced as a part of Spotify’s work on creating a more visually immersive experience for users. This is a variable font that the brand plans to use on playlists and even campaigns. 

This move from Spotify proves that brand fonts can add value to your brand, even if you already have a well-established brand identity. The dynamic personality of the bespoke font from Spotify also establishes the need for choosing brand fonts that align with the brand’s personality. So, do you have a brand font for your brand? If not, now is a good time to start working on one! 

Marvel is rebranding for their TV audiences 

There’s so much to keep up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, don’t you agree? Marvel knows this too and apparently does not want its fans to “feel obligated to watch absolutely everything in order to watch anything”. Therefore, to separate their TV content from the rest and to define that there are different streams for fans to follow, the brand is coming up with a subtle rebranding effort.

The Variety magazine discussed this upcoming change in the below post. Reportedly, there will be the Marvel Television and Marvel Animation brands to differentiate between the streams. 

This shows how listening to your audience pays off. And it also shows how clarity in branding can help cater to the diverse requirements of diverse audience segments. 

In the AI Realm 

Microsoft announces Copilot+ PCs 

Microsoft recently announced Copilot+ PCs – a new generation of Windows machines designed with powerful AI capabilities. These PCs boast next-generation processors and software, promising to revolutionize how users interact with their computers.

To achieve this, Microsoft will be including Neural Processing Units (NPUs) besides traditional CPUs and GPUs. This combination will reportedly deliver faster and more efficient processing especially when handling AI tasks. In addition to AI tasks like image generation and editing being built into the machines, they are also said to be more secure. 

Leading manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung are all launching these Copilot+ PC models.

OpenAI has announced a partnership with News Corp 

News Corp and OpenAI have joined forces in a multi-year global partnership. This partnership is to enhance the role played by AI in the world of journalism. Through this partnership, they aim to provide users with more reliable reliable information thus helping them make informed choices. 

As a part of this deal, OpenAI’s tools will now have access to diverse news publications of News Corp including the New York Post, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and others. With all this, OpenAI’s tools will have better journalism standards. 

You can now interact with charts in ChatGPT 

ChatGPT recently announced a major upgrade to data analysis on the platform. If you use charts on ChatGPT, you’ll now be able to interact with them. To begin with, you can now import files directly from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, eliminating the need for manual downloads.

Additionally, you’ll now be able to access expandable tables, ask follow-up questions directly within the chart to customize the colors for presentations. And finally, you can then create bar charts thus making ChatGPT more efficient for data exploration and analysis. 

OpenAI to soon display Reddit content 

OpenAI recently shared the below post announcing their partnership with Reddit. As a part of this partnership, they will soon display Reddit content within responses in ChatGPT. This way, users will be able to access content and engage with communities on Reddit. 

Moreover, this is to be a two-way partnership allowing Reddit to incorporate some AI-powered features into their platform. And finally, OpenAI will also be a Reddit advertising partner. 

The core objective here is to ensure that ChatGPT displays more current information based on authentic and relevant discussions on Reddit. 

Midjourney introduces private Creation Rooms

Midjourney has been refining their offerings quite a lot recently including the announcement of the web version of their tool for users who have created more than 100 images. Additionally, the next update is the introduction of private Creation Rooms. 

These are meant to be spaces for Midjourney users to collaborate, but with a select few users, like those in their creative team. Therefore, you can still have a collaborative creative process but in a more private space rather than the public rooms where other designers have access to your work. 

The video streaming experience on Microsoft Edge is getting better

According to Verge, the popular technology news source, Microsoft Edge will be able to instantly translate and dub YouTube videos.

Translation of text from other languages will also be available for other websites like LinkedIn and Bloomberg.

This AI-powered translation will initially be available in a select few languages expanding to more soon. The idea is to deploy AI to improve accessibility in video viewing.

Grok might soon support multi-modal input

According to the popular X page dedicated to X-related updates, Grok might soon be supporting inputs in various formats. 

