Design Inspiration: 8 Of The Best 4th Of July Ads Of All Time

Every 4th of July, it is not just the sky that lights up. It is also the eyes of every marketer in America. A season of celebration brings in a whole lot of opportunities for businesses big and small.

And capitalizing on such events just makes things so much better for any business.

That’s why marketers roll up their sleeves and start hunting for cool new ways to engage their audience, promote their products and boost sales whenever a much-loved holiday rolls around. 

But then there are a few questions to address. What can you post? Which products should you promote? How can you create effective 4th of July ads that do not look cliched? 

If you’ve asked these questions too, then you are in the right place. We have put together some of the most popular and memorable fourth of July ads of all time. So, are you ready for your dose of inspiration? 

The Best 4th of July Ads to Inspire You 

A few quick things to remember when you create your 4th of July ads: 

  • Keep it short and simple. 
  • Create ads that pose a question or change people’s perspectives and you are sure to make a difference. Because an effective ad is one that makes an emotional connection.  
  • Whether it is a simple social media image or an elaborate video ad, focus on the color scheme. That’s how you help people grasp the theme immediately. 
  • Focus on the value you offer. Either through infographics or interactive videos help customers learn something new and they will remember your ad. And your brand too! 

Having said that let’s look at some ads that show how it is done. 

Video Ads for the 4th of July 

1. WWE’s “We Are America” ad shows the power of inclusive content 

Crafted mindfully, inclusive ads are heartwarming. And what better occasion to create an inclusive ad than Independence Day. After all, the best way to celebrate the holiday is to feel a sense of pride by embracing the diversity the country is known for. And this WWE ad featuring John Cena captures that idea brilliantly. 

The above ad works because:

  • The brilliant copy challenges your perspective 
  • And the overall content is interactive and thought-provoking 
2. Budweiser’s ad makes the most of what’s trending in popular media 

We all know the fictional character of President Thomas Whitmore from the 1996 classic, Independence Day. Budweiser cleverly used this famous character in its ad by featuring Bill Pullman who played the role of the President in the film. And the ad reminds the viewers of the iconic speech from the film. 

4th of July ads featuring references from pop culture work because:

  • You impress the fans of the movie or character referenced in the ad
  • The concept feels simple and easy to resonate with 
3. Time it right as Netflix did for its July 4th Stranger Things promo 

What if you could use your existing content to boost your 4th of July marketing campaign by simply highlighting the most relevant parts. Sounds like a cool idea doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Netflix did. Stranger Things has a cult following. Timing the release of the 3rd season on the 4th of July 2019 was a smart move by Netflix. 

And to make things even better, Netflix also released a promo of the season featuring all things July 4, like fireworks, red-blue-white color palettes, and the American flag in the trailer below, while also keeping the content mainly about the series itself. 

As a brand or marketer looking for ideas, you can use this concept by displaying your existing products that feature blue and red packaging designs for example. You are still promoting your product while also capturing the essence of the celebration. 

4th of July ads like this one work because:

  • Fans get the subtle clues you plug in 
  • And your brand benefits since you do not have to create something entirely new 
4. Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks the art of acing long-form content 

It is not always that videos that are as long as 4-minutes manage to gain a steady engagement rate. But this fourth of July video from Macy’s achieves that effortlessly. All thanks to the underlying message it carries.

The annual fireworks show by this retail chain is an event that many Americans look forward to. But the video that the brand put together in 2021 to celebrate the unsung heroes of the country touched people’s hearts. 

The ad works because:

  • Videos with authentic content and real people are easy to connect with 
  • 70% of Americans consider it important for brands to “make the world a better place”. So, when you create simple videos that tell the story of how you contribute to the society, it leaves a lasting impact on them. 

Kimp Tip: When you create videos that showcase your corporate social responsibility activities, be very particular about the visuals in your video. Show don’t tell. Because visual storytelling is the best way to connect with people.  

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5.’s ad shows that it pays off when you go the distance is a site that deals with genealogy tests and helps people identify little-known information about their ancestors and bloodlines. The brand made heads turn with its 2017 video ad for the 4th of July. If you do not already know about this ad, take a look at it below and see if you can tell what’s special about the ad. 

It might look like a video featuring a bunch of people of different ethnicities, but towards closure, the video discloses that everyone featured in the video is a descendent of a signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Anyone who watches the video will be curious to dig a little deeper and find out more about the brand that went this far to bring people from all parts of the world after all these years. And that too to showcase such a beautiful concept of how diverse the signers of the Declaration of Independence were. 

4th of July ads like this one work because:

  • They evoke a sense of patriotism
  • The amount of effort the brand makes to create such ads shows how serious it is about what it stands for. 
6. Pedigree shows how you can never go wrong with an emotional ad

Pedigree’s commercial titled General Howe’s Dog is sure to melt your heart and also give you quick history lessons in just over 2 minutes. Take a look at it yourself. 

This ad beautifully materializes the idea of finding beauty in everything. When people reminisce the days of the war on Independence Day, they mostly think about the tragedy behind it. But looking back at such less-spoken-about incidents and bringing a smile is definitely an idea to learn from. 

The ad works perfectly because: 

  • It looks back at the history making it perfect for the 4th of July 
  • And it conveys a heartwarming message that the target audience will instantly fall in love with 

Social Media Posts to Celebrate the Spirit of Independence 

7. Disney’s animated wishes 

Ads do not always have to be elaborate. Simpler ones crafted for social media can still become the talk of the town. One such 4th of July ad with a lot of views is a simple animation from Disney

Mickey Mouse’s silhouette is enough for people to recognize that the ad is from Disney. And the color scheme quickly conveys the 4th of July theme and the firework animation embraces the festivities. This simple animation is a great idea to inspire your social media posts for the 4th of July. 

4th of July ads like this one work because:

  • Relatable symbolism instantly makes a connection 
  • Simple animations boost engagement on social media 

Print Ads to Capture the Essence of the Occasion 

8. Away’s ad is a lesson in copywriting

Ads get people to notice your brand. But witty ads get them to remember your brand. That’s exactly what the below 4th of July ad from Away, an American luggage and travel accessories company, does. 

Source: Service List

Away’s ad strongly establishes the power of good copy in marketing. The ad works because:

  • It has a headline that makes you stop and take a second look. 
  • And the subtly plugs in the idea of the brand without actually talking about the brand. This evokes your curiosity and builds better brand awareness. 

Kimp Tip: When you have copy-rich ads like the one above, a lot depends on the font choices and the overall hierarchy. You want people to stop and look at your ad not move past it. Legible typefaces in bold and big fonts grab attention by making the ad stand out from the rest of the content. 

Wondering how to create minimalistic text-only ads that are still aesthetically appealing? Get in touch with the Kimp team today for all your ad design requirements. 

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