Why Graphic Design Subscriptions Are Great for Your Business

Graphic design is a topic that brands discuss on a daily basis. You need designs to introduce your idea to your target customers. For your promotions to gain traction. And also for your customer relationships to get better. 

In short, there is a constant need for graphic design for a brand to survive and thrive in any industry. 

That’s why in 2022, the value of the global graphics design market is a whopping $43.4bn. And this figure has been steadily on the rise in the past few years. 

Besides standard business content like signage, even promotional content like flyers, print, and digital ads will all be better with stunning visuals. This applies both to B2B and B2C businesses. When visuals in your web presence and marketing elements have such a strong role to play, you must have access to the best designs to suit your brand. 

That brings us to a crucial question.  Where do these graphics come from? And while answering that, you might hear a lot of brands talk in favor of graphic design subscriptions. In this blog, we’ll talk all about the merits of this approach.

Where Do Your Graphics Come From?

The types of graphics that a brand needs can be of different kinds. First off there are the basics used to build a brand identity like logo design. And then there are business cards that the brand uses to strengthen its networking activities. Outdoor ads and print ads to target local audiences. Digital ads to expand the reach. And finally, social media posts to stay in touch with the target customers, 

In short, there are several kinds of graphics that a brand needs to think about. Both for regular customer interactions and promotions. So, where do these graphics come from? 

The most common idea is perhaps to hire an in-house graphic designer to handle your design requirements. But then do you have the time or budget to accommodate an additional resource and the essential design tools as well? 

The other option usually is to choose a graphic design company or hire a freelance designer. Both these are convenient choices but are they suitable for long-term design requirements? Not always! There are complex design contracts, a lack of support for design revisions beyond a limit, and other limitations. That’s where a graphics subscription service comes into the picture. 

A graphic design subscription service is where instead of paying per project you pay on a monthly basis. And in return, you can have all your design requirements fulfilled in one place. In a competitive market, your design needs are constantly expanding and evolving. Therefore, you might find unlimited graphic design services to be dependable investments for your business. 

8 Compelling Reasons to Choose Graphic Design Subscriptions For Your Business

Fluctuating expenses, contracts that do not allow multiple design revisions, there could be many challenges while working with an external graphic design team. But graphic design subscriptions help overcome all these pain points in outsourcing graphic designs. 

Following are some of the benefits that any business can get from choosing an unlimited graphic design service. 

1. Predictable expenses make budgeting simpler

There is an inherent convenience in subscription services of all kinds and design subscriptions are no exceptions. You know your exact monthly expenses on graphic design unless you consciously make a change in the subscription plan. 

Graphic design is a vast domain and there is no commonly accepted standard when it comes to pricing. You might end up paying hundreds of dollars as hourly rates. When you go back for future design requirements, the prices might have changed. 

The design strategies that worked for other businesses might not always be the right fit for your business. As a result, you have to face surprise design bills. When you are struggling to streamline your business budget, a last-minute expenditure is the last thing you want. 

With graphic design subscriptions, the price depends only on the plan you choose. Some plans offer images alone and others offer only videos. Some can tackle both image and video requirements together. So, you choose your bill value and this will remain the same for as long as you want. Also, there are no hidden fees or additional charges to worry about. 

2. No contracts to worry about

Most design services come with stringent contracts. So you might not be able to go back and revise the designs beyond a particular time frame or beyond a certain number of revisions. The contract would also specify whether you have access to the source files. 

Choosing a subscription service often means that you do not have to worry about contracts. There will be a dedicated team to back you up and help customize the design for you or tweak it to your liking. By receiving source files you will be able to tackle all future changes at your end and you can be sure that you have absolute ownership of your designs. 

You can also continue for however long you like and then conveniently end your subscription when required. You will not have to worry about failing to read the fine print of the contract and thus not getting the design you had in mind. 

3. Designs that are as unique as your business 
Designed by Kimp

There are several places where you can find free images for your blogs or even simple videos to reuse in your content marketing plan. But your brand’s personal touch might be missing there. Customers are least likely to trust a website that uses a standard demo video for generic social media posts. 

Instead, if the business’ images and videos all have their unique flavor, customers would be keen on exploring their services. It is this kind of personalization in design that subscription-based services can offer and that too on a regular basis. 

Your dedicated team will gather all the finer details about your business, your requirements, and the current market trends. This will help them impart your brand’s personal flavor in every design they deliver. 

Would you want your audience to remember you as a copied version of another brand or would you want to carve a niche for your business? 

Designs that impress the viewers, ones that are meticulously personalized to suit your brand’s ideals would be the ones worth spending on. And this is exactly what you get when you work with graphic design subscriptions.

