How does the trial work?

You sign up, you try us out for 7 days, and you cancel if you decide it’s not the right fit. You are not billed during the trial period. You get billed only after day 7 and you don’t have to sign any contracts to continue with Kimp. Our service is delivered month-to-month for a flat monthly rate.

So why do we collect payment details when you sign up? To ensure we are only onboarding clients who are seriously considering our service.

Below are guidelines for the Kimp Video and Kimp Graphics Trials, as well as some tips to help you determine if Kimp is right for you.

If you sign up for the Graphics+Video subscription, you will be able to make 1 video request and 3 design requests as per the guidelines below:

Kimp Video Trial Overview:

During your trial you can make 1 request.

  • 1 request = 1 video, up to 15 seconds in length + unlimited revisions within the 7 day trial period.
  • During your trial, you will only receive concepts with a watermark on them.

Kimp Graphics Trial Overview

During your trial you can make 3 requests.

  • 1 request = 1 design (i.e. a single print or digital creative, or up to 2-3 pages of a multi-page design, depending on the amount of content).
  • During your trial, you will only receive designs with a watermark on them.

The following requests are not fulfilled during Kimp Graphics, Kimp Video or Kimp Graphics + Video trials:

  • Resizing of trial designs
  • Logo designs
  • Brand Mascot or Brand Character designs
  • Landing Page designs
  • Explainer Videos
  • Need some ideas for your trial design requests? Check out our FAQs!

The following requests are limited during Kimp Graphics or Kimp Graphics + Video trials:

Illustration requests are limited during trials: During your trial, you may request one simple illustration. Complex illustrations are not included during the trial.

Multipage design requests are limited during trials: During your trial, if you wish to request a multi-page design such as an ebook, we will complete 2-3 pages, depending on the amount of content, as one design request.

Why we don’t fulfill certain design requests during trials:

    • We do not fulfill landing page, presentation, logo, brand mascot, explainer video, or brand character requests during trials for the following reasons:

      • They often include vague creative briefs as brand guidelines are not available. This in turn doesn’t provide enough direction to complete designs and/or revisions with.
      • They often require input and feedback from several team members or other stakeholders, which delays the design process and prevents us from being able to provide completed outputs to assess Kimp with.
      • We’ve also found that many clients who request logos, mascots, and characters during the trial are simply seeking branding work on a complimentary basis, and don’t have recurring design needs.

Be sure to make your trial request(s) as soon as possible so that we can ask for clarification and then work on it, and any revisions you’ll require, as quickly as possible. This way you’ll get a good sense of what working with your Kimp Team is like. And you’ll be able to make a confident decision within your 7 day trial about whether you’d like a full subscription.

If you’d like to skip the trial and move forward with a full subscription in order to request as many designs as you’d like, including designs not included in the trial, please let us on the live chat at!

Have any questions about the trial terms? Reach out to us on the live chat at!