Kimp Brings Subscription Model to Graphic Design

The subscription model has transformed many businesses.

Kimp has applied it to graphic design. Clients get unlimited designs and revisions – from logos, to social media images, to marketing collateral – for a monthly flat fee. The service lets clients focus more on business development and less on managing the design process.

We recently had the opportunity to be featured on Startup Here Toronto! Check out the profile written by Stuart Foxman below 🙂

The subscription model – unlimited access for a monthly flat fee – has transformed many businesses. Now, Senthu Velnayagam is hoping to do the same for graphic design.

He’s the co-founder of Markham-based Kimp ( For $389 a month, the company fulfills as many design requests, with as many revisions, as a client wants.

Each client is assigned a project manager and three designers, who specialize in different areas.

They can work on logo designs, blog images, packaging and labels, flyers and brochures, posters, social media images, business cards, infographics, trade show banners, and more.

With Kimp, there are no contracts, no hourly billing and no additional fees for source files. Clients just pay the monthly rate.

Kimp serves clients of all types and sizes, but Velnayagam says the service is ideal for start-ups and SMEs. They might have recurring work, but don’t want to worry about the time and hassle of sourcing designers and managing the process. And they don’t want to face unpredictable costs.

“You focus on your business development, and we take care of the design,” says Velnayagam.

Kimp keeps things simple by breaking down design requests into repeatable steps, assigning a dedicated team and providing quick turnarounds (often within a day). Client requests are made online, and completed in the order submitted. As design teams work more and more with a given client, and get to know their brand and vision, the review and revision process gets even faster.

The company has design teams in locations around the world (six time zones), and clients can choose which team provides them with the best coverage. To provide consistent quality, Kimp does not outsource or work with freelancers…read more.