AI Marketing Tools: 10 Options That Shake Up Your Marketing Approach (Updated March 2023)

Artificial intelligence has changed the way marketing works. From creating ad copies in seconds to intuitively answering customer queries through chatbots a lot is happening in the marketing realm. If you have made the big decision of letting AI in and giving your marketing approach a fresh perspective, you are on the right track. Now is a good time to make that move. And to make things simpler, we’ll be talking about the most popular AI marketing tools in this blog. 

One of the biggest benefits of AI in marketing is that it helps cut down the human effort involved in laborious data-intensive tasks through automation. Marketers and business owners will appreciate the convenience AI adds to their marketing strategy while also opening up the possibility of boosting their approach through continuous monitoring. In short, AI in marketing can be a boon for businesses big and small. 

Having said that, if you are planning to venture into this realm for the first time, it’s definitely a good idea to stick with tools that have been tried and tested by brands around the world. So, here is a list of those AI marketing tools that have helped brands make significant changes to their marketing strategies. 

10 AI marketing tools every brand should try 

AI Copywriting tools 


Let’s start our list with one of the most popular AI marketing tools. is for those who are looking for a way to transform their blog writing and copy-generation tasks. This tool can assist you in everything from product descriptions for your ecommerce website to blog posts and social media content. 

Use cases
  • Blogs 
  • Emails 
  • Social media post captions 
  • Description for Pinterest
  • Description for YouTube videos 
Pricing has a free plan that lets you create up to 2000 words per month. And this is a good option for exploring the tool and understanding its features before paying for it. 

The Pro plan is priced at $49/month and you get unlimited words and the option to add up to 5 users to collaborate in your account. In addition to this, the Pro account also lets you create content in more than 25 languages. This plan comes in handy for global brands looking to redefine their copy-creation activity. 

Additionally, also supports tailored plans for businesses looking to integrate the tool into their workflow for automation. 

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Another very popular AI marketing tool in the copywriting realm is, formerly Slightly more expensive than, adds more features like the Jasper art generation tool which is an AI-based image generator that can create designs based on text descriptions you provide. 

Use cases
  • Social media captions 
  • Video scripts 
  • LinkedIn articles 
  • Blog posts
  • Ad copies for web ads and social media ads 
  • Website copy 
  • Emails 

Jasper has a free trial option where you can create up to 10000 words for free. Other than this, there are 2 plans – Boss Mode and Business. 

The Boss Mode is the more affordable general plan for individuals and small business owners looking for a more affordable solution. It starts at $59/month for 50k words. And you can add up to 5 users to your account. You can customize the monthly word limit up to 700k (for a monthly price of about $600). 

The Business plan is a fully customized plan for businesses and you can choose the monthly word limit depending on your brand’s individual needs and the number of users in your account depending on your team size. This plan is a better choice for large organizations looking to offload their copy-creation process. The Business plan also comes with the option to create a brand voice and supports convenient document sharing. 

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AI Voiceover tools 


Voiceovers add a personal touch, a human element to your video. With tools like Synthesys, you do not have to worry about not having a studio space for recording voiceovers. In addition to the AI voiceover tool, Synthesys also has AI video, AI image, and AI avatar creation tools. 

Use cases 

Generating voiceovers for:

  • Product or service demo videos 
  • Explainer videos 
  • Social media videos 
  • Educational content 
  • Presentations 

For the AI audio tool, Synthesys offers 3 monthly plans, Audio Synthesys, Human Studio Synthesys and Audio and Human Studio Synthesys.

The Audio Synthesys plan ($27/month) provides access to a web-based tool where you can choose from 38 human voices and create unlimited voiceovers. 

With the Human Studio Synthesys plan ($36/month) you gain access to a collection of 73 human voices with the option to personalize the outfits for your avatars as well. In addition to this you can customize your video and upload your own voice and clone it for the voiceover. 

The Audio and Human Studio Synthesys plan ($52/month) combines the benefits of the above 2 plans. All of these plans support 140 languages. In short, this makes a great option for brands with clients distributed across the globe. 

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4. BHuman 

BHuman is another video manipulation tool that uses AI to clone your voice and face to create personalized videos for different customers or different products. This way you do not have to record a separate video for each instance. All it takes is to record your template video and upload the data based on which your videos need to be personalized. 

