Our Graphic & Video Design Month In Review: May & June At Kimp

Throwbacks are fun, aren’t they? Especially when you love the work you do and are excited to see how your everyday efforts contributed to the big picture.

And that is exactly why we love doing the monthly recaps for Kimp. 

Kimp has multiple design teams working on client projects and as each team has its own Project Manager, a lot of work gets done even without active pushing. These monthly recaps clearly serve as a means to know about the achievements of our teams and share it with our audience. Want to take a peek into May & June at Kimp? Let’s dive right in. 

A Snapshot of May and June at Kimp 

When a new financial year begins, you know that things are going to be hectic. Budgets open up, projects get off the ground, and for Kimp, it means an increase in subscription numbers. May and June stood true to this trend prediction and we saw many clients come onboard with new subscriptions or by renewing their existing plans. 

But how was May and June at Kimp in terms of design requirements? 

As always, it continues to surprise how versatile and varied marketing design can be. There is no one size fits all formula and billboards are as important as an Instagram post. Trust us, we have designed plenty of those in the last couple of months. 

The ability to handle different design categories is definitely one of the biggest perks of being an unlimited design service. Our clients bring us variety in assignments, stimulating our creative juices and giving us a view of what is trending in the industry. 

This article will take you through some of our most popular designs and design categories for the last couple of months, while breaking down the intent behind them.

Let’s get into it. 

May and June At Kimp – Reviews Recap 

Ah, but how can we forget? The work is amazing but the clients make it even better when they are honest and generous with their feedback. Being an unlimited design service is awesome but a little difficult too. The quick turnaround time, the varying branding guidelines, and the iterations can be challenging. But it is extremely rewarding to know that the clients appreciate the effort. 

Just some of the reviews we were fortunate to receive in May and June : 

june at kimp

These reviews put a huge smile on our face, so thank you to every customer who takes the time to share their feedback. 

Have you used or are currently using Kimp’s services? Please share your feedback on any of these platforms to help us spread the word. 

Snapshot of May and June at Kimp

Now it is time for the main event of the blog – what designs reigned supreme and how did the team handle it?

Let’s dive right in. 


While the world is happy to assume that the marketing world runs on digital alone, every month the design requests from our clients tell us that the reality is a little different. Yes, print designs are very much in demand and our teams deliver the OG marketing materials in the form of posters, flyers, brochures, and so on consistently. 

But yes, how brochure designs are approached and handled has surely seen some twists and turns. 

Brochures earlier were quite simplistic in design and approach, adopting a muted and basic color scheme. They also had more words than anyone wanted to read. But we are happy to note that our clients understand now that digital consumer habits will translate to offline marketing mediums too. 

Take a look at this brochure designed by the Kimp Graphics team that leverages visual hierarchy built by a contrasting color scheme and the stunning product image. Consumers would not have to struggle to consume this brochure’s content definitely. 

june at Kimp
Brochure design by Kimp
Business cards

How many people have told you that business cards are dead in the last year? We are guessing that the number is a lot, especially if you count all the influencer voices on the Internet. But the truth is nothing is ever dead completely in the marketing industry. As the business needs change, so do the trends. 

As offline events make a comeback and people can happily network without the intervention of a screen, there is one marketing asset that businesses are going back to. And that is definitely a business card. 

Your customers, peers, and vendors view your business card as an extension of your branding. The design then becomes a medium to communicate your branding aesthetic and personality. 

Take a look at the design aesthetics Kimp clients chose over the past couple of months. 

Business card designs by Kimp

You can see how each of these designs are not your typical business cards with just the name and the brand logo. No, clients and designers worked together to leverage this medium to express their brand’s identity and connect with the recipient. If you got this at an event, you will take a second logo. 

The last business card with the QR code is also an excellent example of marketing trends changing with time. It is high time brands considered bringing the online and offline side of their business together and it starts with a simple scannable code. 

Flyers and Posters

Building on the theme of offline and print marketing materials are here to stay, let’s explore another significant category – posters and flyers. Similar to brochures, posters and flyers have been around for a long time and have been the easiest channel to spread the word in local marketing efforts. 

Posters like the ones you can see below play a huge role in boosting in-store advertisements. The COVID-19 pandemic has made a huge chunk of the population accustomed to having information readily available. This means the days of asking a store employee are mostly long gone. To circumvent this issue, businesses have begun to choose posters as an informational communication medium.

Flyer designs by Kimp
Branding design – Logo and Logo Animation 

We love marketing design, no doubt. But branding design is special. There are a lot of DIY options and templates available, but it is a special process that allows us to understand business and craft their branding identity. And we do that with pleasure. 

Branding design is complicated, challenging, and as unique as it comes. No two businesses have the same personalities or stories, so our design team ensures that no two branding designs look similar too. 

Logo design by Kimp

This logo design is one of our favorites amongst the myriad of designs we delivered over the last couple of months. There are two major reasons for it : It used the color green which is a rare but effective color in logo design. Also, the logo is minimalist but with a distinguishing detail on the letter “G” that makes it memorable for the audience. Win-win, right? 

