February At Kimp: A Graphic & Video Design Recap

Understanding our past cements our resolve to improve our future. 

Sounds very philosophical, doesn’t it? But the truth is nothing makes more sense for a business than this. Looking back and reviewing what went down over any stretch of time allows you to plan properly and tackle your next steps in more informed ways. 

And that is exactly what this February Recap from Kimp is all about. As a growing business, every month throws surprises, challenges, and growth opportunities at us. When you are out there hustling every day, you also need to stop and take a look at the big picture. 

We hope that these recaps are helpful to our customers too. You can understand our growth plans, customer feedback, and most of all the services our teams have to offer. 

So why wait? Let’s get started. 

A Snapshot of Graphic & Video Design in February at Kimp

Who doesn’t love numbers? We live in the age of statistics and quantification. Especially for a business, these numbers are a matter of pride and the building blocks of strategies. 

What did Kimp’s February look like? 

We were very happy and privileged to get the continuous support of our customers. Starting the year with a bang, the Kimp team has been handling ongoing subscriptions for clients in over 60 countries.

And what types of designs do these clients request? Well, the most popular design categories keep shifting around on us. And that is understandable as business goals are continuously evolving and our customers always have different needs. 

Being an unlimited graphic design service gives us an unique advantage of continuing to serve our customers even as the most popular design categories change month on month for them. 

So what reigned supreme in February and kept our design teams on their toes? 

The graphic design categories that saw the highest design requests coming in were social media designs, logos, and custom illustrations. Meanwhile, Logo animations and social media videos  dominated our video design team’s schedules. 

What Our Clients Had To Say About Kimp’s Graphic & Video Design Services 

Numbers, sales, customer acquisition, revenue, and so on make us feel good, no doubt. But we all know that every business needs a purpose that drives it to be better than it was yesterday. 

And for Kimp, it is definitely our customers’ feedback. Knowing that they’re counting on us to help launch or grow their business makes us strive for perfection and better results all around. Be it design, customer service, or timelines, we are happy to know that Kimp has managed to deliver on our customers’ expectations. 

February had many pleasant surprises with our customers showing up across platforms to tell us what we mean to them. 

We are linking a few here to share the happiness we felt reading them. And if you are our customer and have not left us a review, please do. We always look forward to hearing from you!

Kimp’s Reviews on Google in February

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Kimp’s Reviews on TrustPilot in February 

Kimp Review from Trustpilot 
Kimp Review from Trustpilot 
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We’re also thrilled to share that Clutch featured  as one of Canada’s best and brightest B2B companies for 2022. Clutch is a B2B market research firm that uses a unique ratings methodology to compare and contrast leaders across a wide variety of service industries!

We have a rating of 4.9/5 on the platform for our graphic & video design services. All made possible by our awesome clients giving us the opportunity to do the work that we love!  And we are humbled by all your support. We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients for letting us serve them and appreciating everything our team delivers!

After all a design is only as good as the brief, and feedback, a client shares!

A Snapshot of Popular Graphic & Video Design Projects in February at Kimp

While the Kimp Team is full of experienced designers we’re always learning from our customers and the unique projects they give us a chance to work on! So let’s take a look at some of the designs we had a chance to work on this past month and how they tap into popular graphic & video design trends. 

1. Brand Guidelines 

For any marketing campaign to be successful, branding and design consistency is extremely important. Customers judge a brand based on how they present themselves and an inconsistent campaign may put them off. 

That is why Kimp always recommends our customers get their brand design guidelines sorted before going live with any campaign. 

Brand guidelines also improve brand recall when customers interact with your content across multiple platforms in your omnichannel strategy. 

Your brand style guidelines can be as detailed or as simplistic as you choose them to be. 

Let us consider these two examples. 

Our first client wanted a detailed brand design guideline right from brand colors, fonts, logo design, and how to use each file accurately. If you look at the guideline design itself, you will see that it follows all that we wrote in it too. Seeing is better than reading so be sure to visualize your brand guidelines as soon as possible.

