5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Dominate in 2020

In 2019 80% of users of the world wide web had at least one social media account. And they numbered around 3.4 billion. Social media has become a force that determines lifestyles and professions. It creates personas in a virtual reality that affects us on a daily basis.

And it’s also the most cost-effective way to gain brand recognition. By investing a few hours to engage with customers and providing value in your content, you can earn a profit that’s well worth the time and money you have spent. With social media, your cost goes down to a $2.50 CPM (aka cost per thousand impressions) while the traditional media CPM ranges from $5 to $57.

Social Media became a pivotal player in advertising in the 2010s. At the start of this new decade, we are facing sharp competition for attention on social media. And in a world that moves faster every day, we have to limit our message to our audience to a 5 second ad. This is where the challenge lies. What can we do within 5 seconds that will influence someone’s life choices?

Below are some steps to help you figure out exactly that.

1) Identify Your Purpose

What is your purpose? What’s your value proposition for your clients? Analyze your business and determine the values that define the products or the services of your business. If you have mission and/or vision statements these will be a great place to start. 

Set up your goals for a determined period of time. Depending on your business capabilities, it could be a month, a year or 10 years. Layout the map of how to get there. Without your goals clearly defined, you can’t come up with campaigns or content that build momentum from one another. 

Once these factors are refined and locked in, they can be incorporated into marketing and advertising campaigns. Bells and whistles that draw attention to you are great, but clearly communicating how you add value to your clients is what will make them connect with your brand. Be sure to also make it clear how you differ from your competitors.

2) Research Your Customers

Knowing your customers is a must in social media marketing. Social media is a gathering place for people from various countries, backgrounds, carrying all sorts of beliefs and ideas. You cannot appeal to all of them with just one campaign or post. Their interests, languages, ages, opinions, sexualities all vary from person to person. Paying attention to these demographic details allows you to personalize your message to different segments of your customers.

Observe what they share in customer reviews and forums where they gather. Converse with them in the comments they leave or your products. Engage them in surveys and ask for their opinion. See what they say about your blog. Leave no stone unturned. Every little insight you gain is valuable data to shape a successful campaign.

And while you research your customers, research potential audiences as well. There could be an untapped audience in a sector or even a city or country that you’re just not aware of yet. Depending on whether you offer a physical product or a service, there are many options for expanding your company’s reach.

3) Come Up With Creative Content

The social media content of your campaign is crucial when you reach out to your audience. They see your product through your content. Craft it carefully to address your audience directly. Be friendly in your content. Talk to them as if you know them. Rather than using the same content over and over, you can use links to blog posts or video links. Consider trying out different types of copywriting and never leave a post with just the headline. A headline can only say so much. 

Don’t use intrusive sales tactics in your content. People find it annoying and even intrusive when they see too many promotions or jargon and slang. Through social media, your objective should be to build people’s trust in you. Once they begin to trust you, they will buy from you.

And remember, a picture speaks a thousand words! How you present your brand entirely depends on the graphics you use. The colours, the shapes and the images. You can say how good your product is with the most creative caption, and yet ruin it all with one wrong image. Be mindful of what your pictures represent. Have a colour theme that expresses your brand identity. That way the customer will be able to recognize your brand in a glimpse.

Make it a point to create cover photos and posts for each social media platform based on one theme. This gives a sense of consistency to the audience. And make sure your pictures are the right size for the relevant social media site. You don’t want any information to be cut out from the image when you upload it. 

4) Choose The Right Platforms

Before you start your campaign, determine which platform is most suited to your needs. Covering all of them can get out of hand when providing updates and keeping in contact with your customers. So pick only the most relevant platforms to use.

If you are looking to raise awareness of your brand, the best platform is a social media site where you can gather a large following. If it’s your goal to expand your network and generate more B2B leads, you can pick a site like LinkedIn. 80% of the leads generated from B2B business come from LinkedIn, along with 46% of the traffic that goes to company websites.

When it comes to creating a large following, use the platforms that are accessed by users on a daily basis. With 1 billion users and 500 million daily visitors, Instagram can take the name of your brand to your future customers. To get started and build up your follower base, you can always seek the help of micro-influencers on Instagram. On Facebook, you can use groups to create a community around your brand.  

As a visual search engine, Pinterest acts as the third most popular social network. You can utilize Pinterest to maximize traffic to your website by using engaging pins. Make sure you create pin-worthy graphics with a keyword-rich profile. 

5) Engagement

Once you start your campaign you have to be truly engaged. People will see your content and form their own opinions about it. Don’t just sit back and watch the metrics, gather insights by listening to your customers and conversing with them. As prospective customers, they are the ones who can provide the most important feedback. Whether they love, hate or are indifferent to your content, thank them for their feedback.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your social media accounts as ghost towns. Make them lively. Creates powerful content that carries energy. Be there when customers visit your page. Answer their questions, consider creating interactive content like quizzes, puzzles or games that can provide you insight into their needs. Try posting videos as well. 82% of consumer traffic is projected to be coming from videos in 2021. And be creative with them – they can be anything from vlogs, animations, and live streaming, to interviews or tutorials.

Your content doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to connect with your customers. So experiment with different formats and figure out the hits and the misses.

Get Social Every Single Day

When it comes to reaching customers there is no other form of advertising that has as much reach and engagement with such a low overhead cost. Even though a social media marketing campaign can be hard work, at the end of the day your hard work will be rewarded with either wins or lessons – sometimes both! This is something that remains true as your business grows and evolves. No matter how your messaging and offerings change, social media will allow you to test the waters with your customers through a variety of campaigns. Without breaking the bank.

And if you need a hand, you can always let the expert designers at Kimp handle all the different types of designs you’ll need. We create designs tailored to each platform. You just have to let us know your messaging.