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Case Study: How Dan Smigrod Upgraded the
WGAN brand’s Visual Identity With Kimp

“In the last 12 months, Kimp has created 500+ digital assets for WGAN (including for our clients/prospective clients). By creating a professional “look” to all WGAN brand assets has enabled us to attract more and larger clients.”

Dan Smigrod

Founder & CEO, We Get Around Network

What type of business is the
We Get Around Network (WGAN)?

WGAN connects virtual tour buyers to real estate photographers powered by the most in-depth, relevant and up-to-date content and training for the virtual tour community.

Founded in 2014, the We Get Around Network Forum is the world’s largest knowledge base of its kind (90,000 posts among 15,000 topics). Each month, the WGAN Forum is viewed by 19,000 WGAN members and guests in 140+ countries.

What problem did
Dan need help solving for WGAN?

For around 10 years Dan had been working on growing WGAN through text-based content, and DIY design, alone. But he was limited to his knowledge of, and experience with, design. “Before I engaged Kimp in April 2022, WGAN members, visitors, friends and family unanimously agreed that “my baby” was ugly. And, I thought so too.” While the forum grew at an impressive pace, Dan knew that to tap into new business opportunities and to grow further, he’d need to enlist the support of a design service.

How was Kimp able to address Dan’s problem?

Kimp was able to help Dan upgrade the WGAN’s visual identity by:
  • Matching him up with a Dedicated Design Team, with a Project Manager as a single point of contact, making it easier to make and manage design requests.
  • Providing access to KIMP360, an easy to manage dashboard, to make design requests (i.e. providing Kimp with graphic design art direction and feedback and collaborate with his Dedicated Design Team.
  • Redesigning the WGAN icon and logotype and optimizing it for different placements, including various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and many others.
  • Creating a brand style guide based on the branding designed by Kimp to ensure consistency across future projects and easier, more efficient communication with the Project Manager.
  • Creating branding for WGAN’s various content categories, such as the WGAN podcast, WGAN ebooks, WGAN Training Academy, and ensuring they were consistent with the overall WGAN brand.
  • Developing efficient workflows tailored to Dan’s needs, to deliver designs consistently needed on a weekly and/or monthly basis, such as video thumbnail designs and ebook designs.

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for Dan and WGAN?

Dan has been able to revamp WGAN’s visual identity and branding with his Kimp design subscription:

“I have been so happy with Kimp for all our graphic designs needs that I reached out to the Kimp Founder to ask how I could help Kimp (which resulted in this case study).”