Barbie Movie 2023: A Look At 10 Marketing Campaigns That Made Heads Turn

The Barbie movie 2023 has created so much buzz that it often feels like we are living in Barbie’s world now. With the marketing team’s finesse, the movie has turned out to be more than just a cinematic event. 

You don’t need to be a movie fanatic to have caught wind of it; it’s practically everywhere you turn – from dazzling social media posts to colossal billboards. The Barbie movie 2023 marketing frenzy has established the true meaning of a brand being “omnipresent”. 

But what’s the secret behind this marketing marvel? Some may argue that an enormous budget drives such grandeur, but let’s take a moment to admire the ingenuity, the meticulous thought process, and the unwavering commitment to engaging the audience. 

And that’s exactly what we are going to dive into today. The campaigns that have left the world in awe and the brilliance behind these stellar marketing feats. 

Ready to explore the Barbie movie 2023 campaigns that caught our attention? Let’s go! 

1. Barbie’s Malibu Dream House 

One of the most extravagant and also the most effective campaigns for Barbie movie 2023 has been the Malibu Dream House available to rent on Airbnb. 

Though it might sound unrealistic this is in fact a genuine listing. The brand partnered with Airbnb to allow Barbie fans to get a genuine experience of what it is like to live in Barbie’s world. The original listing dates back to 2019 but now that the movie is all set to hit the theaters, the listing was reopened and made available to guests. 

To some, this might just be a 2-hour movie but to others, this is a name that reminds them of their childhood. The Malibu Dreamhouse campaign is for those that share this connection with the brand, with Barbie. 

The listing even has Ken’s pictures and the description added in the signature Ken tone. 

KIMP Tip: There are a couple of takeaways from the various details about this campaign:

  • First is the importance and effectiveness of experiential marketing for brands. 
  • And second – everything from the visuals to the description in the listing feels authentic to Barbie fans. This is possible only because of the distinguishable tone of voice created for the Barbie brand. 

So, if you do not already have a strong tone of voice for your brand communication, now is a good time to start working on it. And remember to add this to your brand guidelines. 

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2. Google Turns Pink 

Google’s Easter Eggs make the search page so much more fun and interactive. To know more about what this means, try searching “askew” or “meteorite” on the Google Search page and prepare to be surprised. 

There have been Google Easter Eggs for several movies. Take even the “Baby Yoda” Easter Egg for the Star Wars Franchise. This is a brilliant idea to create buzz and we know that in the movie marketing segment, it’s all about creating a buzz. Why are we talking about this? You guessed it right – the Google Easter Eggs are out for the Barbie movie 2023. 

The search terms “Barbie”, “Barbie Movie”, “Greta Gerwig”, “Margot Robbie”, and “Ryan Gosling” instantly turn your Search results page pink. And you are welcomed with lively pink confetti. Here’s a glimpse of it. 

These seemingly small interactions hold great significance, as they tap into micro-moments – the underrated gem of marketing strategies. In this case, the micro-moment is the “I-want-to-know-moment” when people curiously search about the Barbie movie 2023 that everyone is raving about. So, they search for it and they are presented with a memorable interaction. What better way to make an impression on your audience? 

3. When Barbie and Ken got on Bumble 

Social media has become an indispensable component in brand marketing. No wonder, the marketing for the Barbie movie 2023 has also been pretty strong on social media. One of these stunts includes the partnership with Bumble. 

Sending compliments is one of the most popular features on Bumble and it allows users to share positivity. As a part of promoting the Barbie movie 2023, the Barbies and Kens from the movie are to provide compliments and tips on kindness from July 12th through July 26. 

KIMP Tip: When it comes to social media marketing, most brands stick with the standard choices like Instagram and YouTube and some venture a little into TikTok or even explore Snapchat takeovers. But the Barbie movie team went a step further and explored the road less traveled by focusing on Bumble. 

The relevance of the theme to the platform and the seamless integration of the idea made this campaign a hit. 

In terms of aesthetics, notice the use of consistent color schemes and a standard template on the platform. This allows strong branding and therefore helps in the longevity of the movie’s brand. 

4. Newsreader Barbie 

Things got interesting when Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig were on the popular talk show, The Project. As they were discussing the movie, there was a segment that was meant to talk about the Barbie movie 2023 supposedly fueling the popularity of the name Barbara. The host invited Robbie to play newsreader and read the last segment which she did, accurately. 

Why did this brief stint work? Because it aligns with the core ideology of the brand. Over the years, the Barbie doll has evolved and become more realistic and inclusive. Part of this includes the introduction of a wide range of professions and roles for the Barbie dolls which received a huge response from customers. The campaign aptly resonates with this and establishes that Barbie can indeed do and be everything, including a newsreader. 

