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Case Study: How Smile Fred Is Growing A Small
Business With A Kimp Design Team

“If you want good quality graphic design with amazing turnaround times for delivery, please give the Kimp service a try, you won't be disappointed.”

Wayne Hamlet

Owner, Smile Fred

What type of business is
Smile Fred?

Smile Fred offers the ability to select a greeting card, type in your personal message and then have the card delivered in the mail to anywhere in the world. The company makes standard cards for consumers for all occasions as well as custom designed corporate cards for businesses wanting to send clients thank you cards, staff birthday cards, etc.

In a business world growing more and more impersonal, Smile Fred believes that it’s never been more important to bring a personal touch to your relationship with clients. And they provide a creative and personalized way to do this.

What problem did
Smile Fred need help solving?

As a start up business Smile Fred has very limited funds for bulk graphic design. But that’s exactly what they need to create custom designed greeting cards for consumers and corporate clients. In addition to needing a cost-effective solution, Smile Fred also needed an efficient way in which to get their designs done so that they could keep up with their existing clients and engage new clients as well.

How was Kimp able to address Smile Fred’s problem?

Kimp was able to help the Smile Fred team scale up their design capacity by:
  • Providing custom designs for a new set of cards on a daily basis for a flat fee, as part of a flexible month-to-month subscription.
  • “I love the way I can have a new set of cards designed everyday with Kimp for the cost of 1 normal job with a standard graphic design company. This allows me to receive around 20 Graphic Design jobs a month which is perfect for our style of business.”
  • Matching Smile Fred up with a Dedicated Design Team that has gotten to know their brand and vision, leading to fewer revisions and more design projects being completed, on scope and on brand.
  • “Working together with our account manager Sheina, we have struck up a good working partnership, where she now delivers the style of graphics we need each day. Very little has to be redone and the system has been working well.”
  • Offering a wide range of design services within a single, flat-rate subscription, making all of the designs needed to launch and scale a small business more accessible.
  • “We started designing all our Smile Fred graphics to complete our shopify store at Smilefred.com. Once completed, we then moved onto creating graphics for our customers, who have been delighted with the corporate card designs.”

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for Smile Fred?

The Smile Fred team has been able to grow their business more efficiently with their Kimp design subscription:

“Our customers think we are bigger than we actually are because of our fast turnaround time. When a new customer requests a set of card designs, we can provide their graphics in 1 to 2 days. This is really helping us grow our small business simply because of the fast turnaround time compared to normal graphic design companies.”