For example, if you wish to send a short video message personalized to each customer who signs up, this tool helps you alter the voiceover to make the video sound relevant to that customer. If you do not want to record your own, there are preset templates to use as well. 

Use cases 
  • Ice-breaker videos for brands to use in their welcome emails 
  • Introductory videos for websites 
  • Landing page videos 
  • Video messages for social media or email 

With the free account, you can create up to 15 videos per month. There are 3 paid plans, Growth, Scale, and Ultimate. 

Growth ($99/month) supports 200 videos per month and 1 actor. Along with this you also get to explore a few analytics tools in your account. 

With the Scale plan ($199/month) you can create up to 1000 videos per month with 2 actors. The additional benefits here include the option to add team members and access to the entire suite of analytics tools. 

Finally, the Ultimate plan is for large organizations with a huge customer base. This plan lets you create up to 1800 videos per month with 3 actors. 

BHuman also offers customized plans for businesses that have an even larger volume of video requirements. 

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AI Marketing process automation tools

5. is a comprehensive backend automation tool for enhancing your marketing processes. If you think you have all the right resources and the best content and yet somehow do not find the right leads, it might indicate that you are not making the most of your customer database. That’s where an AI marketing tool like can make a difference. Because processing large volumes of data accurately is what AI does best. 

The activities are all customer-led and purely optimized based on customer behavior and interests. This helps maximize conversions by targeting the right leads with a greater potential for conversion. 

Use cases
  • Help B2B teams identify product qualified accounts for outreach 
  • Automate engagement emails for B2C 
  • Initiate conversations based on customer behavior for B2B 

The free account is suitable for businesses with a smaller audience base since it only supports 200 monthly active contacts. But the account provides a host of benefits and features like lifecycle stage management, unlimited playbooks, product analytics, inbox with cases & tasks and so on. 

There are multiple plans based on the number of monthly active users and you get to choose 2000 MAC up to 100,000 MACs each priced differently. And finally, for medium to large-sized businesses looking to focus on a larger audience segment, also has plans tailored to the business’s needs. 

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AI Customer response tools 

6. EBI.AI 

Several small businesses starting out with limited resources find it tough to maintain a responsive customer care team. But customer care is an area you cannot ignore. That’s where an AI chatbot comes into the picture. And one of the best AI marketing tools for businesses looking to develop an AI chatbot for their brand is EBI.AI. 

EBI.AI lets you create your own customer service assistant all by yourself or you can also let an expert take care of the process. The pricing depends entirely on your business and your individual requirements. You can also create a free account to explore the tool before paying for the services. 

Use cases 

The tool comes in handy for businesses looking to automate their customer care workflow while also freeing up some of the workloads for the customer service team. So far, businesses in the insurance, retail, property, and travel industries have benefitted from using EBI.AI for their customer response infrastructure. 

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AI SEO tools 


Several AI writers in the market can come up with witty ad copies and catchy captions. But creating content for SEO performance is a whole different scenario and simplifies that. It streamlines your tasks by bringing content creation and SEO analysis and monitoring to the same place. can help you with everything from keyword research to competitor comparison and advanced SEO analytics. Based on all these the tool can also provide content suggestions and finally help you create the content based on the inputs. 

Use cases
  • AI content writing 
  • Generation of semantic keyword ideas 
  • Prompt leveraging of topical content 

With the 7-day free trial, you can explore the AI SEO tool’s features including copywriting, keyword research, and others. But with the trial, you can generate a maximum of 10,000 words and 10 keyword reports. 

The Standard plan is priced at $49/month and lets you generate 40,000 words and 40 AI keyword reports. It also lets you create content in more than 50 languages. If you wish to add more monthly word limits and invite team members, a customized Enterprise plan will be a better choice. 

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AI Email marketing tools


Email marketing is an evergreen marketing asset. Tools like help ensure that your email marketing strategy stays up to date with emerging trends. makes it possible to personalize your emails and continuously adapt to customer behavior. 

With AI marketing tools automating your email process it becomes easier to boost engagement and strengthen customer relationships all through emails. With personalization, you get to increase the open rates and click-through rates over time. works by taking into account your content on various digital platforms like social media and your websites. And based on the way a customer interacts with your email, helps create complementary content and content that helps move your customer to the next stage in a buyer’s journey. 

