Event Logos: 5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs One + Design Tips

Event marketing is the not-so-secret secret ingredient in marketing these days. Small businesses aspiring to scale new heights, established businesses looking to retain their audience – everybody is in favor of event marketing. So, there is a steady surge in the number of virtual events and in-person events. Consequently, every little effort you take to promote your event counts. Your strategy for branding your event matters. Your event logo matters! 

Can I not reuse my brand logo for my event as well? We hear you! That’s the first thought most brands get. But the truth is, having a dedicated event logo makes a big difference. From differentiating your event to creating a memorable identity for it, there is a host of benefits to discuss. Let’s talk about all these merits of an event logo and then look at some examples for inspiration when it comes to designing one for your next event. 

5 compelling reasons why you need an event logo 

1. Create an identity for your event 

79% of marketers report that event marketing help increase their sales. For this and many other reasons, there is a steady increase in the number of events happening everywhere. Moreover, with the trend of virtual events having blown up over the pandemic, hosting an event is now easier than ever. 

What does this mean for someone like you who is planning an event? You need to figure out the best ways to cut through the noise. Crafting a memorable event logo is one such strategy that can help. 

In the crowded event space, your event logo helps create an identity for your event. Because based on the niche your business belongs to and the nature of the event, the name of the event might end up sounding similar to something that’s already there. But your event logo will function as an unmissable distinguisher. This identity that your event logo creates also goes a long way in helping you stay ahead of your competitors. 

Logo design by Kimp 

Visually appealing colors and unique font choices as in the design above can instantly attract attention. 

2. Establish authority 

People look at branding as many things. But deep down, it is about getting people to take your idea seriously. The same applies to event branding, event logo design in particular. When you have a professional event logo, it convinces people that your event is worth taking seriously. It establishes the authority of your event. 

In short, your event logo tells them that the event is worth their time and attention. After all, they are trading their time with you and they expect some value in return. With so many events happening around them, your customers might be shortlisting ones that matter to them and an authoritative event logo can make a strong first impression. It shows them the scale of your event and that it’s so much more than a casual live session. 

3. Lay the foundation for consistency 

A lot goes into event marketing. Depending on the type and scale of your event you have to promote it across various channels. 

There is a long list of promotional graphics that you might be using in the process – event posters and flyers for offline ads, billboards for outdoor advertising, web display ads, social media ads, emails, and so much more. In addition to all this, there is also the event swag bag and other memorabilia your attendees carry with them. All of these are meant to carry a flavor of your event. Your event logo can be the starting point for all these. 

The colors and fonts you use in your logo, for example, can be standardized as the color scheme for the event. Your event logo in its many forms can be added to the event venue banners or even printed on the merchandise that your attendees carry back with them. This idea works particularly when you are planning a recurring event that brings value to your brand in the long run. 

From the below images can you tell that the logo and the social media image below are both pertaining to the same event? The color scheme says it all! That’s the impact a good event logo has. 

Logo design by Kimp 
Social media design by Kimp 

Kimp Tip: Creating consistent designs becomes so much simpler when you work with the same team for all your graphics. Even the slightest change in color or fonts can make your designs look disconnected and your event branding gets weak. 

With the unlimited designs you get out of a Kimp subscription, you can easily take care of every single design that goes into building your event’s brand. 

4. Tie your brand to your event 

In case your brand has an authoritative stance in the industry the best way to increase event participation will be by capitalizing on your brand identity. 

A survey by Splash, an enterprise event solutions provider, shows that about 32% of brand loyalists RSVP for an event as soon as they receive an invite. What’s the best way to leverage the brand loyalty of your customers to win more event registrations? Connect your event branding to your main brand. Creating an event logo that draws inspiration from your brand logo is one of the easiest ways to do this. 

For example, take a look at the logo of Amazon Connect, a virtual event for sellers. 

The above logo uses the same color schemes and takes cues from the Amazon logo making it instantly recognizable. When people know that there is a big brand like Amazon behind an event they are more willing to attend the event. 

