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Case Study: How Social Vizion Media Found A 5-Star
Solution To Scale Their Business

“I’ve received several five-star reviews after collaborating with Kimp.io on a project. My clients are usually very happy with their first design and they don’t need to revise anything.”

Frank Anthony,

Owner, Social Vizion Media

What type of business is
Social Vizion Media?

Social Vizion Media is a digital marketing and branding agency based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The agency’s services focus on helping its clients grow their digital presence. And “offers digital solutions for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs”.

Social Vizion Media’s suite of digital solutions includes web design and maintenance, social media marketing and ad campaigns, social media content, and bespoke marketing plans. The agency also offers its clients a wide range of print and digital graphic design services, with flexible packages that can be selected based on their needs.

What problem did
Social Vizion Media need help solving?

Social Vizion Media was looking for a partner to work with to build the capacity to scale their operations. They were interested in outsourcing designs but in a quality controlled environment.

How was Kimp able to address Social Vizion Media’s problem?

Kimp was able to help Social Vizion Media scale their operations by:
  • Offering a free trial which allowed Social Vizion Media to test out the capabilities of the service in terms of collaboration and design styles.
  • Matching up Social Vizion Media with a design team that worked on a shift that overlapped with their business hours, allowing for more collaboration.
  • Providing efficient project management and communication through a streamlined workflow in the KIMP360 design project management software.
  • Taking brand guidelines from one of Social Vizion Media’s clients and helping to replicate and streamline processes for 15 additional clients within the same niche.
  • Providing print and digital design services that helped Social Vizion Media scale their ability to serve their clients. These services included simple social media designs for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, more complex brochures and business signage, as well as billboards, logo designs, and full branding kits for clients.
  • Ensuring effective communication and project management through a dedicated design team, with a responsive Project Manager.

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for Social Vizion Media?

Social Vizion Media’s Owner Frank Anthony shared that working with Kimp has made his life easier. While his dedicated design team focused on the designs he needed done, he was able to focus on his other responsibilities and devote more time to them.

“In the past, I’ve spent too much time and money trying to find a partner that provided the quality of work I needed. They’d offer a reasonable price, but then their quality declined.”