Kimp’s Co-Founder Senthu On Driving Innovation and Growth

Founded in 2019 in Markham, Ontario, Kimp allows businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs to make unlimited graphic design or video design requests (or both!) and get extensive revisions.

The experienced designers at Kimp produce high-quality designs, with speedy turnarounds, for flat monthly fees. They give clients unlimited revisions for every design they request. Their goal is to help their clients design better and scale faster with a flexible, affordable graphic design service.

As a remote service, Kimp supports clients around the world. Kimp helps their clients with the following:

  • Getting new business ideas off the ground
  • Scaling marketing campaigns and agencies
  • Reaching wider audiences with impactful communications

The Kimp Team

The crew behind Kimp first started delivering graphic design services in 2003. Over the years, they specialized in different areas and served clients from many different niches. But they realized that through subscription-based graphic design, they could be making a more significant impact.

Businesses ranging from startups to SMBs to marketing agencies encounter common challenges when it comes to graphic design. They often don’t have the capacity to continuously find and onboard designers. In some cases, budget constraints are also an issue. And of course, this isn’t just limited to businesses. Nonprofit organizations also face these obstacles.

So, Kimp’s founders launched their take on subscription-based-design in early 2019, offering professional graphic design for a flat monthly fee. 

In addition to supporting their clients, Kimp’s founders are equally passionate about generating employment opportunities for designers and aspiring designers. They believe that design has the power to transform lives and want to keep paying that forward. GoodFirms recently had the chance to connect with one of Kimp’s co-founders and CEO, Senthu.

Driving innovation and growth

As a CEO, Senthu’s focus is on driving innovation and growth for the company. He’s always on the lookout for how the firm can optimize and streamline its processes to build an increasingly better user experience.

As we started discussing the service, Senthu mentioned that a common denominator for Kimp’s clients. They tend to have recurring graphic design needs. But they are limited when it comes to the time or budget to recruit and hire designers. To meet these needs,  Kimp focuses on making professional design services more accessible.  

Talking about the company’s business model, Senthu mentioned that Kimp has an entirely in-house team. Prior to the pandemic this meant working out of various office spaces together. And nowadays it means working full-time, across time zones to collaborate and support clients remotely.  

When asked why they went in the direction of full-time team members, Senthu spoke to the power of continuity. With full-time team members onboard, there’s a higher chance of building rapport within the team. And of getting to know clients’ needs and preferences across a wide range of projects.

Meeting client demand

Coming to the most in-demand services, Senthu shared that this can vary widely. With clients from around the world, representing a wide range of industries and niches, their requests can also be quite diverse. That said, on an ongoing basis, clients are typically looking for creatives for their marketing campaigns. Or in the case of agencies, to scale up their capacity for their clients. 

And in the case of clients who just need a subscription for a short period of time for a special project, it’s typically for one of the following:

  • Developing brand assets
  • Custom illustrations
  • Branded videos (product and service demos, social media videos and ads, etc.).

Whatever the request, it’s the ability to get multiple projects completed for a flat monthly fee that wins over most of Kimp’s clients. Whether they are looking for a single engaging video or an entire set of campaign creatives. That’s why Kimp has earned its place on our list of Markham’s top design companies that ensure exceptional business results.

Just check out the review below for a sense of the quality of design services you can expect from Kimp.

Offering flexible design services

To keep their design subscriptions simple and accessible, Senthu spoke to making the decision to avoid multiple tiers and expensive add-ons. Instead, Kimp has bundled all their offerings into three simple design solutions: Kimp Graphics, Kimp Video, and Kimp Graphics + Video.

This way Kimp clients get much more for less. And the versatility to be able to get a wider range of designs to be completed. So with Kimp Graphics, for example, you can get custom illustrations and landing page designs. Whereas these services are often expensive add-ons from other service providers.

With all this streamlining, and making design so easy to access, we had to know – to what extent does Kimp get recurring business from their clients? The answers involved a few different factors. One, the scale at which clients are marketing. And two, the frequency at which they decide to incorporate design into their operations. 

Senthu explained further with the example of a business that runs seasonal marketing campaigns. They may only need a subscription during set periods during the year. And even then, they may elect to repurpose one kit of creatives. 

Meanwhile, a business that relies on design in every aspect of its operations may be a recurring customer for months on end, if not longer. All this said, approximately 1/3 of Kimp customers are repetitive at any given time. With the remainder consisting of new clients or clients who sign on during busy cycles throughout the year.

As we wound down the interview, we asked Senthu if there are particular segments that Kimp just doesn’t work for.  While Kimp serves a wide range of clients across many different industries, no business is meant to be for everyone.

Senthu mentioned that in particular those who need quicker service (i.e. rush service with little notice), one-off projects, and require their designers to be available seven days a week, don’t find Kimp to be the right fit for their needs.

And finally, we had to know – where is Kimp heading in the next few years?

“Right now we’re on track to continue to expand to different markets. And part of that is earning more market share, and the opportunity to serve new clients and support them with their business goals through design.

The other part is what we see ourselves doing more of in the next 10 years. That is, creating more opportunities for aspiring designers. I know that getting exposure to digital marketing early on and learning how to design were game-changers for me. And creating opportunities for aspiring designers to be trained, and to work as designers, in regions that lack them, is definitely a goal for Kimp. The design has played a transformative role in my life, my team’s life, and in our client’s lives. We want to keep paying that forward.

In the longer run, we also want to continue to innovate and create design solutions that are increasingly intuitive and easy for our clients to navigate. We see an increasing need for this, as companies around the world have shifted to working remotely during the pandemic. There is only going to be an increasing need for tools and software that are agile enough to support them going forward. And we’re very much so invested in meeting that need.”

To read more of Senthu’s insights on Kimp, head over to GoodFirms for the detailed interview.

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