If you feel that your branding identity is quite simple, you can take inspiration from this minimalist brand guideline design as well. 

2. Social media designs 

We don’t think it will surprise anyone when we tell them that social media design requests were one of our top design categories in February. Social media has become an essential part of any marketing campaign, irrespective of the industry. 

The key in most cases is an attractive graphic that delivers the message and engages the user as well. 
Kimp Graphics delivered quite a few graphic designs for our clients. Right from reviews, event announcements, educational content, product promotions, to seasons greetings, the requests were versatile to say the least.

Meanwhile, the Kimp Video team had its hands full with requests for social media videos. The majority of requests were for short form videos that promoted the products or services of our clients. 

As you can see from these videos, the audio selection and the stock video footage selection too plays a major role in the output’s quality. Thankfully, when you sign up for the Kimp Video subscription, our team picks the best audio and video footage for your requirements from a vast premium collection.

3. Logo animations 

Animating your logos makes an impact in the highest selling content pieces like videos, GIFs, and brand animations. 

Video content and GIF are highly shareable and Gen Z and millennial audiences consume it day in and day out. 

Having a logo animation in hand brings consistency across these types of marketing content. You know how to represent your brand and after a couple of videos, customers can pick your brand out just with the animation style. 

Consider this logo animation that our team did for Wild Wash. The company’s logo animation clearly tells us that this is a brand that deals in hygiene products and has a connection to nature.

Meanwhile this logo animation uses a combination of an impactful animation and colors relevant to the brand to reinforce its personality:

And this logo animation goes for a more playful look to capture the brand’s personality:

4. Print designs 

No one can discount the value of print designs and offline marketing in the current market, no matter your niche or industry. As much as you need creatives for your digital campaigns, you also need print designs. 

Quality is important in these designs irrespective of the medium. The creative has to speak well of your brand, consistent with your branding identity and engage the user while conveying its message.

Too many things for a small print design to shoulder? Well, it can if your design team is anything like the Kimp Graphics team. 

Check out the poster designs that our team delivered in February. Be it a simple event poster or a product catalog, we ensure that is true to the brand’s identity. 

Print marketing is very versatile and so is our team’s expertise. Check out some print banners, door hangers, vehicle wraps, labels, and calendars from Kimp’s design projects in February.

5. Logo Designs 

Ask any business owner what is the most important design you need for your brand? They will choose logo designs anytime of the day. And this is with good reason too. It takes 5 to 7 impressions for your customer to remember your brand. Each interaction usually grabs their attention for less than 10 seconds. 

So if brands have a good logo design, then you know you have a higher chance of catching and keeping your audience’s attention. A logo design visualizes your brand’s values, purpose, product/service, and personality too for the customer to quickly absorb. 

A good logo is worth a lot more than what most people invest in. But when they come to Kimp Graphics, they get their money’s worth without a doubt. 

Even though we cannot pick our favorite logos from the hundreds we designed this month, here are a few for you to take a look.

6. Email designs 

Did you know that 20% of marketers agree that email design has improved their click rates? Yes, how you present your content matters a lot on this channel just like any other channel .

When you reach a customer via email, you have a direct inroad to their attention. They choose to read your content, so why not make it worth their while? The better your email design is, the easier it is to read for the customer, and the higher your click rate becomes. 

Looking for email design inspirations for your brand?

Check out some of our email designs from February:

See how effective visualization of product and a pleasing brand aesthetic can be. Your customers will surely have no trouble navigating an email with a header like this. 

Simple, direct to the point, and effective – this email is so easy to peruse that you will delight your subscribers if you choose a similar approach. 

Holiday emails are tricky to design but you can never go wrong with the classic blue and gray combination. 

And don’t forget that your email banners are important too. Get a professional and sophisticated email banner just like this to step up your email designs now. 

7. Landing pages 

Landing pages are a marketing staple. We all know that. They help bridge the customer journey between the advertisement/marketing content to the sales pipeline. While the function of a landing page stays constant in all instances, the approach to design varies. 

