Who owns the rights to the designs created by Kimp?

It would be you. You retain the rights to all the designs created by Kimp for you during your paid subscription.

If you would like to resell any of the designs that your Kimp Team creates for you, please be sure to let your Project Manager know when making your design request. Your team will then create your design from scratch, so that you have full rights to sell your design.

For all of your other design requests, where you’ll be the end-user, and you will not be reselling your design, your team will either create the design from scratch and/or use stock elements or photos, as needed to meet the requirements of your brief.

Just remember, we double-check every element and stock photo we use, to make sure you’re granted the licenses to use them as the end-user. And we are assuming materials you provide to us are licensed and owned by you. If you do happen to send Kimp unlicensed materials to use, remember we are not held liable for the rights of the final design.