KIMP’s Picks 21st August: Weekly Highlights In Design, Marketing, AI, & More

Feeling the Monday blues already? Looking for a boost of inspiration to give you a nudge for the week ahead? Look no further. We’re back with the KIMP’s Picks 21st August edition. This is KIMP’s weekly round-up of all things trending and all things insightful from social media. 

So, are you hyped up about finding some quick and useful updates and tips in marketing, design, and AI? Let’s go. 

In the Marketing Realm 

A quick overview of Linkedin document ads 

From better visibility to extended engagement, LinkedIn Document Ads are known to bring a plethora of benefits. With a conversion rate of about 9.5%, Document Ads are highly beneficial to brands. Yet, not many brands leverage it to its full potential. Do you? If not, then the below post from Social Media Examiner, a leading source of updates from the world of social media, is a good place to begin with. 

The post gives an overview of LinkedIn Document Ads and provides some quick tips on making the most of this ad format. From using this format for remarketing to organizing lead lists, the post covers all the basics to get started. 

Discovery ads will soon be upgraded to Demand Gen

Recently, Google introduced Demand Gen, an AI-powered campaign. The idea is to assist advertisers in finding and converting consumers with visually appealing and relevant creatives that prompt action at the right moment.

From combining the benefits of video and images in one ad to tapping into Lookalike segments, Demand Gen is touted to bring a host of beneficial features for advertisers to boost their campaign performance. 

In a recent update, Google announced that current Discover Ads will be upgraded to Demand Gen starting in October. At the moment, advertisers can also explore the beta version of Demand Gen. 

Google gave a glimpse into this announcement in the below post last week. 

Winning customers through customer journey mapping 

Acquiring new customers is one area that several small businesses struggle with. Moz, a renowned SEO software provider, shared the below post outlining one effective method to tackle this struggle. The post talks about building a customer journey map and using it to acquire new customers. 

It talks about the customer journey from awareness to loyalty stages and how to map the journey using Google data. From defining the objective to mapping out the intents and creating content to accommodate each objective, the featured post talks all about customer journey mapping for bringing new customers to the business.  

Connecting early with holiday shoppers 

The holiday season is just around the corner and marketers everywhere are busy planning their campaigns for the busiest shopping season of the year. Want to get a headstart on this? The key is to connect with holiday shoppers early, according to Google. 

In the below post, Google lists several useful holiday shopping insights including the timelines when the shopping frenzy begins. These are useful insights for marketers to understand when to plan their campaigns and what kinds of campaigns to create for each type of holiday shopper. 

Google Business Profiles can now feature social media links 

Creating a Google Business Profile is a foundational step in creating a business’s online presence. From local marketing to easy web advertising, a Google Business Profile brings a host of benefits. 

Top Rank, a full-service B2B company shared the below post highlighting a critical update to Google Business Profiles. The update allows businesses to add their social media page links to their business profiles. This makes it easier to streamline a brand’s online presence. 

Amazon ads will soon appear in more places 

Marketing Dive talks about all the major marketing updates and insights useful for businesses in various sectors. Marketing Dive shared the below post highlighting an upgrade coming to Amazon’s sponsored ads allowing advertisers to make the most of their Amazon ad budget. 

The update highlighted here involves Amazon’s recent partnership with Pinterest and BuzzFeed. Soon Amazon product ads will appear on these third-party apps and link back to product pages. The fact that these third-party apps are where customers look for ideas taking the shopping links to these spaces means relevant placements for better conversions. This expansion solidifies Amazon’s dominance in the retail media sector.

Creative Uber Eats ad 

Uber UK has been busy promoting Uber Eats its grocery delivery service. Promotions have been planned in the form of creative outdoor campaigns and social media ads. AdWeek, a leading publication that talks about creativity, marketing, and more shared the below Uber Eats campaign to inspire marketers around the world. 

Without focusing too much on the brand itself, the ad focuses on the value it creates for the customers. It highlights the ease of placing orders and getting groceries delivered. The creative idea of getting you to visualize feeling relaxed instead of stressing about grocery shopping makes it a memorable one. 

Welch’s Fruit Snacks creates a playful campaign 

Ads that have a well-defined emotional quotient are the ones that customers easily connect with. The recent Welch’s Fruit Snacks campaign is one such. Ad Age regularly shares creative campaigns from around the world for marketing insights and inspiration. In the below post, Ad Age shared a campaign to promote Welch’s Fruit Snacks.

As a part of the campaign, the brand came up with an engaging illustrated children’s book with a playful story connecting back to the brand and its products. 

There are two takeaways from this campaign: 

  • It highlights the strengths of print advertising especially when you manage to infuse your creativity into it. 
  • The fun and relatable approach of using storytelling to engage customers boosts the brand’s memorability. 

In the Content Marketing Realm 

Content marketing metrics 

The key to a robust marketing approach is periodic monitoring and improvements. And for this, you should know the right metrics to monitor and their significance. Content Marketing Institute, a popular online platform to find all the latest content marketing news and discussions shared the below post about content marketing metrics. 

The featured post discusses critical steps like measuring the “trust” factor in marketing, leveraging Google Analytics 4, and more. 

Bottom of funnel keywords

When it comes to content creation, one of the most challenging steps is identifying the right keywords to focus on. Considering that the bottom-of-the-funnel users are qualified leads with a high chance of conversion, creating content that engages them effectively helps boost sales. 

But how do you identify high-converting keywords for the bottom stage in the sales funnel? Search Engine Journal, a leading online publication that regularly shares valuable search-related updates shared the below post highlighting some tips for identifying keywords and creating content for bottom-of-the-funnel users. 