Kimp tip: You should have a strong graphic design strategy in place. And this plan should ensure that you constantly have fresh designs to place on your blogs, ads, and social media channels. 

Want to hear about an easy way to get original designs for your brand? Try a Kimp Graphics subscription. 

4. Designs that look and feel like your brand, consistently  
Designed by Kimp

Personalized designs are not enough if each of your images or videos looks and feels different. Remember that, when customers view a website or social media page, the image they form of your brand depends on the graphics you use in the form of pictures and videos. 

Your designs should not be sending out confusing signals to your audience. Consistency is key in marketing, for brand awareness and recall in particular. So, each one of your designs should resonate with your brand. 

And not to forget, branding is an ongoing process. Once you have created a brand image with personalized visual and graphics content for your brand, it is important to maintain this identity. 

Visual consistency would create familiarity which is very important for customer retention. When your designs across different digital channels have a particular personality of their own, your customers would be able to identify them even in the overflowing content space. 

Another critical factor here is that when your designs look familiar, customers would be able to relate to the previous content. This results in longer retention times for your content and therefore better conversions too. When you choose design subscription services you get a dedicated team to handle the diverse design expectations of your business. 

As the team continues to work with your brand, they have insights into the theme and personality of the designs created previously. This might be a hard thing to achieve when you are working with different designers for different marketing designs. 

5. A chance to work with the best graphic designers 

With design subscription services you know that there is a dedicated team working on your project. This will be very much like having an in-house team but without the hassle of purchasing and licensing relevant graphic design software. As these are designers constantly working on the best logos, blog images, and more, they are retentive of the design rules and are adaptive when it comes to cues from market trends. 

Based on a study of “The Effect of Aesthetics on Web Credibility”, websites with a sense of “unity” in their design are better received by their customers. For the visual elements on the web, there are several traits like contrast and harmony that influence the perception. The colors you choose, the fonts, the layout – every little detail is crucial. 

So. how do you gain access to designs that are in line with design principles? With subscription services, you know that the best talents in the market are there to constantly support your design requirements. These are designers who have specialized in design principles and are therefore adept at creating designs that communicate your ideas in an engaging manner.  

6. Last-minute ideas? No problem! 

Resilience is an important trait of a successful marketing strategy. If you wish for your business to survive the competition and grow in a volatile market, you should have an adaptable marketing plan. This means that the design plans you had in mind at the beginning of the month might change by the end of the month. 

For such ever-changing needs, it might be difficult to find designers who can quickly take up new requests. The price of several design services depends on deadlines. Most of them come with additional charges for last-minute requests. 

But with subscription services, you know that you have access to graphic designs throughout the month. The design team handling your project will be able to help you keep up with the changes in your marketing plan. 

Design subscription services eliminate the need for hunting for new design services or designers for each project. You know exactly where to go when you have a new design idea you wish to experiment with. 

Perhaps today you only start with strong blog images and tomorrow you have plans to go with an extensive makeover for your social media platforms. Anything is possible when you have the right unlimited design service to back you up. 

7. A design strategy that grows with your business 

Business owners handling multiple organizations or marketers managing the marketing activities of more than one brand might find it difficult to compare and pick a suitable plan for each of these projects. But with a graphic design subscription service, you can easily bring all your design projects to one place. 

If you have multiple brands you can simply choose multiple subscriptions. With a collaborative team to back you up, you can always interact for improvements in the process. Or for periodic monitoring of the progress. And thus you can be sure that your requirements and the design team’s understandings are aligned. 

When you choose Kimp for your graphic design requirements, you can add as many subscriptions as you like. And this means that you can scale as you please. If your business grows or your requirements increase steadily, your designs can grow with you. 

8. There is no pressure of keeping up with design trends 

Slow responses to evolving design trends might make it difficult to survive in a competitive realm. 

A strong hero image, quirky typography, eclectic colors, minimalism – there is always something new to explore in the design realm. Besides, if your social media channel is agile and adaptive to new design trends you would be a huge hit with your audience. 

But how do you know what is trending? How would you know what kind of colors make your website stand out to your business clients and customers? That’s where you start experiencing the merits of a graphic design subscription. 

Teams that deliver unlimited graphic design services stay updated with the design trends. And they also know which of these trends are useful in enhancing your visual marketing. 

They would be able to create a melange of new graphics for your business while also retaining consistency with respect to your brand image. 

Redefine Your Marketing Strategies With Kimp’s Unlimited Graphic Design Subscriptions

A good graphic design subscription service might turn out to be that one little magic ingredient your business needs for a robust marketing strategy. Better returns on your marketing investments, better brand image and the best customer experience all begin with great designs. So, tap into the potential of influencing visual modalities for your marketing strategies today and open up your business to new possibilities. 

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