Modify Card Status & Move Cards with a Single Click

You now have the option to modify your cards’ statuses using a dropdown menu available within each card.

With this feature, you can easily reposition cards within lists. 

But please be aware that there are certain limitations in place. And you’ll find further details on those below:

You can move cards between the following categories: 
– Drafts to Requests
– Requests to Drafts/Completed 
– In Review to Completed
– Completed to Drafts/Requests

However, it’s important to note that the Progress list will continue to be under the exclusive control of your Project Manager.

We hope this new functionality enhances your experience with our platform! And remember, if there’s any other feature that you’d like to see added to KIMP360, you can “Request a Feature” in the footer of the KIMP360 dashboard.