Can I pause my account if I don’t have a lot of requests to make?

Yes, you can! We get it. Workflows change and you don’t always need to have an active subscription. But at the same time, you might still need access to your KIMP360 board.

And if you’ve gotten into a really good groove with your design team, you may want to make sure that they’re still going to be matched with them when you resume your subscription.

To address all of this we’ve introduced the “Pause Your Subscription” feature for a flat monthly fee of $18.99. This allows you to pause your account as of the end of the current subscription period so that there is no auto-renewal.

And it allows you to enjoy these benefits:

  • Securing your current subscription fee, regardless of any changes to Kimp pricing.
  • Having ongoing access to your KIMP360 board, and all of your design files.
  • Working with the same Dedicated Design Team when you resume.
  • Making the most of your subscription by resuming when you have more design requests.

To submit a request to pause your subscription, simply log into your account and submit a request. To request to resume your subscription, log into your account and submit a request.