Top 10 Graphic Design Trends To Colour the New Decade

We stand in the dawn of the new decade, full of new graphic design trends. Graphic design is an interpretation of the dynamic aspects of the world around us. Be it in marketing, advertising, illustrations or simple art, these trends represent the changes occurring in the world around us.

Let’s take a look at the trends that will impact the graphic design industry in the 2020s.


Minimalism has been around since 2010. And it seems like it’s going to be here for a while. As marketers aspire to become more transparent and honest, they prefer minimalism as it mirrors these traits.

Minimalism consists of primary colours, simple two-dimensional illustrations and easy to read type. This simple style of design is not just about aesthetics. As a functional design trend, minimalism conveys messages easier and more directly than complex designs. But it isn’t universally loved. To some, minimalism is cold and unfeeling. This will change in 2020. Graphic designers predict that we’ll see this trend used in ways that are cozier and warmer.


Much like minimalism, Cyberpunk art is not something entirely new. It’s a trend that was started in the ’80s and still prevails today. References to it are in different types of art and literature. Cyberpunk’s futuristic themes involve bright and saturated colour pallets, drawing a picture of space-age, neon cities. While the original cyberpunk styles used darker colours, in 2020 we’ll see the colours becoming vibrant and luminous.

In 2020, we aren’t in the tech utopia ’80s movies predicted. But our lives are integrated with technology to the point where we constantly carry different types of it in our pockets.

This opens up the doors for a wide range of applications for cyberpunk colour schemes.

Organic and Earthy

There’s an ongoing and unresolved discussion about climate change. With wildfires, global warming, melting ice caps, polluted oceans, extinctions of species and reducing forest coverage, consumer behaviors are rapidly changing. People are looking for more sustainable products and services. And this in turn is impacting the designs of packages, logos, and many corporate designs.

Organic and earthy designs assure customers of their contribution to protecting planet. And they also add a nice vintage feeling, creating a nostalgia for good old times.


Designers always play with typography to create more innovative and modern looks. This is a trend that will keep increasing in 2020 – to the point of seeing designs that only consist of type.

Stylized typography has existed since the beginning of design. In 2019, simple, bold typography was the trend. With the success of this trend in its capability of making statements, it appears that the trend will continue through 2020 and stick around for some time.

In addition to simple and bold, typography styles like Maxi (typography so bold and heavy that it sometimes bleeds off the page), shape creating text, and semi-transparent text over images are predicted to be popular for some time to come.

Custom Illustrations

In contrast to the use of stock images, use of custom illustrations is booming. Pro designers foresee that the already existing trend of custom illustrations will evolve into the use of simpler illustrations in the 2020s.

Simplified custom illustrations are getting popular because it’s much easier to convey a message through them. Due to their sketchy and childish nature, there’s no risk of the audience misinterpreting the intended message.

Additional to simple designs, illustrations based on geometric shapes and line art are gaining popularity. Despite their neat and abstract appearance, these illustrations require much careful placement of elements to convey their intended message.

Isometric Illustrations

For many years, isometric illustrations have been on the scene and have been evolving. In 2020, isometric illustrations associated with animation will be quite popular when it comes to web designs, presentations, and infographics designs.

The 3-dimensional effect of isometric drawings create an immersive experience and a sense of virtual reality. With advances in technology, translation of 2D concepts into 3D is getting easier and more real all the time. It’s no wonder then that isometric illustrations are as popular as they are.


Animation will jump to another level in the 2020s. From data visualization to advanced GIFs, this technique will be ruling the design industry in 2020 and forward.

We’ll also see a lot of combinations of trends with the animation of isometric and custom illustrations. Animations bring brands and messages to life in a way that nothing else can. And when we’re constantly competing for customers’ attention, that goes a long way.

Paper Cutout Collages

Collages are a prominent form of art. They are associated with masterpieces. Which isn’t surprising as they were introduced by Pablo Picasso, and used in various art movements such as Dada.

They also have the very cool effect of forcing people to form meaning, and a whole image, from different elements. In digital designs, collages often involve the placement of pictures with rough white edges on to others, and doodling on photos to highlight points.

With mismatched elements meeting in one space, collages carry a surrealistic and abstract touch. They are often very effective for editorial illustrations, posters, and book covers.

Fluid Shapes

Conventional geometric shapes that contain fixed edges and curves are popular. But there’s also another trend that is looking to be increasingly popular in 2020. Fluid shapes. They represent agility, flexibility, and movement.

These flowing shapes have smooth curved edges, a soft flow and vibrant colours and colour gradients.

You’ll also see them in combination with animations that have a gentle, soothing effect.


What will be the most prominent graphic design trend in 2020? Many point to innovation. And we agree. At Kimp, our pro designers keep up with trends to deliver our clients with relevant designs. But we know that no matter what trends are predicted, there’s always a few designers who innovate and come up with even more. That’s the beauty of graphic design. All of its infinite possibilities. And so we dedicate the last point on this list to that unpredictability.