9 Christmas Social Media Post Ideas For A Festive Feed

Christmas fills the world with a festive spirit. And when it comes to businesses there’s even more reason for some holiday cheer – it generates a whole lot of holiday shopping. 

In fact, in many countries outside of North America, where Halloween and BFCM may not be so popular, Christmas helps brands connect with their audiences and increase sales like nothing else.

Being so universal, this is the ideal holiday to build marketing campaigns around. There’s a long enough runway in the months leading up to it to gradually build up momentum. And Christmas campaigns can easily pivot into New Year’s campaigns, too.

With so many benefits, no wonder brands go all out in crafting detailed campaigns. And giving extra attention to their social media platforms this time of year. Because this holly jolly season is also a very social media-friendly season. 

No matter what other campaigns you have planned for Christmas, you definitely need an elaborate social media marketing plan, too. And that is why the Kimp team is bringing you the top Christmas social media post ideas. 

Anything and everything you need to make your feed festive are right here. So scroll on and take notes!

Christmas Marketing on Social Media 

Christmas is a very personal and community-based holiday. Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, where it is all about discounts and sales, Christmas promotions have to be more organic. And the best place to build a community, or connect with one, is always social media.

Besides the obvious benefit of building brand awareness and community engagement, Christmas marketing on social media also has a substantial effect on your sales. Studies tell us that 68% of shoppers look to YouTube for product recommendations, and 23% of shoppers in the US specifically rely on social media for it. Instagram seems to lead this charge after YouTube. 

23% is a large number when you consider the worldwide volume.

And that’s why Christmas marketing on social media is the gift that keeps on giving. So be sure not to squander it away.

Source: Miro

Building a Festive Feed for Christmas Promotions 

Imagine taking a stroll in your neighborhood and spotting a tiny wreath peeking out the door of a home. That one sign is enough to know that this house is ready for Christmas. The same applies to your social media feeds as well.

Festive feeds and social media profiles tell people that a brand is ready for the upcoming Christmas celebrations. And by extension, ready to help them enjoy the holiday season. This makes them look forward to what else you have in store. 

So, how do you actually transform your everyday Social media profile to reflect the festive season?
  • Revamp your Social media profile pictures with the added oomph of a Christmas themed element. This can be as simple as adding a Christmas hat to your logo or getting as complex as a custom illustration to suit the season.
  • For Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you also have the option to upgrade your social media cover photos to match. 
  • You can also create a custom channel trailer for upcoming Christmas campaigns.

Across these, you may wonder what exactly is a “Christmassy design”? Well it’s one that includes some Christmas themed elements.

Some design elements that can help you convey a Christmas theme in an instant are: 
  • Traditional Christmas colors such as Red and Green, with a heavy helping of White/Silver/Gold tinsels. 
  • Imagery such as the Santa cap, gift-wrapped boxes, Christmas tree (in any form), and bells fit perfectly with the theme.
  • Decorative fonts over the traditional fonts to signify the festive season. Just make sure they’re easy to read at the size you’ll be using them!
  • Add in a lot of snowflakes and maybe some elves in your creatives to ring in the celebrations.

Kimp Tip: Designing holiday-themed content can be tricky. People have deep emotional connections with it, and one misstep can spoil the fun. So work with a professional design team with a Kimp Graphics subscription if you need a hand getting things just right for your social media.

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9 Christmas Social Media Post Ideas For A Festive Feed

Building a festive feed consistently can be very challenging, especially when you are in the 2nd or 3rd month of your holiday marketing campaigns

The pressure to deliver something unique but within the boundaries of festive content can be immense. So, instead of having to rake your brain for content ideas, Kimp brings you a selection of the best Christmas social media post ideas. 

We also bring you examples from high-impact social media posts for Christmas from popular brands for inspiration.

Ready to invite Santa onto your social media feed? Let’s go:

1) Christmas Countdown 

Right off the bat, you have to think of a content idea that will pull people in. Your audience comes across hundreds of social media posts across a multitude of channels. A Christmas countdown catches their attention and lets them know to expect something from you this season. 

