Cyber Monday Ads: 7 Designs Ecommerce Brands Need

The holiday season is upon us. And that means the biggest sale season is upon us too. The last two months of the year are a chaotic whirlwind of sales, discounts, and advertising campaigns. 

All brands and marketers want to do is ideate, create, launch, and then ensure that ads actually convert.

And more than any other promotions everyone is looking ahead to Cyber Week or the Cyber 5. Customers are looking for their favorite brand’s offer, and businesses are looking to up their revenue from last year. 

Ecommerce brands are at the forefront in most sale seasons, and this is no exception. Cyber Monday has always been sort of the Ecommerce counterpart of the epic sales brick-and-mortar stores offer for Black Friday. It is by-and-large an online sale for customers all over the world. 

Given how significant Cyber Monday is, marketing studies always suggest investing in paid advertisement models to boost up brand awareness, generate higher impressions, and improve marketing conversion rates. 

To make your Cyber Monday advertising campaign planning easier, the Kimp Graphics team is bringing you a list of design ideas for you to work on.

But before that, let’s take a look at the impact of Cyber Monday advertising on your brand’s growth. 

Cyber Monday and Brand Growth 

When Cyber Monday first launched in 2005, it was just a way for Ecommerce brands to have a slice of the pie post-Black Friday. It is extremely doubtful that anyone would have predicted the immense growth this event has had since then. 

Cyber Monday became the highest-grossing ecommerce shopping holiday of all time in the U.S. in 2020. The final sales numbers stood at a massive $10.8 billion. Now, many may attribute it to the pandemic effect, but 2019 sales were not too far off at $9.4 billion. 

Even outside of the USA, the event is well received. Over 89% of the shoppers in European countries are aware of Cyber Monday. In fact, the UK placed second in worldwide Cyber Monday sales. 

So, by advertising your Cyber Monday deals and promotions, you can aim to secure a worldwide audience for your brand.

2021 Cyber Monday Ad Ideas for Ecommerce Brands 

As we mentioned before, people wait all year to get their hands on the best deals during the Cyber 5 holiday weekend. Since shopping is always on the holiday agenda, most brands prepare their advertising for Cyber Monday extensively.

You can even see brands rolling out advertising campaigns from the month of October itself. This focused campaign from every ecommerce brand makes the advertising space extremely crowded. 

To truly stand out and grab your customers’ attention, think out of the box and constantly astound your audience. Nothing matches the power of visual marketing in this. Visual content always stands out, and that is why you must pay attention to your advertising designs in the lead up to Cyber Monday. 

But what designs work best in this case? How should your Cyber Monday Ad designs look? What are the ideas that can change the face of your campaigns for the 2021 Cyber Monday sale?

All that and more, coming right up. 

1) Create some Buzz before the action 

Advertisements are not always just for sales. You can leverage the benefits of paid advertising campaigns for brand awareness, buzz generation, customer engagement, building trust in the industry, and so much more. 

Creating buzz well before the action means teasing your customers and dropping hints on what is in store, from October onwards. By doing this, you imprint your brand and its offerings into the customers’ minds for a longer time. 

Now, coming to ad designs for Buzz Generation on social media and other advertising channels. You want your Cyber Monday ads to attract customers, and intrigue, and engage them so that they hear and retain your message.

Source: INSYNC

Consider interactive Cyber Monday interactive designs such as:

  • Animated countdown ads 
  • Short videos that provide a sneak peek of upcoming products, discounts, and promotions
  • Video ads that spread awareness about your brand

Kimp Tip: As the primary focus here is to grab someone’s attention, the principles of good design and visual hierarchy are vital. The design must guide the customers’ view from the central element (countdown/discount offer) to your brand identity and the product. This makes it an effective Cyber Monday Ad. 

Need help with your designs? Try a Kimp Graphics subscription to get excellent designs from talented designers for a flat fee.

2) Make your Cyber Monday Ads helpful 

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. With so many ecommerce brands and product options available, customers get confused about what to choose. Not to mention, every brand has unbelievable offers, making the choice even harder. But what if you made their life a little easier?

Put together helpful guides based on previous customer shopping behavior, product range, and context. For example, if you sell apparel for all ages, your Cyber Monday Ads can focus on: 

  • The best clothes for kids in your family
  • Top sellers for women this holiday season
  • Trending looks from Instagram


This makes the shopping experience easier. Customers appreciate the effort and will most likely click and add the products to their carts. Gift guides, product catalogs, curated products, and hot-takes work across industries and have high conversion rates. 

This type of ad’s design must focus on the product more than anything. The color scheme, layout, and composition must elevate the product and the curation you’ve created to make it the central element.

3) Cyber Monday email designs 

Targeted ads are amazing because they enable you to show your best work to your best customers. And because of that, they have an astounding conversion rate. Now think for a second and tell us, is there any better target advertising channel than email? We don’t think so. In this day and age of privacy concerns, email is a secure medium. Customers have opted to hear from you, so the chance of spam reporting or ignoring is less. Not to mention, social media platforms crash, but email lists stay forever.