We’ve picked two landing page designs to show you how the approach varies and how you can tune the design to suit your business goals. 

In our first pick, the first section is just about reeling the customer in. Their attention right away goes to the headline and then moves on to the video. Did you know that video landing pages are found to be more effective than static pages? If you notice, the CTA is also right in the middle and does not require the customer to scroll a lot. 

Customer clicks on the link – checks the headline – views the video – click the CTA. They only scroll for additional information.

The second landing page has a different approach. This is a straight-out product centric page. So, the first section has an image of the product in use with a small description and the CTA. 

That is all the customer needs if your ad convinced them to buy. If not, the landing page has more information including reviews and product images to browse. The hierarchy keeps the focus on the CTA and the product allowing no distractions.

8. NFT Designs

This is definitely a design team favorite category. When everyone around you cannot stop talking about the crypto industry and NFTs, how cool is it that we got to design a sizable number just in February?

Yes, our NFT design category is definitely picking up and we are very excited by it too. Now, we know that there are no particular design themes that can become NFT, and so it’s no surprise that we received some very niche requests. 

A hot favorite was definitely the world of anime with Dragon Slayer related NFTs keeping the design team busy. Another category was flamboyant apes with very flashy characteristics. We strongly believe that they are about to give Bored Apes a tough run, so if you’re thinking of a stye to explore, give this one a shot!

If you too want to design an art piece to turn into NFT, try a Kimp Graphics + Video design subscription to start experimenting! We create a wide range of graphic & video design styles.

9. Infographics 

Educational content in marketing has consistently been popular. But customers also do not want to read long blogs or instruction manuals. So what is the solution? Infographics are your best shot in transforming long pieces of information into attractive content pieces. 

You can visualize the data you have at hand and leverage visual aids to bring them all together while keeping it engaging for everyone in the audience. 

Infographics come in handy for both internal documentation and marketing channels as well. 

Consider the examples below. 

The first example shows us how easy it is to visualize a company hierarchy and represent it for your customers’ and vendors’ benefit. This could have been a textual document too but this is way better, right?

Do you have important information to convey to your customers? Are you worried they will skip it and that will lead to potential issues later on? Why not adopt infographics just like this customer did. 

Break down the information and supplement it with visual aids for faster comprehension. 

Check out this example of a process description with an infographic. The customer wanted to make it easy on their clients and our team repurposed the information with pleasing aesthetics that matches the brand. Now everyone wins! 

10. Custom Illustrations

Stock images are great, photoshopped images are great, but sometimes they don’t quite get the vibe right. If there’s a really unique look you’re going for it may still feel like something is missing. Well, when you have a Kimp Graphics subscription, you don’t have to compromise at all. Our adept team will just whip up a custom illustration to bring your vision for your design  to life. 

And illustrations add a different touch to your designs don’t they? They humanize the concept and give you an unique edge over your competitors. And they work everywhere.

Don’t believe us? Just check these versatile examples from our February design projects. 

Are you adopting a storytelling approach to your marketing? Do you want to animate your videos instead of recording them? Tell us a better frame to use in them than these scene illustrations from our team. This looks straight out of a game and we love it. 

Looking to bring your product’s concept art to your marketing campaigns? Do you feel that something better than the image will work better? One of our clients felt the same way and our team delivered  this illustration for them. 

Does your blog need an image to describe the process? Are you not okay with any stock image? Well, if you had a Kimp Graphics subscription, our team would have delivered this custom illustration for your brand.

Adieu, February! 

February was an interesting month and brought us graphic & video design projects from different parts of the world, across many industry verticals. We worked on NFTs, illustrations, and some really great logo designs. 

Every project we deliver is special to us and we hope that this blog gives you a small glimpse into how a month at Kimp usually goes. 

Do you need a team to replicate these results for your brand? Are you looking to step up your marketing efforts? 

Sign up for our free trial now and get started!