Especially on Instagram, such countdowns can help you drive a lot of traffic to your feed. It also makes up for very aesthetic feeds, again something Instagram users expect. 

How can you get started? Well, you can design the Christmas countdown using:

  • GIFs designed in line with your brand’s visual identity and the festive theme.
  • Short-form videos such as Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, and more to announce, and share updates of, the ongoing countdown. 
  • Static images in the festive theme and Instagram Aesthetic you choose (if applicable).
Source: Insense

Kimp Tip: You are most likely to begin your Christmas campaign with this countdown content. So, put your best foot forward to generate interest in the upcoming details. This is the hook for customers, and it has to tick all boxes like target audience preference, brand identity, festive theme, and Instagram aesthetic. 

Work with the Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video teams to start your Christmas social media campaigns in the best way possible.

2) Holiday-themed videos

Christmas marketing has become synonymous with holiday-themed videos. Heartwarming, funny, and informational video content that embodies the Christmas spirit rules everyone’s heart during this season. That’s why all major brands create videos of exceptional quality to capture this market.

Video content is one of the highest-performing content ideas across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat. And of course, YouTube!

So video is something you need in your Christmas campaigns. 

Struggling with the production budget? Looking for ideas for Instagram Reels and other popular platforms to promote holiday content? Check our guides for some inspiration. 

Or you can work with the Kimp Video team to create Christmassy videos that promote your brand and capture your customers’ hearts, too. 

Source: Planable
2) Informative Holiday Content 

Customers love information, and it holds their attention for a long time. Customers in the Asia-Pacific region specifically mention that informative content is just behind sales and discount updates in terms of things that grab their attention.

Here are a few topics you can try to cover with informative Christmas posts: 

  • Gift-wrapping ideas
  • Party organization tips
  • Holiday outfit ideas 
  • Gift ideas
  • Recipes
  • Easy DIYs – bonus points if you can incorporate your products or services

But you cannot just serve up these idas as a blog with no frills. This is not a blog, but your social media platform. So jazz it up and present it visually appealingly. 

Consider creating Infographics, informative tutorial videos, or carousel posts that make the process easy to understand and fun too. 

Kimp Tip: Social media is extremely visual. People take less than 5 seconds to judge a post and move on from it. The best way to sell informational content and gain an edge over your competitor is to leverage visual marketing. These posts must also adapt your brand’s visual identity to the fullest. 

Sign up for the Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video subscriptions to enhance the production value of your informative content.

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4) Gift Ideas

Gift guides are a holiday staple. And Christmas is the official gifting holiday. Now, as we saw, most customers turn to social media for product recommendations. So including festive gift guides on your social media feeds is just good sense. 

But, gift guides for Christmas holiday marketing on social media have another purpose. Have you heard of social commerce? Yes, social media platforms are now turning into mini ecommerce stores with shoppable posts. This is especially true for Instagram and Facebook.

To fully leverage these features and enable quick transactions this Christmas season, you need picture-perfect gift guides.

The design, the presentation, and the overall content quality have to be the highest to make someone click buy now instantly. Or at the very least click “Learn More” or “Add To Cart”. And that means professional designing that delivers optimized images for social media instead of just taking photos meant for a website. 

How do you get traffic to your gift guides? Well, you can create carousel posts, infographics, Facebook photo albums, and Instagram Reels for linking your shops to these gift guides. 

Your social media posts and ads will serve as previews getting your audience enticed to click to see more.

Source: Natura.USA

Kimp Tip: Each social media platform has a specific guideline for image size, video size, aspect ratio, file size, and so on. Yes, you can repurpose content across platforms, but not without optimization. Nothing kills the visual flow of your feeds more than that. 

With Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video subscriptions, you never have to think of reusing graphics. Our unlimited graphic design service enables you to create as many requests as you want at no additional cost.