In addition to this, the AI-based monitoring tool recommends content based on open rates and other parameters that indicate the good performance of a previous campaign. 

Use cases 
  • Identity strategies to boost ad revenue from email lists 
  • Provide fully personalized emails with content curated for each individual 
  • Automatically touch base with existing customers to keep them coming back 

For small to medium businesses there are 3 plans, Plus, Pro, and Standard. And for large organizations, there are custom plans that help with content curation, integration with existing workflows, larger subscriber volumes and so much more. 

With the Standard plan ($29/month) you can manage up to 2500 contacts and use data from 10 sources. The number increases to 10,000 contacts and 50 sources for the Plus plan ($140/month). In addition to this, you can also manage multiple domains. 

For agencies, the Pro plan is a better choice with its support for 25,000 contacts and 75 sources. All plans come with a free trial option. 

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AI Influencer marketing tools 

9. IMAI 

Influencer marketing is a trend brands cannot ignore. But the wrong collaboration can add to your budget and risk your brand’s reputation as well. IMAI is a tool that helps you unify all your influencer marketing activities across platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. 

IMAI lets you categorize, browse through and shortlist the right influencers for your brand and campaigns. The searching tools and filters on IMAI help you narrow down the relevant ones and create lists for future reference. Finally, you can also track based on the influencers your competitors are working with.

In addition to finding the right influencers, you can also communicate with them and take your influencer campaigns forward without having to navigate to different platforms. 

Use cases 
  • To create and manage influencer campaigns for different products 
  • To help streamline influencer collaborations across various social media platforms 

There are 3 plans namely Individual, Growth, and Scale.

The Individual plan is a low-budget option for small businesses and solopreneurs and is priced at $99/month. It lets you analyze 50 influencer profiles but you cannot invite team members to manage your account. 

With the Growth plan, you can analyze 350 profiles and add up to 5 team members, and is priced at $499/month. The Scale plan, priced at $1200/month lets you analyze 1500 profiles manage campaigns, and expand discovery all from your account. 

All these plans support creating and publishing lists as well as social listening and email outreach. 

With all these plans you can access something called an IMAI score that lets you identify if the chosen profiles are relevant to your brand and effective for your campaigns. 

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AI Design tools 


We’ve spoken about several AI-based image-generation tools on the Kimp blog. So, in this list, let’s talk about a creative tool that solves a problem most product-based businesses struggle with. is an intuitive AI-based app that can save all the budget you need to create product photos. If you are looking for lifestyle photos to creatively showcase your products, this tool makes it easier for you. 

You can add your prompts and your product images to generate stunning lifestyle photos that can be used on your website for product listing as well as on your blogs and other places. The idea is to use existing images to create custom photographs that help capture the product in action without requiring an actual product photoshoot. 

Use cases
  • Ecommerce product listing images 
  • Graphics for promotional emails 
  • Social media posts focusing on products 

With a free account, you can experiment with the tool and edit a few images. But to download them without watermarks and gain access to all the features you need a paid plan. Booth AI Pro is priced at $199/month and gives you 10 product credits and 1000 photo credits per month. The categories supported include furniture, fashion, and packaged goods. 

Brands with additional requirements can also opt for a fully customized plan. 

AI in design is one of the most rapidly evolving segments and there are several tools making the rounds – like Midjourney, DALL-E, and others. Check out the Kimp blogs on DALL-E and Midjourney for more information on these tools and tips to make the most of them. 

Elevate your marketing strategies with AI tools + an unlimited design subscription 

As you can see, you can use AI in various walks of marketing and transform the way you promote your brand and connect with your customers. Most of these tools are affordable to begin with and provide significant benefits to your marketing approach. When you have a great marketing strategy and brilliant copy in place, all you need is good design to materialize these ideas.

With AI design tools, you can generate images in seconds, no doubt. But there are lot of limitations:

  • Some only support selective design types 
  • Some tools require you to pay extra depending on the number of designs you create in a month 
  • Not all of them support Whitelabel content for reselling your designs 
  • Some support limited categories and the scope is pretty narrow as in the case of where you can only create listing images for select categories 

But with an unlimited design subscription with human design teams, you get to add more flexibility to your plans and dependability because all your designs are covered. Want to add a design subscription to supplement your AI marketing infrastructure? 
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