KIMP’s Picks 19th June: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Ready to start your week with a dose of inspiration from the social media realm? We have rounded up some of the must-see social media posts from this past week. This is a mixed bag of ideas from various industries including marketing, AI, and graphic design. Trending content to the underrated posts that deserve your attention, we have them all! 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the KIMP’s Picks 19th June Edition. 

In the Marketing Realm 

McDonald’s Father’s Day Ad 

Topical marketing is something you just cannot ignore irrespective of the industry your business belongs to and its size. Because on special occasions, you get to evoke better a emotional response from your audience. Why are we talking about topical marketing now? Because it was Father’s Day recently and social media was filled with wishes and campaigns from brands for the occasion. 

If you are looking for campaign design inspiration for such topical marketing strategies, then the Marketing Campaigns LinkedIn page is a great place to check out. Marketing Campaigns shared the below ad by McDonald’s on the occasion of Father’s Day. 

A lot of people liked the creative ad from McDonald’s because of its simple design and the subtle hint of humor in it. After all, during times when social media is flooded with serious Father’s Day posts, light-hearted ones like this do grab attention. 

Nikon’s Ad is the perfect answer for AI-generated art 

Talking about creative ad designs, there is yet another ad that a lot of people have been talking about on social media. Kris Kashtanova, an AI educator based in New York also spoke about this creative ad from Nikon in the below Tweet. 

At first, the surreal images look like AI-generated artwork since that is what we see a lot on social media these days. The Midjourney prompt style copy in the image further complements the theme. And finally, the text at the bottom conveys the actual message in the ad, about not giving up on the real world. The idea is to keep exploring the beauty around us even as we go chasing photo-realistic images generated through AI. 

The perfect answer to highlight the fact that no AI art beats the beauty in the natural world, don’t you think? 

A/B testing for Meta ads 

From all these ad examples we see that brands incorporate a variety of different ad formats for their campaigns. But which one do you think will really work for your brand? You cannot rely on guesswork here. You need actual results, right? That’s why you need ad strategy monitoring ideals like A/B testing. This is exactly what the below Instagram post on the Meta for Business page talks about. 

In addition to experimenting with and identifying the right ad formats for your brand, you also need to know the right platforms to advertise your brand. And that’s what the next post covers. 

Finding the right marketing channels 

Rand Fishkin, co-founder & CEO of SparkToro, regularly shares quick bites of information on various aspects of marketing. In the below video he shared last week on LinkedIn, he spoke about marketing in the right places. 

The video gives some quick insights useful for any brand or marketer running digital ads or even looking to strengthen their social media presence. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Was that content from an AI writer or a human writer? 

That’s perhaps the one question that’s haunting several marketers and companies working with content writers these days. Since there has been a steady inflow of AI writers in the market and since several of them do an exceptional job in mimicking natural language, it is tough to tell apart the content written by a human writer and that written by an AI writer. 

Why should you be worried about this? Because AI-generated content might be great to read but is not always accurate. We keep hearing about all the factual errors that generative AI tools like ChatGPT are known to make occasionally. To tackle this and to distinguish between original content and content generated by an AI writer, Semrush now has a new tool. 

The below Instagram post gives a peek into what the tool does and how it can be of help in your content marketing workflow. 

Content formats with the best ROI 

When it comes to creating content to promote a brand, there’s always a question- what kind of content formats to focus on? Because one year images are sought after and another year videos are what people are talking about. Are blogs really important amidst all this? 

The below LinkedIn post by HubSpot answers all these questions. The infographic shared here summarizes the findings from the 2023 State of Marketing Report regarding the most effective content formats for a business. 

In the Design Realm

Generative Recolor on Adobe Illustrator 

The AI-powered features that have recently been introduced in Adobe tools have changed the graphic design process drastically. And one such new addition which designers might love is the Generative Recolor feature on Adobe Illustrator. The below Instagram post from Adobe gives a glimpse of what the feature looks like and how designers can benefit from it. Have you tried it already? 

Icons – the past, present and future 

From UI/UX design to marketing designs like digital ad images, icons are used in a lot of places. They make it easier to find apps and interact with devices. While the nuances of the design might be different, you might find a lot of similarities in several commonly used icons.

But have you wondered how icon design has evolved over the past few years? Going from 2D icons to 3D designs and then back to flat design, trends keep changing. The online magazine Communication Arts is a great source of design inspiration. The below Tweet from Communication Arts and the linked blog post take a deep dive into the evolution of icon design. 

