6 Refreshing Spring Marketing Ideas To Inspire Your Own

Spring is here. People are stepping out of their homes leaving the long winter behind them. It’s a good time to embrace change. It’s a good time to rework your marketing strategies. From spring-themed events to boost engagement to limited-time discounts to bring those sales, there’s so much you can do for your spring marketing strategy. 

Spring marketing can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. Exciting because every new season brings a bunch of new opportunities to explore. Intimidating because it happens every year and so you do not want to keep doing the same thing over and over again. Additionally, your competitors are also joining the race. So, you need to get creative to get noticed. 

How do you do that? Let’s find out. 

The first step is to bring those spring vibes into your marketing designs to set the mood. Then comes the part where you plan your seasonal campaigns to set to get into the spring spirit. Ready to look at some ideas for these steps? Let’s spring into action! 

Spring marketing – what to change and where 

Before we talk about the campaigns you can plan for spring, let’s talk about the ways in which you can give your brand a makeover with a spring aesthetic. There are a few ways to do this: 

  • Like a seasonal wardrobe refresh, you can give a subtle yet noticeable makeover to your brand page profile picture and cover images on social media. 
  • Another idea is to create a set of spring-themed posts to adorn your social media page. For example, on Instagram, you can create refreshing grid posts that welcome spring. Or you can use the Pinned Posts option to pin the spring-themed posts to your grid. 
  • For brands that operate through physical stores, giving the store a spring makeover adds to the excitement. From floral accents and wall decor to banners and signage to capture the vibe, there are many branded designs you can use to set the spring theme in your store. 
  • Plan a spring campaign focusing on one channel or as a multichannel approach to multiply customer engagement during the season. (More about this in a minute)

Having laid out the ideas let’s talk about some ways to execute them. Some ways to execute spring aesthetics in marketing designs. 

Spring aesthetic – ways to embrace the spring cheer in your brand designs 

You can never go wrong with florals 

Flowers are the quintessential spring elements that almost everyone instantly recognizes. So, adding floral accents to your designs is one way to lay the foundation for your brand’s spring aesthetic. 

An elegant floral frame added to your existing social media cover images or even floral details in your social media posts can convey the theme effortlessly. Additionally, you can do this without deviating too much from your brand aesthetic as well. 

Social media design by Kimp 
Say yes to colors 

Spring is the time when colors make even more sense. Saturated palettes and refreshing color combinations make their way into brand designs in spring. Some brands modify their packaging design to embrace the new season while others bring more colors to their print ads. And some brands stick to playing with colors on the digital landscape alone. 

Either way, adding more colors can make your marketing designs look dressed up for the season. Running out of ideas? Or want to stay away from cliched combinations? Look for the spring color trends in the world of fashion. Spring collections from popular fashion brands often set the stage for new color trends every season. 

From statement reds to peach pink and crystal rose, several colors have been ruling the runway this spring. And they are lively options to bring your brand designs to life. 

Worried that your spring color palette choice might affect the presence of your brand colors? There’s a way to tackle that too. Identify the one primary brand color you wish to use in your designs. Based on the popular color schemes used in design, come up with a set of color palettes that use your brand color as the base color. This way you can embrace spring colors without leaving your brand color behind. 

Social media design by Kimp 

In the above example, since the brand color is red, color palettes that incorporate shades of red seamlessly blend the spring aesthetic with the brand aesthetic.

Or if your brand has a more minimalistic approach to design, spring would be a great time to explore pastel colors. Pastel color palettes keep the tone of the design mild while also representing the lively spring theme. 

Add a bounce to the typography 

Elegant script styles especially refreshing brush scripts can easily complement the spring aesthetic. They make your designs look fresh and ready for change. Leaving behind the gloom of winter when people step into the spring season, a fresh and casual style will resonate with them easily. So, keep it light and casual when it comes to typography. 

Social media design by Kimp 

Kimp Tip: As with color palettes built around your brand color, you can also use spring-friendly fonts only in the focal points like the title text while retaining your brand fonts in the rest of the design. This way your brand identity stays intact while wearing the spring makeover. 

Bring the outdoors indoors 

A fool-proof way to sprinkle the seasonal spirit into your campaigns and designs will be to understand what makes the season special. So, what makes spring special? Warm weather and sunny conditions giving a chance to step outside and enjoy the outdoors a little longer. 

So, how can you use this idea to redefine your spring aesthetic? Add more than just flowers. Add elements that remind people of the warm and sunny spring days spent outdoors. For example, imagery that includes meadows, butterflies, and the warmth of the sun can add that spring touch to your designs. 