Video and motion graphics have overtaken the marketing world and have been making their presence felt in the world of branding as well. Logo animations are a huge part of this new trend. When you know that a majority of your marketing will be in the motion graphics arena, it makes sense to develop a custom animation for the most important asset – logo. 

Take a look at this logo animation our Kimp Video team developed for our client. 

Packaging design

Speaking of branding design, how can we not talk about packaging design? You know the biggest mistake a retail brand can make is to not spend enough time and effort on packaging design. In most cases, this is the first and most important customer touchpoint through which customers interact with your other branding assets. 

The elements you pick for your packaging design have to align with your a) product and b)brand identity, so it is a tight walk. Another important factor in the success of packaging design is that each design has to be unique but also be part of a bigger grand scheme of designs. Just like the design you see below from Kimp. 

Each of these designs is unique but also connects well with each other and the branding identity. 

Packaging designs by Kimp
NFT Designs

The last few months, Kimp has been fortunate enough to develop some very unique and amazing NFT designs for our clients. The Web3 movement and the NFT revolution is bigger than any of us, and it is a great opportunity for our design team to develop these designs. 

Outsourcing NFT design is a big step for any creator or business and we completely respect the apprehension and uncertainty that comes with it. But in some way, this makes perfect sense to do with an unlimited design service like Kimp. 

NFTs are usually collections of designs with similar characteristics but differentiating attributes. It takes a lot of time, effort, and iterations to arrive at the design style for the individual design and the collection. When you do this with Kimp, you do not have to worry about paying per design or iteration – no, you can access all that within a flat monthly fee. 

How cool, right? 

Just take a look at some of the NFT designs the Kimp Graphics team delivered for one of our clients. You can see how they connect with each other while staying unique. 

NFT designs by Kimp
Landing Pages 

In our blogs on landing pages, we always speak about the need to be consistent with the advertisement design for best results. So it goes without saying that the trends that envelope advertisement design will leave an impact on landing page design. 

One major design trend for 2022 is minimalism but with personality. Less is more, but the trend has been to make whatever is actually on screen completely shine through. That is why even for minimalist designs, we have begun using bold colors and patterns to make the subject shine. 

A prime example of this is the first landing page design you can see below. While this is definitely a non-crowded landing page, it still has bold colors, patterns, and striking imagery to leave a lasting impact. 

Landing page design by Kimp

This second example of the landing page design shows how a minimalist design can incorporate text without overcrowding. 

june at kimp
Landing page design by Kimp

It always astounds us that both these designs came from our team and that in the industry, variety is always the flavor of the month. 

Email Designs 

Social media can be a game changer but there is comfort and confidence in speaking to a newsletter subscriber. Across all marketing mediums, email marketing has the highest support for lead conversions. Marketers and experts stress on the need for the right subject line, the right CTA, and the right design to bring it all home. 

Email designs can be tricky because you have to commit to the process at every step. Right from the heading to the CTA, the aim is to not lose the customer and also ensure that the clicks happen. At Kimp, we design newsletters for small businesses all the time and our aim has always been to keep it light and engaging. 

Check out the designs our team delivered over the last couple of months : 

As you can see, both these email designs are visually focused on the product offering and aim to capture the customers’ interest instantly. We know how short attention spans can be, especially for emails consumed on a mobile phone. So it is important to instantly convey the message while also not being too loud to make the consumer turn away from the message. 

june at kimp
june at kimp
Email designs by Kimp

Our favorite part in both these designs is that each of them have a distinct personality and are easy to peruse.

With Kimp, you can create unlimited engaging branded emails without spending a bomb. 


Our last category for this recap is definitely a crowd favorite. Whenever we think of motion graphics, videos instantly come to mind. But there is a silent killer in this category that definitely has a bigger footprint in marketing design. And that is GIFs. GIFs are like videos, but better because they are easier to design, faster to load, and can boost your brand identity across channels. 

It is not unheard of that brands created GIFs for keyboard or social media integration as part of their marketing strategy. Even for in store promotions, GIFs play a vital role in the form of display loops. We have two GIF designs from Kimp that are perfect for this use case. 

GIF design by Kimp
GIF design by Kimp

GIFs are also ideal for banner ads, email banners, announcements, and display on web platforms. Just that small addition of motion makes the overall design way more engaging and attractive than it would have been otherwise. Just check out this memorial day wish design from Kimp and you will agree with us. 

GIF design by Kimp

The road ahead with Kimp

Businesses worldwide are experiencing transitioning times and now is the time more than ever, to be bold in pursuit. It can be pursuit of leads, deals, or customers , but what is important is that we never give up the chase. 

Marketing is becoming the trump card for every business as it helps them connect with their audience while putting themselves out there. That is the only way to edge out the competition. 

And if you are looking for a partner in this bold pursuit, then Kimp is here for you. 

Connect with our team for your graphic design and video design needs and let’s move ahead together. 

Access the live webchat here or sign up for the free trial to begin now.