Galentine’s Day: The Secret To Creating Bold & Beautiful Campaigns

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and brands are busy strategizing their campaigns. But there is one other day to add to your social media calendar: Galentine’s Day. This unique trend has proven to be a social media sensation, offering a distinctive and engaging twist. 

Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrating female friendships. It gives women a chance to honor their lady friends who stand by them through the ups and downs in their lives. 

What was introduced as a casual idea in a sitcom (more on this a little later), has now grown to become a trend popular among the female audience around the world. So much so that the #galentinesday hashtag has more than 1.3 million posts on Instagram alone. And we know well that social media trends make a wonderful idea for brand campaigns. Because by talking about what your customers are talking about, you have their attention. 

However, a significant question arises: what types of campaigns can you plan, and what designs are effective for your Galentine’s Day campaigns? In this blog, we’ll delve into these details, exploring various Galentine’s Day campaign examples too.

The Galentine’s Day Story 

Well, by now aren’t you curious about how this trend started? And how a pseudo-holiday has fallen on the radar of big brands looking to engage their audience? Let’s look at the interesting backstory!

The fictional character Leslie Knope featured in the sitcom Parks and Recreation talks about Galentine’s Day in one of the episodes. She calls it a day for “ladies celebrating ladies”. In the show, the day is about lady friends meeting for breakfast and celebrating the beautiful bond they share. 

The trend slowly caught up and grew beyond the world of Parks and Recreation. Today women around the world talk about Galentine’s Day on social media. They use it as an opportunity to spend time with their lady friends and pamper them with gifts or even throw a party. 

A study on “Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology” revealed that when it comes to having a best friend, about 98% of women report that they do while only 85% of men are on the same page. It shows how a majority of women value female friendships in their lives. Consequently, when the sitcom introduced a fictional day dedicated to celebrating these bonds, it naturally turned out to be a big hit. 

However, in the spirit of growing inclusivity, Galentine’s Day transcends the confines of female friendships and extends beyond genders. Some even celebrate Palentine’s Day on February 13 to embrace the spirit of platonic love. So, if you haven’t already planned a campaign or a social media post for this occasion, now is a good time to start. 

What Kinds of Businesses Can Capitalize on the Galentine’s Day Trend?

To answer the question we’ll talk about what women around the world like to do on Galentine’s Day. 

Some women like to go full Leslie Knope-style when it comes to celebrating Galentine’s Day. They meet for breakfast or brunch and hang out with their lady friends. There might be an outing that involves spa visits and various pampering routines. Some women invite their friends over for dinner or a fun party merely for their “girl gang”. 

Of course, gifting holds a special place in celebrations like these. And this means there is a surge in shopping. Women shop for party outfits for a girl’s night out, skincare and makeup for themselves and for their friends, or any gifts that can help express their love to their platonic better half.

Do you see your brand, your products or services fit into any of these? Then you are in luck – you can easily capitalize on this occasion. Perhaps a limited-time Galentine’s Day sale. One extra day of discounts just before Valentine’s Day is going to give your customers one extra reason to shop. A win-win, don’t you think? 

Nevertheless, if you think that your business offerings do not feel relevant to Galentine’s Day, you can still take the time out to wish the women in your audience. A simple GIF, a meme, or a customized social media image is all it takes. By doing this, you get to spark meaningful conversations with your audience. Not to forget, the chance to use topical hashtags and gain visibility for your brand in the process! 

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7 Galentine’s Day Campaigns That Caught Our Attention 

1. Who doesn’t like a gift guide? 

Around the holiday season, there is one type of post that will never let you down – a gift guide. People are curious to find out what others are buying, what gifts are trending that year. So, providing them with those answers simplifies their shopping experience. 

Data shows that about 47% of shoppers are on the lookout for holiday gift ideas. Some browse physical stores for ideas whereas others look for them online. So, if your brand presents these ideas through thoughtfully curated gift guides, it can prove highly beneficial.

A holiday gift guide can come in the form of an email with direct links to the recommended products, a shoppable social media post or YouTube video posts with all the relevant product links. One of the most common formats for gift guides is the blog post format. A post that has a few quick lines on the recommendations along with why these are recommended will drive more traffic to your site.

Another is a social media carousel post with relevant product links. Or even a single image post that leads to a dedicated landing page with a curated collection of gifts.

KIMP Tip: Whatever format you choose for your gift guide, remember that visuals have a strong role to play. Elegantly edited product shots and on-brand designs that align with a pretty Galentine’s Day theme deliver your message clearly and powerfully. Heart accents, pastel backgrounds, a touch of shimmer like the one you see in the above social media post, can all amplify your message.

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2. Create a limited-edition product

One of the best campaign ideas to celebrate any holiday will be to launch a limited edition product to celebrate the occasion. This idea particularly works if your brand caters to some of the most popularly sought-after items around Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day.