Identifying the right content length for SEO 

Once you know the keywords to create content around, and the metrics to track in order to plan your content marketing strategy, another major decision is with respect to the length of the SEO content. Is there a specific word count that brings better SEO performance? Do long blogs always perform better? Neil Patel answers all such questions related to the length of the content for SEO in the blog post featured in the below Tweet. 

In the Design Realm 

The X app has a new icon 

The revamped X (formerly Twitter) brand has been the talk of the town for a while now. As people are slowly accepting the new brand the company brought yet another change. And this time it was in the form of a revamped app icon. The new X app icon with its distressed look has been receiving mixed responses much like the rebranding itself. 

Apple Track brings all the latest Apple news. Apple Track shared the below post highlighting the change brought about in the X icon on the iPhone. Did you notice the change too? What do you think of the distressed effect? 

The new Adobe Express desktop version 

For quick edits and last-minute tweaks on a mobile device, Adobe Express has been one of the most credible photo editing tools in the market. In the below post, Adobe announced that the new and improved Adobe Express is now available in a desktop version to all users. 

In the thread, Adobe goes on to explain how this brings a host of video and image editing options, PDF editing features, collaboration options, and more. 

Premier League has a revamped logo 

Earlier, the Premier League logo was a combination mark with the brand name and the lion icon. But working with the branding agency Nomad, the logo has been revamped. The new logo looks more powerful and vibrant. It skips the wordmark and sticks to a simple brandmark logo. This signifies the effectiveness of simple logos in the current times. 

On the It’s Nice That Twitter page you’ll find all the logo design and campaign design inspiration you need. The below post was shared on their page highlighting this recent subtle yet significant logo update for Premier League. 

Tips for better Canva collaborations 

Canva has revolutionized DIY design. The collaboration feature on the platform is one of the most beneficial aspects that brands explore. This lets them allow their internal marketing and design teams as well as external design teams to collaborate effectively and create the required designs for each campaign. But if you are wondering how to make the most of collaboration on Canva, the below post will be a great place to start. 

Looking to collaborate with a Canva design team for your projects? Get a KIMP for Canva subscription. 

How designers can make the most of AI art generators 

AI art generators are often seen as tools that will likely replace human designers. However, the truth is that they are effective aids to improve a designer’s productivity. Wondering how AI art generators can be seamlessly integrated into a designer’s workflow? Then the below example from the UX Collective page will be a good source of inspiration. The post talks about using a popular AI art generator Midjourney to create a brand identity. 

In the AI Realm 

OpenAI makes its first public acquisition

In the below post, OpenAI announced its acquisition of Global Illumination, a New York startup specializing in AI-driven creative tools and digital experiences. The acquisition, involving the team behind the open-source game “Biomes,” has raised curiosity about OpenAI’s intentions.

This strategic move from OpenAI could potentially reshape the gaming industry and further integrate AI technology in diverse fields.

Google brings new updates to SGE 

In the below Tweet, Google announced three new updates in SGE (Search Generative Experience). 

The updates include the “SGE while browsing” option for the Google App and Chrome on desktop. Additionally, there are improvements coming to make it easier for users to understand a generated code as well as debug it. Finally, user experience-related updates like displaying information related to words over which you hover will be available soon. 

Google Photos meets AI 

The next news also involves Google’s venture into the AI realm. This is more user-centric as it is in the Google Photos app which is used almost every day by Android users around the world. 

In the below post, Google announced the introduction of the all-new Memories view, an AI-based feature within Google Photos. This helps organize photos into meaningful collections very much like the Memories collections in the iOS Photos app. 

Amazon’s AI-generated review summaries 

Among the many ways in which AI has been used, content creation is one. Tapping into this capability of generative AI, Amazon is all set to bring a new summaries feature for its reviews. This feature will display AI-generated summaries of the existing Amazon reviews making it easier for customers to get the bigger picture of the products they are shopping for. 

Rowan Cheung, the Founder of The Rundown AI, a leading AI newsletter, shared the below post summarizing what this new AI update from Amazon is all about. 

Social Media Feature Updates and Algorithm Changes

Instagram is experimenting new advertising format for Reels 

Social media advertising has become an indispensable element in marketing today. And social media platforms are continuously expanding their offerings when it comes to ad formats and ad placements. In one such update, Instagram is said to be experimenting with multi-advertiser ads, a new ad format where multiple ads will be displayed within the same frame in the Reels Ads. 

Social Media Today, a well-known online publication that talks about social media news and tips shared the below post discussing this rumored upcoming ad format for Instagram. While this might increase the visibility of ads, conversions are likely to take a hit. Getting clicks when there is just one ad displayed on the screen is difficult on its own. Imagine getting clicks when there is more than one ad appearing on the screen! 

WhatsApp finally brings HD photos 

The problem of photos being unreasonably compressed on WhatsApp needs no introduction. However, this is not the case anymore. WhatsApp recently announced HD photo sharing for the app. There will still be some level of compression applied however, you will be able to share HD photos. 

Vertical video ads on Twitter 

X News Daily shares all the latest updates related to X. In the below post, X News Daily shared a glimpse of the vertical video ads that are soon to be rolled out on X. 

Vertical video ads are not a new concept and you must be familiar with them through Reels ads. X’s version of vertical video ads come as a part of the many changes happening on the platform with respect to advertising. 

On a final note 

As we wrap up the KIMP’s Picks 21st August Edition, take a moment to seal in the inspiration you’ve gained. We’ll be back soon with another assortment of share-worthy social media posts to ignite your spark of inspiration. Gear up for the next installment – same time, next week!