Founder Stories: Francesc Sánchez On Building LA TEVA WEB

In today’s Founder Story, we feature Francesc Sánchez, CEO of LA TEVA WEB!

Read on for lessons he has learned from launching and marketing his business.

1. Please introduce your business and share your role.

I am Francesc Sánchez, the CEO of LA TEVA WEB, a leading web design and digital marketing firm based in Barcelona, with a focus on SEO and SEM. With over 20 years of history, we are proud to be one of the first companies in Spain to specialize in these areas. 

My team and I are dedicated to enhancing online visibility for businesses worldwide, regardless of their size. Our uniqueness lies in our holistic approach, where innovative design meets strategic marketing to drive digital success.

Our client base encompasses everything from startups to large enterprises, all seeking to boost their digital presence. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to personalized solutions and a forward-thinking mindset, ensuring our clients not only keep pace but lead in their industries.

Our mission is to empower businesses on their digital journey, aiming to stay at the cutting edge of technology and marketing strategies. As one of the pioneers in our field, being recognized as Spain’s second-best SEO company underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in all we do.

2. What’s your backstory, what kind of challenges did you face, and how did you come up with your business idea?

 My journey to founding LA TEVA WEB was shaped by my background in economics and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. With a foundation in understanding market dynamics and a passion for technology, I was intrigued by the digital transformation’s impact on businesses. 

The idea for LA TEVA WEB emerged from a clear market gap: many businesses sought to establish an online presence but lacked the know-how. This gap presented an opportunity to leverage my economic insights and entrepreneurial drive to offer a solution that combined innovative web design with strategic SEO and SEM services.

One of the foremost challenges we encountered was the fast-paced evolution of technology. Keeping abreast of advancements, honing our skills, and adapting to digital marketing shifts demanded relentless innovation and a commitment to continuous learning. As pioneers in Spain’s digital marketing sector, establishing credibility and demonstrating our value proposition in a nascent market required persistent effort and dedication.

Differentiation in a burgeoning field posed another challenge. We distinguished ourselves by delivering bespoke, results-oriented services and fostering enduring client relationships. This focus on personalized solutions and a commitment to excellence and innovation has been fundamental to our success.

My decision to launch LA TEVA WEB was fueled by my belief in the internet’s potential to transform businesses and a vision to lead a company that would not just navigate but shape the digital marketing landscape. Over two decades, this vision has been realized and continues to drive our mission. My economic background and entrepreneurial journey have been instrumental in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, guiding LA TEVA WEB to its current position as a leader in the field.

3. How did you prepare for, and go about your launch?

We zeroed in on a digital-centric launch strategy, leveraging the power of SEO and SEM to ensure our visibility in the digital space right from the start, always based on our website. Our marketing campaigns were carefully crafted, focusing on these strengths to draw attention to our unique approach to web design and digital marketing.

Our promotional designs were meticulously planned to reflect our brand’s identity and the quality of work we deliver. We aimed for a modern, clean aesthetic across all our materials, from our website to social media posts, ensuring they were optimized for conversion and user engagement.

4. Since launching, what types of marketing campaigns and designs have worked best to attract and retain customers?

Since LA TEVA WEB’s launch, our blend of SEO and SEM has been most effective in attracting and retaining customers. SEO strategies, focusing on high-quality, keyword-rich content, have improved our organic search visibility and credibility. Simultaneously, our SEM efforts, through targeted search engine ads, have quickly drawn potential clients interested in our services.

We’ve also emphasized the importance of design in these campaigns, ensuring that our materials and landing pages are not only visually appealing but optimized for search and user experience. This approach has kept visitors engaged, converting interest into lasting customer relationships.

The combination of SEO for long-term growth and SEM for immediate impact has been key to our success, driving a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that delivers results.

5. What are your favorite marketing platforms/tools?

In our digital marketing toolkit, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog are indispensable for SEO. Ahrefs excels in backlink analysis and content insights, while Screaming Frog is crucial for website audits and identifying technical SEO improvements. For AI-driven enhancements, OpenAI’s GPT-4 is transformative in content creation and personalization, streamlining our strategies and engagements.

SEMrush complements these by offering extensive keyword research and competitive insights, essential for refining our SEO strategies. Coupled with AI analytics like GA4 for real-time insights, these tools empower us to optimize our online presence and make data-driven decisions efficiently.

Leveraging Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Google Ads and AI tools ensures we stay ahead in SEO and digital marketing, delivering targeted and innovative campaigns.

6. Who or what inspires and motivates you?

My motivation comes from the innovative spirit of leaders like Steve Jobs and Sundar Pichai, the rapid advancements in technology, particularly AI, and the successes we achieve for our clients. Equally inspiring is the dedication and creativity of the LA TEVA WEB team. Their passion for solving complex digital marketing challenges and their commitment to excellence not only drive our company forward but also remind me daily of the value of teamwork and innovation in achieving our goals. Together, these elements fuel my enthusiasm for leading LA TEVA WEB and navigating the exciting landscape of digital marketing

7. What are some lessons you’ve learned along the way that you would share with entrepreneurs hoping to launch or who have just launched? 

A crucial lesson from leading LA TEVA WEB is the significance of resilience, adaptability, and the support of a loyal team. Equally important is having a family that understands and supports your entrepreneurial journey. Their backing can be a source of strength during challenging times. Additionally, the necessity of learning new things every day cannot be overstated. The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and staying informed is key to staying ahead. Build a culture within your team that values loyalty, encourages constant learning, and fosters open communication. Remember, success is not just about hard work; it’s about working smart, supported by a team and family who believe in your vision.”

8. What do you believe are the qualities of a good entrepreneur? And what makes a team successful?

A good entrepreneur possesses resilience, vision, adaptability, and a good sense of humor. Resilience allows for overcoming challenges, while vision provides direction. Adaptability ensures responsiveness to change, and a good sense of humor can lighten the mood, improve morale, and strengthen bonds within the team. It’s essential for navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship with grace and positivity.

For a team to be successful, trust, communication, diversity, and a collective sense of humor are vital. Trust encourages a culture where taking risks and sharing ideas are welcomed. Effective communication keeps everyone aligned towards common goals. Diversity brings a range of skills and perspectives to the table, enhancing problem-solving. A shared sense of humor can make the workplace more enjoyable, helping to navigate stress and build a stronger, more cohesive team.

Both entrepreneurs and their teams benefit from a commitment to continuous learning and a willingness to embrace humor in their daily interactions. This approach not only drives innovation and success but also creates a more supportive and engaging work environment.

9. Let us know where we can go to learn more!