In the AI Realm 

Programmers using AI tools

Aakash Gupta who regularly Tweets about AI and tech shared the below Tweet highlighting the growth in the number of coders who use AI in coding. While the creative side of AI and AI-generated art continue to be popular topics of discussion on social media, there are several such features of AI being utilized in the background as well. The graph shared in the Tweet shows that about 92% of programmers have started utilizing AI in their coding workflow. 

Talking about using AI to code, OpenAI’s API now has a few upgrades to enhance its coding abilities. The next post is about this new update. 

Function calling in GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo

Since people have been talking about the superior coding capabilities of Bard, OpenAI has been meticulously working on several upgrades to its generative AI tools. As a part of this, function calling and a host of other API updates were made available in GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo. The article featured in the below Tweet from OpenAI talks about all these updates in detail. 

Meta MusicGen 

Tools like ChatGPT have established that AI can mimic creativity. To add to this, Meta has introduced its AI-powered music generator titled MusicGen. The Rundown is one of the most popular online resources for anyone looking to stay updated with all the AI tech news. In the below Tweet, The Rundown talks about MusicGen from Meta. 

Generating music from text is indeed a giant leap forward for generative AI and this has been possible through a training dataset comprising over 20,000 hours of music. 

Meta Voicebox 

In addition to MusicGen, Meta also introduced Voicebox just a couple of days ago. As the name indicates, this one is a text-to-voice generative AI system currently packed with the capability to generate voice in 6 languages. The notable trait here is that this model allows the introduction of a reference clip in order to improve the accuracy of the generated speech and to make it sound more natural. 

Meta announced the same in the below Tweet. 

ChatGPT in Mercedes Benz vehicles 

When it comes to utilizing generative AI, most of the recent applications are only scratching the surface. As a step toward incorporating a deeper integration of AI capabilities, MBUX-equipped Mercedes-Benz vehicles are to have ChatGPT integrated into the system. Combined with Mercedes Benz’s intuitive voice assistant ChatGPT’s natural language capabilities will change voice control on cars. 

The below LinkedIn post from Magnus Östberg, Chief Software Officer at Mercedes-Benz AG, talks about the how and why of bringing ChatGPT to Mercedes Benz vehicles. 

Everything Else 

Instagram Broadcast Channels 

Instagram Broadcast Channels were made available to select creators a few days ago. With the feature being received warmly and creators making good use of them, Instagram has now made Broadcast Channels available to creators around the world. 

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram shared the below Reel announcing the availability of this feature and some quick insights on how to use it. 

Broadcast Channels are great for creators to effectively engage their audience and keep them updated with exclusive announcements etc. If you have been part of the Meta Channel created by Mark Zuckerberg you will know how participants in the channel receive instant Meta-related updates before the rest of the world. Similarly, creators can make use of Broadcast Channels to create an exclusive community for their audience. 

Twitter Payments coming soon 

Elon Musk has been bringing a lot of changes to Twitter some that users love and some that they don’t like so much. But change has been the only constant on Twitter these past few months. 

The below Tweet on the Twitter Daily News page announces the possibility of Twitter Payments coming soon. 

That’s not all. There are a host of other features being discussed, like Twitter Recruiting for example. The next post we’re going to talk about discusses this new feature that is coming to threaten LinkedIn. 

Twitter Recruiting 

You might already have noticed that Twitter has evolved in a lot of ways. One of them is that the channel is now being used actively by content creators to share their knowledge and expertise in their areas. Several creators post informative threads and thought-provoking posts on Twitter. 

A platform where content creators showcase their knowledge is, without a doubt, a great place for recruiters to find the right talent. Or that’s what Twitter thinks. That’s why there are talks about Twitter Recruiting coming soon to the platform. 

Social Media Today, a great place for social media updates and insights spoke about the Recruiting feature in its below Tweet. 

Wrapping up 

With that, we are wrapping up this week’s roundup of our favorite social media posts from this past week. We hope that the KIMP Picks 19th June Edition gave you a wealth of insights to fuel your creativity throughout the week ahead. 

In a rapidly evolving world, it is crucial for your business to keep up with the progress. Staying updated is the key to moving forward. If that feels overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ll be back again next week to give you a quick peek into what marketers, content creators, and brands around the world talk about in the days to come. Until then, keep yourself open to new discoveries and opportunities.