Moreover, email as a platform for Cyber Monday advertising is extremely versatile and flexible. For attractive email advertising designs, you can: 

  • Incorporate videos, GIFs, and animations 
  • Share product guides 
  • Unveil exclusive discount codes and promotions with a scratch animation 

Kimp Tip: Email designs with videos, images, GIFs, and animations have a higher open rate than others just by mentioning “videos”, “images” and “GIFs” in the subject line. But when you embed visual graphics in your email, you have to be careful that the size and quality do not hamper the load time. 

So, work with your design team to ensure you get optimized designs done. With Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video design subscriptions you’ll get designs optimized for mobile viewing and quick loading.

4) Use Story Ads 

The thing with Cyber Monday ads is that you want them to reach as many people as possible. And Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are some of the best platforms for advertising in general.

How do you reach a ton of people on social media? Using Stories! Over 500 million people view Instagram Stories, and Story Ads usually have a high engagement rate. You can also create interactive ads on Stories with polls, this/that, videos, GIFs, and more. 

Designing Story Ads is incredibly fun because it is so limitless in creativity and fun. However, you must ensure that you can capture the audience’s attention and communicate your message within the first 5-7 seconds to avoid a skip.

So create eye-catchy intros, experiment with sounds, and introduce the campaign in the first five seconds itself.

Kimp Tip: Story Ads must be mobile-friendly and vertical in orientation for best results. Chances are most customers won’t tilt their screens, and you will lose out on making an impact if you opt for landscape orientation.

Need help with getting graphics and videos designed? Combine a Kimp Graphics subscription with a Kimp Video subscription to create clickable and attractive story ads for your ecommerce brand this Cyber Monday! 

5) Try Video Advertising 

Our best recommendation for high-impact ad ideas is always video advertising. Video gets a lot of engagement from the audience, creators, and platforms. On social media, videos always have a higher engagement rate and reach than most other content forms. 

So, for this Cyber Monday campaign, include videos in your plan. Successful video ads for Cyber Monday usually involves: 

  • Product demonstrations 
  • Cinematic trailers of products
  • How-tos
  • Social Proof 
  • Company overviews

Videos pull people in and are one of the most consistently high-performing content forms. 

Kimp Tip: Designing videos can feel like a challenging process, but when you look at the ultimate result and the ROI, you will feel it’s worth it. Make your video advertising campaigns easier by engaging a service that can tackle professional editing, captioning, and designing like Kimp Video. Give us the raw footage, and we will handle the rest. 

6) Use FOMO-driven ads 

FOMO advertising models are the exact opposite of buzz generation. Instead of taking it slow, the FOMO model follows a shock and awe sale strategy. FOMO advertising tools include:

  • Phrases that emphasize scarcity, eg. “stocks last for one day only”
  • Limited time offers “Available until XX/YY date only!”
  • Coupon codes that expire at midnight

In a FOMO-driven advertising design, you have to aim to grab attention and shock the audience. Some design techniques that the Kimp Graphics team applies in these scenarios are: 

  • Use of contrast through a combination of dark and bright colors to pull the audience in and highlight the message 
  • Employing animations or GIFs to jazz up the text. Blinking text is hard to miss 
  • Highlighting the details of the offer 
  • Optimize the design for mobile so that ad-to-product page experience is smoother 

Kimp Tip: For an effective FOMO advertising campaign, you have to be consistent and maintain an omnichannel presence. The more ads your customers see, the higher chance of them buying the product. In terms of creatives, this means a horde of designs that you can publish everywhere. 

Contact the Kimp Graphics team if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for this. With our flat-fee, month-to-month plans, you can create unlimited designs with unlimited revisions at no additional charge.

7) Try Minimalistic Flat Lay Designs 

Cyber Monday is a shopping event that highly emphasizes ecommerce sales. While brick-and-mortar stores can apply the principles of visual merchandising and beautify their shelves to attract customers, ecommerce brands do not have that option. So what do you do? You have to present your products in the best way possible. Especially in your Cyber Monday Ads.

We have a solution for you. Elevate your product feature advertisements with a flat lay design that makes your merchandise shine. Flat lay minimalistic photoshoots are increasingly becoming popular across social media platforms today. This photography style highlights the product in one of the most coveted aesthetic forms. 

You can use these in product catalogs, videos, and product images, too.

Kimp Tip: Worried about an expensive photo shoot for your Cyber Monday Ad campaign? Take a few pictures with your phone and sign up for a Kimp subscription. We’ll help you edit and enhance your pictures and use them to design great looking ads. 

Cyber Monday Ad Design: Best Practices 

  • Optimize all your Cyber Monday Ad designs for smartphone screens since most users browse and shop on their devices. 
  • Ensure that all ad designs follow branding consistently across platforms and mediums.
  • Your landing page plays an important role in the success of your advertisements. So ensure you have a functional and well-designed landing page in place. 
  • Add a holiday touch to your marketing and designs to delight and connect with the audience. 

Create the best Cyber Monday Ad designs for your Ecommerce brand with Kimp 

Cyber Monday is an important event for your business. It has the potential to bring in a ton of sales and you want your brand to be a frontrunner in it. And that means investing in great ad designs. 

Investing in targeting and platforms is not enough if the ad designs themselves do not work. 

So make them work before you start uploading your ads. How? 

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