ChatGPT and Gemini are the other leading AI chatbots and they currently support prompts in various formats like text and images. To keep up with the competition, Grok will also let you include images in your prompts!

Given the rave reviews that Grok currently has, these multi-modal capabilities will surely position the platform among the most popular contenders in the space. 

Creating AI agents made simpler with Copilot Studio 

Microsoft shared the below announcement with respect to Copilot Studio. Reportedly, the upgrades introduced will enhance AI workflows in organizations and make it easier to develop AI agents. 

The updates mean that Copilot can be positioned as a virtual agent as a part of the automation of the workflow. Microsoft cited several example case scenarios like Copilot immediately taking certain actions based on a trigger like the receipt of an email. And how businesses can program such automation to use Copilot effectively as an agent that improves their productivity. 

Therefore, this means that Copilot can now be a valuable resource in workflows like employee onboarding. IT help desk within organizations and can even act as a personal concierge for sales and service. 

The Trucaller x Microsoft partnership brings customizable voice assistants 

Truecaller is taking their AI Assistant to the next level with the integration of Microsoft’s Personal Voice technology. This partnership allows users to personalize their AI Assistant by giving it their own voice.

The tech news website Gadgets360 shared the below post highlighting the details of this partnership. 

Reportedly, there has only been a limited rollout of this feature with the option currently available to Truecaller Premium users in a select few countries (US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Chile).

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

YouTube announces branded QR codes 

The annual YouTube Brandcast, targeting advertisers, revealed several exciting new features for advertisers and brands on YouTube. And one of them was recently featured on the YouTube Advertisers page: branded QR codes.

Considering the fact that multi-channel advertising experiences are the way forward, YouTube’s integration of branded QR codes is good news for advertisers. So, no more boring QR codes – advertisers can create visually engaging branded QR codes to allow users to scan the code instantly and interact with brands right away. 

TikTok launches the Change Makers Program

In the below post, TikTok announced their Change Makers program. Reportedly, this is a new initiative to support creators who use the platform for positive change. 

To get the ball rolling, TikTok is also introducing its initial list of 50 Change Makers, comprising purpose-driven creators from various regions. Through the Change Makers program, TikTok is also donating over $1 million to over 30 non-profit organizations championed by the Change Makers. 

On the whole, this move from TikTok is to help foster a positive online community and empower its creators to address important social issues. 

TikTok is revolutionizing AI-powered ad creation

There’s yet another update from TikTok. While the previous one was for creators, this one is particularly for advertisers and brands on the platform. 

They announced the launch of TikTok Symphony a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools designed to simplify and enhance ad creation for brands. Reportedly, the Symphony Creative Studio comes with a video generator that empowers advertisers to use simple prompts to create content for their ads. 

There is a host of other features integrated into this ad creation suite to allow brands of all sizes to create high-quality, engaging ads specifically tailored for the TikTok platform. 

WhatsApp will let you “undo delete” within messages 

With the changes rolled out within the past few weeks, WhatsApp looks so much different today than it did just a few days ago. And now there’s one more update to check out – a small one though! 

WhatsApp groups are crucial components in social communication as well as business communication in various scenarios. And one of the handy features within groups is the “Delete for everyone” option that lets you remove any message that was accidentally sent. 

On the other hand, the “Delete for me” option lets you delete any message within the conversation just for you. To complement these, they have now announced the “Undo Delete” option. So, if you meant to delete a message for everyone but deleted it only for you, this undo option lets you go back and delete the same for everyone within a 5-minute window. 

LinkedIn introduces AI content labels 

LinkedIn is stepping up to combat the spread of misleading content by adding labels to AI-generated images shared on its platform. Given that media formats like images and videos are becoming crucial for engagement and since there has been a surge in the AI content circulating on social media, LinkedIn will reportedly automatically flag and label them. This way people will know to distinguish between genuine images and videos and deepfakes. 

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