5) Christmas themed product marketing

Even if you are not creating gift guides, you need content that connects your product and the festive season. 

Create a narrative that tells people that Christmas won’t be quite so special without what you offer.

What better way to do this than to show them visually how your product fits into the whole Christmas theme. Yes, we’re talking about arranging a photo shoot for your products in a Christmassy background, so that customers see the connection. Or you can leverage the power of video editing and create a cool and engaging video of your product in a Christmas setting. 

Kimp Tip: You can make anything Christmassy if you have the right props or design elements to help you out. A talented design team like Kimp Video can make even the most utilitarian products look Christmassy. So what are you waiting for?

6) Christmas Sale Campaigns 

All of this is about sales campaigns. But we are here to guide you on how to use those sale announcements to pretty up your festive feed. Yes, you want customers to know what is going on in the discount, sale, and product department. What is hot and what is not so hot? You can share all of these while maintaining your aesthetic with the following steps:

  • Choose Christmas colors and fonts to design your sale-related creatives. 
  • Ensure that the brand’s visual identity and Instagram aesthetic shine when you get your designs done. 
  • Leverage the power of good design and visual hierarchy to attract and control how the user reads your social media posts.
  • Experiment with interactive content forms such as GIFs, videos, and infographics for a little variation.
7) GIFs 

There was a time when GIFs were only a millennial and Gen Z language. But today, it is a standalone content form with a lot of merit behind it to make its case. While we have mentioned the usage of GIFs in many other Christmas social media post ideas, there is merit in just creating a Christmas GIF, too. 

You can use it as a Christmas greeting or a way to engage your followers, or just an idea to break up the feed. GIFs rank high on shareable content, and you may find your way into many shares if you design your GIF right.

Source: Coca-Cola
8) Memes

Speaking of shareable content, how can we forget memes? Holidays are fun, right? What is more fun than Memes? Yes, you can use festive-themed memes to spice up your feed and bring out your fun side. Even if your brand personality is not exactly the fun and quirky type, Christmas is the time to add a little variety. 

The brilliance of Memes is that if you choose the right template, you can create aesthetic memes that are fun, topical, and even apt for product placement. More and more brands are embracing the Meme culture to promote their products, and you should, too.

Video memes, as seen above, are becoming quite the trend nowadays. 

Kimp Tip: Meme culture is a growing and organic being. You never know what becomes viral and how. And the first step to creating the right meme is an understanding of pop culture, design elements, and marketing knowledge. 

Wondering how to get a team that has it all? Simple. Sign up for a Kimp Graphics or Kimp Video subscription, and start with a 7 day free trial.

9) Contests and Giveaways 

Last but not least, contests and giveaways make for the perfect Christmas social media post ideas. They are right in the gifting theme and the subsequent engagement can improve your reach on these platforms by a lot.

Hosting contests and giveaways can be a great way to interact with your audience, while also giving back to your community. 

Now, the question comes back to our effort on keeping our feeds festive. So it goes without saying that these posts too have to obey the same rules. Right from the color scheme to the imagery, it must be consistent with your Christmas marketing’s visual identity. A consistent feed is a happy feed. 

Kimp Tip: If you are feeling a little creative, we suggest using video content to promote these contests and giveaways. Videos have a higher reach on social media platforms and make your campaign a bigger success. You can create simple animated videos with Christmas themes with the Kimp Video unlimited video design service.

Tis The Season! Get Christmas ready with Kimp 

Christmas marketing is a very essential step for all brands. Right from small businesses to big brands, everyone is trying to attract, and connect meaningfully, with their target audience. So, you need every trick in the bag to end up a winner. 

And more often than not, it is design that is the most powerful tool to achieve this. Design holds the potential of connecting, influencing, and impressing the customer more than anything else.

So choose only the best for your Christmas marketing campaign. Choose Kimp Graphics and Kimp Video. You get unlimited design requests, unlimited revisions, and a wide range of design services to cover every marketing channel. So say hi to branding consistency and unmatched designs by working with us.

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