When thoughtfully executed, the idea can create a lot of buzz. The frenzy that the limited-edition Galentine’s Day Stanley Cup created is a good example.

Another idea is to come up with a digital gift that’s easier to launch without much offline infrastructure to arrange (in the form of packaging design, etc).

Popular social gifting app Givingli announced its customizable Galentine’s Day card in the below post.

You can create digital gifts and digital products like these to allow the women in your audience to celebrate with their friends. 

KIMP Tip: Digital downloadables make great holiday gifts for your customers and they also act as lead magnets especially since there is a high likelihood of seeing new leads around popular holidays. 

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3. Put the right products in the spotlight 

Sometimes, you do not even have to introduce a new product for the occasion. All it takes is to put the right products in the spotlight. How do you do that? Social listening – look at the topics that your customers are talking about close to Galentine’s Day. Are they talking about throwing a party or hosting a dinner or dining out? Use these cues to come up with relevant product recommendations. 

Even better, you could also come up with curated product bundles to make thoughtful Galentine’s Day gifting easier for your audience. An even sweeter deal would be special discounts on these products and product bundles.

In the below post, Trump Winery talks about their curated Galentine’s Day collection.

Deals and discounts like these work even better if you manage to cover both online and in-store purchases. This way, friends gifting their lady friends from other parts of the world will also shop on your site. 

4. Relevant, but for a cause 

Charitable measures that brands take ring a different tone, especially around competitive times like the holiday season. While people are talking about all the glitz and glamor surrounding the season of love, if you find a relevant and subtle way to talk about a noble cause, it helps strengthen the trust and respect customers have for your brand. 

Here is a post on the X (formerly Twitter) page of Girl Effect, a non-profit organization focused on eradicating poverty. 

Similarly, if you can tie back your corporate social responsibility activities to Galentine’s Day in some way, use the opportunity to talk about something bigger than your brand name. In other words, use the opportunity to win your customers’ hearts. 

5. Host an event to pamper your female customers

Events are evergreen marketing tools and they work particularly well on special occasions, like Galentine’s Day. Because creating a positive experience on such special days creates a positive brand image, a lasting one too!

So the next idea we’re going to discuss is creating an exclusive event designed to pamper and indulge your female customers. With this you do not just align with the essence of the day but also create a unique and unforgettable experience that nurtures customer loyalty.

Imagine transforming your store into a haven of relaxation or one where the girl gang meet-ups happen. Think about creating a space for your female customers to unwind, relax, and feel their best selves. You could also partner with your local beauty clinics, salons, and spas to create something bigger and more wholesome.

To make this happen, create a relatable theme for your event, a relatable and easy-to-remember name. Align all the marketing designs for the event with this theme for cohesive communication. Depending on whether it is a local offline event or a virtual event, tap into the relevant digital and local advertising channels for maximum reach.

The below post discussing a Galentine’s Day event hosted by Maryland Zoo is a good example of how you can create a fun and memorable experience for your customers.

Kimp Tip: Whether it is an offline event or an online event, social media is a place you cannot ignore when it comes to promoting it. Have an event landing page to elaborate on the finer details. For local marketing, use flyers, billboards, and other localized advertising platforms. But ensure that your designs and the message look consistent everywhere. 

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6. Drive more engagement with a social media giveaway 

There is one social media campaign idea that works for almost all occasions including Galentine’s Day – social media contests. Giveaways and social media contests are good for engagement. Planned and executed right, they bring new followers, increase the comments and shares on your posts, and along the way they also help increase your reach. 

Remington’s Galentine’s Day giveaway below is a good example of a simple yet effective social media campaign idea. 

As women come forward and tag their BFFs, the engagement on the post increases. And when the tagged friends start following the brand’s page or share the post and tag a few more users, the idea gains traction. This can be good for the brand. 

Since the idea of giveaways and social media contests can be quite common around popular holidays like Valentine’s Day, to make your post stand out, come up with catchy graphics. Videos like the one used by Remington work even better. They give a quick peek into the products that customers can win by taking part in the giveaway. 

7. A thoughtful wish makes all the difference 

In the midst of all the campaigns and discounts you plan do not forget the crux of Galentine’s Day – “celebrating female friendships”. You might have posts talking about the special events, your social media contests and the other campaigns surrounding Galentine’s Day going live a few days in advance. But a warm and thoughtful wish on February 13, makes a whole lot of difference. 

Posts like the one below don’t just embrace the celebration but also drive engagement.

See how a simple illustration helps deliver the message clearly and impactfully? It also adds to the memorability of the post. So now’s a good time to start investing in custom graphics for your brand!

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Create Catchy Galentine’s Day Posts With KIMP

We are sure that you have plenty of ideas for your Galentine’s Day campaign already. Now it’s all about executing them right on social media. If you need help in creating the graphics that take your campaigns forward, KIMP subscriptions are just a click away. We even have a 7-day free trial so that you can try our subscriptions before paying for them. Register now and start your free trial.