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Case Study: How Garry Robinson Produces
High Quality Designs More Efficiently

“I’m thrilled with the design service from Kimp. For me, using KIMP360 to manage design jobs and having an overlap in time zone for working hours makes the process far more productive. Well done Kimp! I’m a huge fan. Highly recommend it.”

Garry Robinson

Facebook Advertising Expert & Copywriter

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for Garry Robinson’s Advertising Agency?

Garry Robinson is a Facebook Advertising Expert and Copywriter based in Sydney, Australia. His Social Media Advertising Agency focuses on fixing 3 of the biggest pain points that coaches and online course creators alike face when advertising on social media: the high costs of getting started, the complexity of targeting the right audience, and the confusion around what kind of messaging to include in ads.

To help address these challenges, and make a positive return on their marketing investment, Garry creates advertising campaigns that help his clients grow their mailing list, increase registrations for webinars or live events, sell books or online courses, launch a new product or coaching program, generate sales or consulting appointments, and/or add new subscribers to membership sites.

What problem did
Garry Robinson need help solving?

Garry was looking for a professional and reliable design team that could quickly scale up or down in response to his workload. He needed a responsive team with a workflow that could seamlessly integrate into his own.

How was Kimp able to solve Garry Robinson’s problem?

Kimp was able to help Garry Robinson complete design projects more efficiently by:
  • Providing high quality designs that take into account his preferences, reducing the need for revisions: “The quality of design is very good and the longer we work together, the more they understand what I like and what I don’t. This means less time wasted on revisions. It is reassuring to know that when the time comes, Kimp can handle the extra workload.”
  • Helping Garry take the ongoing recruitment of designers off his to-do list and matching him with a Dedicated Design Team that provides him with ongoing support: “I don’t have to waste time hiring and managing my own team of designers. Kimp takes care of all that for me. My dedicated team manager is cheeky and cheerful which makes the process enjoyable for me.”
  • Completing a wide range of design projects within a single month-to-month design subscription: “Kimp redesigned my company website and continues to produce attractive social media collateral for both my agency and my clients. They’ve also designed flyers, infographics and illustrations.”

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for Garry Robinson’s Advertising Agency?

Garry’s found that working with Kimp has allowed him to produce high quality designs more efficiently than managing an in-house design team. And asked if he has any advice for potential clients he said:

“Designers are not mind-readers. Take a little time up front to explain exactly what you want and it will save hours or even days in revisions later. Using a basic image capture and editing tool to visually markup and edit designs saves even more time.”