Facebook Carousel Ads – Designs That Get Your Business Noticed

As you scroll through your Facebook News Feed, you might occasionally notice scrollable ads that come in different shapes and sizes. These are carousel ads that have taken the world of Facebook marketing by storm. 

Facebook ads are of many types and each has its own strengths. Facebook carousel ads look attractive and the biggest strength of these ads is that they encourage interaction. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

From being a social media platform that once let people connect with other people across the world to becoming a platform for businesses to grow and thrive, Facebook has transformed in so many ways over the past few years. 

In fact, today it has a fully-functional business suite that makes it easy for business owners on the platform to manage their brand page and promotions. 

If you have still not used carousel ads for your brand’s promotion on Facebook, you are missing out on a lot. So, start using them today and give your marketing strategies that much-needed facelift. Let’s talk about Facebook carousel ads. 

Carousel Ads an Overview 

Among the billions of people using Facebook, there are over 140 million brands that rely on the platform for leads, sales, and customer engagement. So, to make yourself seen amidst this growing competition you should have strong Facebook ad strategies. 

Carousel ads have been growing steadily in popularity mainly because several businesses have found them to be cost-effective ways to improve conversions. As a tool that increases the return on investments in Facebook marketing strategies, this one also works better than various other ad formats. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

For example, the gaming company FoxNet Games observed that carousel ads led to “61% more app installs than their video ads”. 

But this does not mean that you should ignore the other ad formats. Investing your marketing budgets across different Facebook ad types and the proper ad segmentation based on your objectives would be crucial to the success of your marketing strategies. 

Now before we get to our topic of Facebook carousel ad ideas, let’s talk about the significance of this ad format.

Why Facebook Carousel Ads Work Almost Always 

Have you noticed how smooth and free-flowing the news feeds on social media platforms are? You can scroll endlessly and still find content that interests you. Scrollable carousel ads have a more or less similar feel. 

  • Even people who hate seeing ads would be ready to accept a few that are engaging. If an ad is such that it requires the viewer to take any action to know what the ad is about, then it creates a meaningful engagement that can be good for your marketing. 
  • Carousel ads let you add multiple CTAs (call-to-action) within the same ad. There is only one clickable link with most other ad types but with carousel ads, each card can have a different CTA or a different link. 
  • Carousel ads help shorten the sales funnel so that customers can directly land on the product page of their favorite product and quickly place an order. 
  • Carousel ads are multi-functional ads and you can customize them for different objectives. 

10 Facebook Carousel Ad Ideas That Work 

Now that you know the strengths of carousel ads you must identify creative ways to use them. Of course, adding different product page links to different carousel cards is the most straightforward way to use them but that is not the only way. Here are a few more Facebook carousel ad ideas you could try for your brand-  

1. Talk about the applications of your unique product/service 

Sometimes brands come up with not just new designs for existing products but whole new product ideas. 

For example, take something as simple as a portable power bank that has now become a travel essential. When the Chinese company Pizen first introduced this product in 2004 and later commercialized it, not many knew what this strange-looking gadget was meant for. If your brand offers some new gadget or technology that is rare like this, you can use carousel ads to your advantage. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

Each card in your carousel ad can talk about the many applications of your product or a unique service you offer.  You can use carousel ads to showcase to your customers the many ways in which this new product or service you introduce can solve their problems. This way customers can instantly relate the product to their needs and are more likely to click on the CTA. That’s what makes this one of the simplest and most effective Facebook carousel ad ideas.

2. Pick one product and highlight its strengths 
Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

Some brands might not have too many product lines and others might not be frequently launching new products. In both these cases, carousel ads can focus on one single product by displaying the strengths of the product in the many cards. 

Car manufacturers launching a new model or even smartphone brands looking to market their upcoming smartphone model can all use this idea. They only have one product that they wish to push to the customers but they can still use carousel ads by giving customers a sneak peek into the features that would make this new or upcoming product special. 

Such Facebook carousel ad ideas can increase anticipation before product launches or improve awareness after the launch. The product booking or purchase page can be linked to the CTA button in this case. 

3. Show a timeline of how your brand grew

To truly connect with your customers, you must show them the people behind the name and the story of the brand itself. This way, you are not just a brand name but a team with real people they relate to.

One of the best ways to tell a story would be to show a brand timeline. While you can capture this in a single-image ad, a carousel ad lets you provide this in a more interactive format. Your customers will be able to unravel your brand story as they move from one image to another. This will make your customers look at your brand from a whole new perspective. The graphic design here will make or break this story you try to present. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

If you are looking to create ads that can boost your brand awareness you can use carousel ads to showcase your brand’s development story. In this case, the call to action will be a direct link to your website. 

Kimp tip: One way to showcase timelines will be to create a smoothly scrolling collage of images. Need help with creating one for your brand? Set up a call with the Kimp team today. 

4. Show the process flow 

To a customer, the products you deliver might be tangible items reaching them neatly packaged. But where does it all begin? Consider an on-demand farm-fresh produce delivery business for example. What kind of Facebook carousel ad ideas can you use for such a brand? Let’s tackle this from a customer experience perspective.