Flyer design by Kimp

So, that was about including the spring aesthetic in your brand designs. Now let’s talk about some campaigns and posts you can plan for the season. After all, in addition to donning the new look, you should also focus on bringing in new customers and engaging the existing ones. 

Spring marketing – 6 campaign ideas to try this year 

1. Align your products/services with the season 

If you can connect the occasion in the picture to the services you offer, even your promotions become instantly relevant to the occasion. In that way, businesses offering cleaning services or those selling cleaning supplies are in luck during spring. It becomes easier than ever to promote your products or services since spring cleaning is happening in full swing. 

All it takes is to create designs that connect with your customers. Once you have their attention, selling becomes simpler since your customers are already looking for ways to simplify spring cleaning. A seasonal discount can be a cherry on top. 

Kimp Tip: Use custom illustrations and a catchy and memorable copy to grab the attention of your target audience and to convince them to take a step immediately. After all, your designs need to be unique to help you rise above the chatter and get noticed. 

Custom illustration by Kimp 
2. Make it about your customers 

A while ago, we spoke about considering what people look forward to during spring in order to come up with the best spring marketing ideas. Adding to this, understand the lifestyle changes that people make when a new season arrives. 

Promotions that help them refresh their wardrobe for the season as well as discounts that help people get back in shape after a long and lazy winter are all quite effective. Identify the products in your catalog that can fit into these categories and offer special limited-time discounts on them. 

Social media design by Kimp 
3. Introduce new products and variations 

If you are looking for an opportunity to experiment with a new product line, the dawn of spring, or the arrival of any new season for that matter, will be a great time. 

This can be a whole new product line or a new seasonal collection or even a variation of an existing successfully running product. Because when a new season begins, people are more willing to embrace change and therefore there is a better chance of your customers willingly trying your new product. The spring/summer collections that fashion brands launch every year are the perfect examples of this. 

4. A spring-themed event

About 95% of marketers consider events to be effective in creating live connections with customers and prospects. Evidently, events are a great way to break any communication barrier between a brand and its customers. What better time to plan an event than spring? In fact, spring is the perfect season to plan outdoor physical events after a long winter of live events. 

Flyer design by Kimp 

Given that the children are home for spring break, events that involve the whole family are a big hit. Through such events, you are giving families an idea to spend quality time together while enjoying the outdoors. 

Businesses selling digital products do not have to be left behind. Virtual events are effective even in spring. Furthermore, virtual events help you connect with your audience from different geographical locations. So, do not let the scope of your offerings stop you from hosting a spring-themed event. The objective is to bring your customers together and to make meaningful connections with them. 

5. You can never go wrong with a spring sale

Everybody loves a chance to save money while shopping. Additionally, since customers are spending a lot of money on spring cleaning and other tasks involved in welcoming a new season, they appreciate a sale that saves their budget. 

Social media design by Kimp 

Timed discounts, and special discount codes emailed to existing customers are all great ways to make a spring sale more successful. 

6. Add gamification to boost engagement 

Irrespective of the campaign idea you choose, remember to make the whole process fun for your customers. After all, it is the season of happiness and your campaign should evoke the right emotions to make an impact. 

Starbucks is known to introduce seasonal items to its menu. This year, to make things more interesting and to promote its spring beverages, the brand used gamification

The link in the Tweet takes you to a landing page where you are recommended a drink based on your star sign. The overall experience is fun – the kind that people remember easily. While there is a subtle promotion of the new drink in it and also a link to order the link, there’s so much more value it creates for customers. 

Kimp Tip: In campaigns like these where customers are to move from one step to another, remember to make the whole experience smooth and consistent. Every step should look visually and thematically connected to the previous step. For example, in this case, the social media post in the Starbucks Tweet looks very similar to the landing page the link takes you to. 

Such consistency ensures that customers do not lose track of where they are or where they are headed. 

Need help creating visually consistent marketing graphics for your spring marketing campaigns? Choose a Kimp subscription

Bring your spring marketing campaigns alive with designs by Kimp 

Whether you want to capture the seasonal spirit or promote an upcoming event or even keep your customers informed of a sale that’s running, visuals play a critical part in all these places. Because when you have an idea to convey, you need the right strategy to convey it. With brands busy promoting their campaigns and prepping for spring, you need to get more creative to visually engage your customers and stay in their minds for longer. 

One way to do this is to dress up your social media pages with spring aesthetics as we discussed earlier in this blog. Another is to create a set of consistent-looking posts that carry your spring marketing campaigns forward. For all this, it can be quite useful to have a designated design team to handle all your designs. So, what’s stopping you? Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Kimp and give your spring marketing effort the boost it needs.