The average turnaround time for graphics and videos designed in Canva with a Canva Graphics or Canva Plus subscription from KIMP is 1 business day.

Depending on the complexity of your design’s requirements, and the number of designs you need to have created/edited, this turnaround time can fluctuate. And your Project Manager will keep you updated as you make your requests and they review them.

When it comes to your workflow, at any given time you’ll have 3 active Canva Graphics requests and if you have a Canva Plus subscription you’ll also have 2 active video requests.

For those with a Canva Plus subscription it’s important to note that your graphic design requests and video requests are in separate queues, being worked on by separate designers who make up your team. As such they will not interfere with another, nor are they interchangeable with one another. So for example, if you have only 2 graphics requests, you will not be able to increase your active video requests to 3.