Customers place an order by scrolling through the catalog on the app or website and they have their choice of vegetables delivered to them. There are several businesses that offer this service. So how to stand out in the crowd? 

Use carousel ads to show how the fruits and vegetables are collected from the farms, cleaned, stored in optimal conditions, and then packaged and delivered. Brief moments captured through a carousel of images can tell your customers about your brand’s process flow and this builds confidence in your brand. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

When you are looking for ways to enhance customer experience, allow customers to take a virtual journey from the beginning stage all the way until the product delivery stage through carousel ads. The CTA could be a link to your website or app where customers can place their orders. 

5. Showcase customer testimonials

Customer testimonials continue to be among the strongest marketing aids for any brand. Therefore, they also hold a special place in our list of Facebook carousel ad ideas.

Potential leads who still have not gained trust in your brand will be more willing to learn about your brand from reviews by other customers. They might trust customer reviews more than the information available on your website or app alone.

In fact, using carousel ads to display customer testimonials can strengthen existing customer relationships. 

Kimp Tip: If you are looking to simultaneously work on customer acquisition and customer retention, you can use carousel ads to showcase user testimonials. The CTA here would be direct links to the service inquiry page, product catalog, or even a link to place an order. 

6. Promote ongoing promotions

When there is a huge sale coming up, whether it is a clearance sale or festival discounts, you might want to reinforce your marketing efforts for higher conversion rates. For this, you can use a carousel ad with each image highlighting the different offers or the items on sale. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

Use Facebook carousel ads to give your customers a flavor of an upcoming sale on your site or even to talk about a current promotion that is live on your app or website. For the CTA, you can add a direct link to the sale page or category pages to wishlist items before the sale begins. 

7. Show your customers what other customers are buying 

A customer who has a bunch of products in mind might look into the bestsellers list in case he is unable to make a decision. This is why most ecommerce sites have a separate tab that shows the bestsellers in each category. The bestsellers page has the ability to influence buyer decisions. 

You can use carousel ads to show your customers what people around the world are buying right now. By showing the bestsellers in your ads you can persuade customers who develop cold feet before placing an order. 

Kimp Tip: If you are looking for Facebook carousel ad ideas to target existing customers, you can use them to display the bestsellers. This will motivate them to place their next order with you. You can add links to respective products as the CTA on each image in the carousel.   

8. Business-related announcements

Has your brand received an award recently or did you reach a crucial milestone? This could be an award that shows your brand’s consistency in quality or a milestone that shows how many years your brand has completed or how many customers you have served. Your customers would love to hear about these important milestones and achievements. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

Loyal customers would feel delighted when they feel included in your brand’s celebrations. So, you can use targeted carousel ads to express your gratitude to your loyal customer base. 

By placing carousel ads talking about your brand’s recent accomplishment in your Audience Network you can use them to thank your customers. Or even use them to let customers know how they have played a crucial role in your brand’s achievements. The CTA here could be a link to signup for your newsletter to receive such updates or even to your website. 

9. Create virtual portfolios by showcasing transformations 

For service-based industries, actions do speak louder than words. Customers would love to see your previous work before they place an order for a service you offer. So, you can use carousel ads to show transformations that your brand can help create. 

For example, a company offering interior design services can create carousel ads that show “before and after” images right next to each other. These images could show how the place looked before the company renovated the space and how it looks now. Salons can use this to show the before and after images of a hairstyling service or graphic design firms can use this idea to show the transformation they brought to a brand’s logo or even website. 

You can use carousel ads as a crisp and interactive portfolio of your services and a visual aid to depict your brand’s strengths. A link to download your app or visit your website would be the CTA here. 

10. Create value for your customers

Customers love informative content on social media. And carousels are just perfect to create an immersive reel of informative content. Each card in the carousel can talk about a tip that users can benefit from. 

Carousel Ad Design by Kimp

You can use this idea to showcase your expertise in your niche. If you have a blog to which you want to increase traffic, you can use carousel ads to do this. Each slide in the carousel will depict one crucial point from the blog. And the last slide will lead customers to the blog page. In this case, your carousel will act as a precursor to what you present in the blog post. 

That’s a Wrap!

Keeping all these ideas in mind, you should also be sure that your ads are perfectly optimized for your customers and also for the devices where your customers view these ads. 79.9% of users on Facebook access the platform from their mobile devices. So, your carousel ad design should be mindfully crafted to look good on smaller screens too. A good carousel ad idea combined with a great design is the ultimate formula for success in Facebook marketing. 

The purpose of your ad, the action you want your customers to take, and the place where you use your Facebook carousel ad will all determine the finer details in ad design. Facebook marketing can be huge for your business. Always be on the lookout for new Facebook marketing trends so that you always have something refreshing to offer your customers. 

Get the Best Carousel Ads for Your Brand With Kimp Graphics Service 

Remember that, carousel ads can be used in so many places including Facebook Feed, Stories, Messenger inbox, Marketplace, and even on Instagram Feed and Stories. So, well-planned and executed Facebook carousel ad ideas bring good returns on your ad investment. If you invest in an unlimited graphic design service for professional designs for your ad, you are strengthening your marketing on Facebook. Sign up for Kimp’s free trial today and get the best Facebook carousel ads designed for your brand.