5. Going big with outdoor advertising 

Outdoor advertising is still prominent in marketing. Considering this, the Barbie movie marketing team went big with its outdoor campaigns, especially in London. From taxis to buses, the team left no medium unturned. And the signature Barbie pink color is hard to ignore even on the busiest roads. This means a better chance of your outdoor ad getting noticed and therefore a better chance of initiating small talk. Which is precisely what you need for a movie’s success. 

Outdoor ads like vehicle wraps and billboards create a strong first impression and come in handy to target the local audience. When you see an ad for a movie during your commute or as you wait for your bus, you are more likely to add the movie to your list of activities to indulge in over the weekend. Which makes outdoor advertising an effective idea for movie promotions. 

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6. Pride Month campaign 

If you are in the marketing business, you know that the promotions for the Barbie movie 2023 began months ahead of the release. Remember the selfie generator that broke the internet? In the months leading to the movie release date, the team has been pretty active in reaching far and wide with its campaigns. 

One such measure includes the team’s participation in West Hollywood Pride for Pride Month. Since the Barbie brand has been about inclusivity in recent times, and the choice of actors and the roles of Barbies and Kens in the movie seem to align with the theme, their Pride Month campaign worked. The team appeared in West Hollywood Pride in a pretty pink float. 

In the world of gaming 

7. The Xbox partnership 

As a part of the promotional activities for the Barbie movie 2023, the team came up with a wide range of surprises for Xbox users. These include:

  • The option for Forza Horizon 5 players to choose virtual visions of the 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV and 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup featured in the movie. 
  • Xbox merchandise on popular Barbie dolls 
  • Custom Barbie-themed faceplates for Xbox controllers 
  • Or the Dreamhouse-themed Xbox console 

This strategic brand partnership stands as a pivotal step taken by the marketing team to tackle gender-based stereotypes tied to colors and to widen the scope of its audience. By making “playing dolls” sound more ‘fun’ than ‘girly’. the brand opens new avenues of inclusivity. Given the shifting mindsets of its target audience, such evolution comes as a brilliant move. 

All of these show how the brand adeptly accommodates its target audience’s ever-changing preferences and desires. Additionally, this particular partnership for the promotion of the Barbie movie 2023 is also a good example of the need to focus on niche audiences. 

KIMP Tip: Focusing on niche audiences, like gamers, in this case, has several benefits. These include: 

  • Establishment of brand authority 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Better ROI 
  • Boosting customer loyalty 
  • A better chance of averting competition 

And for this, a combination of physical and digital merchandise might sometimes feel like the most practical step forward. 

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8. Candy Crush Saga Barbie Event 

Most of these campaigns we are discussing involve brand partnerships. However, the audience the Barbie movie team targets through them and the purpose of each campaign differ. Since we spoke about the Xbox partnership to target gamers, there’s one other campaign in the gaming world that we need to discuss. And that is the Candy Crush event featuring Barbie. 

Since Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and about 273 million players play the game on a monthly basis, it makes a great platform to build awareness for the movie and to foster excitement for the movie as well. 

Getting closer to consumers with F&B brands 

9. All That Glitters is Pink 

Brands in the food business are some of the widest spread in most markets and therefore partnering with them means reaching a wider group of audience. Keeping this in mind promotional activities for the Barbie movie include collaborations with Cold Stone Creamery. 

To celebrate the Barbie movie with its fans, the ice cream parlor chain has come up with an exclusive Barbie-themed item on its menu. It calls it “All That Glitters is Pink” which is pink cotton candy ice cream. 

KIMP Tip: As with most brand campaigns on this list, this one also incorporates the Barbie brand effectively. One of the standout elements in all these designs is the signature Barbie movie logo. This logo is enough to convey that this is not just another Barbie theme but one specific to the movie. That shows the power of creating a strong logo and brand identity for your business. That way, when you collaborate with other brands and come up with exclusive collections to promote both brands, your brand does not get lost. 

10. Burger King Brazil Barbie-themed meal 

Burger King Brazil took part in the Barbie movie frenzy with its BK Barbie combo that included all things pink – including a pink burger, Barbie Donut Shake, and Ken-themed fries. While the idea looks creative at first glance, the campaign was not received that well on social media. Tweitterati did not find the pink burger to be particularly appetizing. What do you think of this campaign? 

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In every campaign, the essence that upholds the Barbie movie brand lies in its iconic color scheme and visual theme. 

This visually delightful fusion leaves a mark on the minds of the audience, etching both the brand and the movie in their memories. 

But remember that such success stems from the consistent presentation of the brand identity. Just as the Barbie movie 2023 thrives on this foundation, so too can your brand flourish amidst competition and forge lasting connections with your target audience through robust branding strategies.

Collaborating with professional designers simplifies the process of creating a powerful brand identity through visually captivating elements. Moreover, with a dedicated team wholly focused on developing these brand-representing visuals, the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Together, these efforts elevate your brand to new heights, establishing it as a true standout in a fiercely competitive landscape.

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