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Case Study: How BDYC Scaled & Secured Clients With
Unique Branding & Web Design

“I exhaustively searched the unlimited graphic design sector and decided to go with Kimp because of their reputation online. I was so happy with the outcome.”

Ben Yarbrough,

Chief Strategist, BDYC

What type of business is

BDYC is a boutique digital marketing firm that offers fully customized, story-driven, brand development and digital marketing services. This includes brand development, web development, digital marketing, new brand packages, strategic rebranding, and social media marketing.

Through this suite of creative services BDYC helps its clients identify, elevate and align their brand stories. They serve businesses that range from those who have’t started digital marketing, to those who are struggling to build a strong virtual presence. And they do so while leveraging their own strengths to reveal their clients’ strengths.

What problem did
BDYC need help solving?

BDYC needed help filling in the gaps that existed in their creative team quickly, so that they could have the capacity to scale.

How was Kimp able to address BDYC’s problem?

Kimp helped BDYC address the gaps they were facing through the following:
  • A quick and efficient onboarding process so that BDYC could scale up their capacity to create designs and move forward with other areas of business development.
  • Professional design services at a fraction of the cost to hire an in-house graphic design team.
  • A wide range of design services completed by one dedicated team, as part of the flat monthly fee. This includes business card designs, brochure designs, and illustrations.
  • Prompt turnarounds allowing BDYC to provide clients with timely updates, and secure client bids.
  • Easy collaboration that allows BDYC to stay connected, and on the same page, with their dedicated design team through the KIMP360 design project management software.
  • A high degree of value for the flat monthly fee, including friendly, responsive customer service.

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for BDYC?

Social Vizion Media’s Owner Frank Anthony shared that working with Kimp has made his life easier. While his dedicated design team focused on the designs he needed done, he was able to focus on his other responsibilities and devote more time to them.

“In the past, I’ve spent too much time and money trying to find a partner that provided the quality of work I needed. They’d offer a reasonable price, but then their quality declined.”