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Case Study: How Big Results Launched A Unique
Real Estate Brand With Custom Designs

“As a Real Estate Agent, I’m part of a brokerage, but I wanted a brand of my own that clients could connect with. Kimp came through in a big way for me, from my logo to my custom illustrations.”

Jelan Nathan

Real Estate Agent, Big Results

What type of business is
Big Results?

Big Results is Toronto-based Real Estate Agent, Jelan Nathan’s personal brand. Through his brand, Jelan aims to communicate to his clients his promise to get them big results. Jelan offers services to those looking to buy or sell their homes, including helping with financing, optimizing pricing, negotiations, digital and print marketing, hosting open houses, and finding creative ways to engage buyers and sellers.

Jelan’s goal is to support his clients from end to end, regardless of where each person may be on their unique homeowner journeys.

What problem did
Big Results need help solving?

With the real estate market being highly competitive in Toronto, Jelan wanted to launch a memorable brand, but didn’t have the capacity to design all the components he would need.

How was Kimp able to solve Big Results' problem?

Kimp was able to help Jelan with launching his brand in a memorable way by:
  • Developing all of the Big Results branding, through a variety of design services, including custom illustrations, logo design, social media designs, website element designs, outdoor signage, business cards, letterhead, and more.
  • Presenting creative designs even with limited or vague briefs, and helping with the development of brand guidelines
  • Providing a dedicated design team and a streamlined project management platform (KIMP360) to make it easier to manage all of his design requests in one place.
  • Offering competitive pricing and a flat monthly fee for all of the designs that Jelan needed for Big Results to be launched.
  • Being flexible through month-to-month commitments, allowing Jelan to activate or deactivate subscriptions as needed to help with busy times of the year for real estate.
  • Helping with sharing the Big Results brand story through multiple iterations of a custom branded character and preparing designs for different platforms using the illustrations, so that the brand could be consistently represented.

What has been the impact of working with Kimp for Big Results?

Big Results has been able to launch its brand and create brand awareness amongst its target audience, in the competitive Toronto real estate industry, with the support of a dedicated Kimp Team. With Kimp focusing on the designs, Jelan was able to focus on closing deals.