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Case Study: How Paragon Well-Being Is Elevating
Their Branding With A Dedicated Design Team

“I can say that the quality of their work is spot-on. They always hit the nail on the head by delivering our design needs.”

Joe Villegas

CEO, Paragon Well-Being

What type of business is
Paragon Well-Being?

Paragon Well-Being is a corporate wellness company providing software and other services to companies that are interested in improving their overall employee experience.

87% of employees are disengaged. These employees are suffering from poor workplace culture, work-related stress, and overall health issues. Paragon Well-Being provides a platform with content and resources that promote employee health, well-being, company involvement, and engagement. Use of their platform results in engaged employees, high quality culture, healthier employees, and reduced employee stress.

What problem did
Paragon Well-Being need help solving?

The Paragon Well-Being team had a clear vision of how they wanted their customers to perceive their brand. But they needed help bringing their branding vision to life. They sought out Kimp to get the graphic design support they needed to create their marketing materials.

How was Kimp able to address Paragon Well-Being’s problem?

Kimp helped Paragon Well-Being address the problem they were facing by:
  • Saving time with the help of a dedicated design team that completes tasks (e.g. PDF documents, Ebooks, social media posts and photos) for the Paragon Well-Being team.
  • Offering a low-maintenance team that works independently. This allows the Paragon Well-Being team to delegate and then shift focus to other priority tasks.
  • Offering effective communication and project management, as well as prompt updates.
  • Employing effective branding and marketing solutions to bring the Paragon Well-Being brand to life.
  • Making it easy to request designs and track the status of design requests through KIMP360, Kimp’s design project management software.
  • Providing quick turnaround times and quality designs, as well as promptly addressing edit requests with appropriate and creative modifications.

What has been the impact of working with Kimp For Paragon Well-Being?

Paragon Well-Being has been able to complete projects that meet their design needs and bring their brand to life with the support of Kimp. Working with a dedicated design team has allowed them to get quality designs completed within their project timelines, without having to spend a great deal of time managing their design requests. Paragon Well-Being’s CEO shared that:

“Kimp.io’s workflow has always been commendable. There’s never been a time when they haven’t addressed our requests for edits or information — they’re just really easy to work with.”