Kimp Tip: To make your event logo look cohesive with your brand logo there are a few things you can do:

  • If you have a unique set of brand colors, reuse them in your event logo 
  • In case your logo fonts are what people instantly recognize, use the same fonts in your event logo 
  • Look for symbols or unique details in your brand logo that can be reused in your event logo 

If you do not know what your customers recognize and recall instantly when they think of your logo, you can even conduct a simple social media poll on your Instagram Stories to gain insights. 

5. Build memorability 

Promoting an event involves several stages. 

  • First, it is about building awareness and this often happens several months in advance. 
  • Then comes the step of talking about the event registration which happens weeks in advance 

Starting from the awareness stage all the way up to event attendance you incorporate various kinds of ads and promotional content to consistently engage your audience. Considering the time gap between the first post about your event to the actual event date, you need to give your audience something to remember your event by. And your event logo can be this something. Visual reminders are much more effective. 

Hard to believe? We’ll give you an example. If we ask you to think of your favorite brand in consumer electronics, do you think of the brand name without visualizing the logo? No! You have a clear picture of the logo as well. That’s the kind of recall you want for your event as well. And your event logo aids you in this aspect. 

Having spoken a little about the strengths of coming up with a catchy logo for your event, let’s get to the “how”. We’ll look at some popular event logos to understand the design and idea behind them. 

Event logos we like + design tips to take away from them 

1. TNW (The Next Web)

The Next Web (TNW) is a series of technology conferences. The idea of the logo is to capture the idea of “future technology” that the conferences are focused on. The modern and effortless design makes its mark. 

What we also like about this logo is that it maintains an overall minimalistic approach. As a result, the logo looks good in all colors and on all backgrounds. Such versatility matters especially when you need diverse marketing materials as you do with event promotion. 

2. Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference)

There’s nothing exceptional about the WWDC logo and that’s precisely what makes it exceptional! Sounds confusing? Let’s look at it from the brand-relevance perspective. What is Apple’s branding style noted for? It’s simplicity – minimalism. The WWDC logo is an extension of this personality – don’t you agree? 

3. Dubai expo 

The Dubai Expo logo above uses a combination mark by combining symbols and text to make maximum impact. There are a couple of reasons why we like this logo:

  • First we would like to talk about the shape of the logo. The psychology of shapes goes a long way in logo design. Based on that, circles are often used for representing a sense of “community”. And so, it’s a fitting logo to use for a global trade event like the Dubai Expo that brings people from different parts of the world together. 
  • Second, comes the versatility of the logo. In the above logo, the symbol on its own can be used as a representative of the event. It can be used to communicate beyond language barriers which is a much-needed trait in such global events. 
4. CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

CES is an annual trade show that covers diverse topics in the field of consumer electronics and technology in general. The color palette is fresh and energetic, perfectly in line with the fresh ideas and perspectives shared at the event year after year. 

Kimp Tip: When it comes to choosing colors for your event, reusing your brand colors does pay off. But, prioritize the purpose of your event as the driver for your choice of colors. You need the event branding colors to capture the emotions of your event specifically rather than your brand on the whole. For example, if your event is about topics on sustainability but your brand colors are not green, green will still be relevant for branding considering the theme of your event. 

Remember that the key to good event logo design is to come up with an idea that delivers the core message of your event crisply and in a memorable way. If that sounds like a difficult thing to do, the Kimp team is here to take care of your event logo design. 

5. Google I/O

Google I/O is an event several tech-enthusiasts look forward to every year. For recurring events like this one, it’s important that the event logo is timeless. And like the Apple WWDC logo, the Google I/O logo is also an extension of its brand. The colors and symbols make it easy for you to instantly connect I/O with Google. 

With a simple yet versatile logo like this one, you can replicate the idea in several versions while retaining the identity. 

Create an everlasting event logo design with Kimp 

When there is an event coming soon, we understand that you’ll be swamped. Planning for the event, arrangements at the venue, coordinating with the speakers/presenters, scheduling your campaigns – and a whole lot more on your plate. If there’s one place where outsourcing some of that work will help it’s with respect to designs for the event. From the logo and other branding essentials to the venue banners and other ad designs, a design subscription can go a long way in reducing your effort. With your designs coming to you in an autopilot mode, you can direct your full attention to planning and executing your event. 

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