Want to start designing better, and scaling faster? Then you need a dedicated design team. But don’t just take our word for it! Find out what our clients are saying about designing with Kimp.


Akarsh Radhakrishnan

We are so happy with working with Kimp. Timely turnarounds and top-notch work being implemented. Really appreciate the effort by the team and the process that you have introduced. All the best!


Team Phoenix

Awesome team! They have been consistently delivering great designs. Meghan patiently understands the requirements and review comments.


CT Marketing Manager

Great company. They work hard and follow your detailing to the t. If you are looking for a full graphic service choose this one.


Dwayne Green

Kimp - Excellent service! Amazing Value! I have used Kimp for several months now and could not be happier! They do great work and provide a fantastic value! I thought about trying out some of their competitors at some point, but they really have not given me a reason to. Here are a few Pros and Cons to be aware of. PROS: Great communication and response time. High quality work. No contract. Best value (allowing 2 open requests at a time). CONS: They do not work on the weekends. This is the only downside, but they are still worth 5 stars! If they had the option to work with a weekend team, they would put everyone else out of business.


Concept Images

Newbies - Great Job!!! We recently signed up with Kimp and from the start, we have had amazing service. Their designs are creative and their team is well organized. Highly satisfied.


Brian Chiorello

Kimp and their team are absolutely Rockstars, I have been with them for a little over 6 months now, they have made my daily Design Tasks 100% easier, more professional and I can focus on my business. The communication is seamless and they are the BEST EXPERIENCE I have had in over 15 years in business. AchievMoGraphics.com


Jerry Companjen

Such a great experience. This was such a great experience! I have used similar Graphics Subscriptions before in the past, and what attracted me to this was the ability to have illustrations included in the package too. The trial period, I threw 3 different tasks in there, trying to test the waters which I was pleased with, and jumped into the monthly subscriptions. I decided to use Kimp for rebranding my kombucha brand. This is the tricky part, in your head you know what you want, to explain is the difficult part! The first initial concept for my logo was so far from what I wanted, like nothing got even close that my heart sunk. Fortunately, the best tool available is the Loomy videos. I created a mood board in Figma, shared the link, and was able to explain in more detail what I wanted. This combination really seemed to help as we slowly starting to build out my brand and my vision started to shape very fast! Once we had the direction nailed, designs became much faster and improved each time, so much that the briefs just became a few lines. However, one negative thing is, that sometimes simple changes (literally moving an item), or with an illustration concept will take a full day, essentially reducing your days/month. One thing, especially with illustrations is to give a rough sketch earlier in the day, so you can approve the direction or not, so that the following day it can be nearer to completion. Also, if you are familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator, small tweaks and changes you should do yourself (fixing grammar etc) rather than using up another full day. Overall, amazing experience!!!



The platform itself is very easy to use and the customer service is excellent - responsive, pleasant and accommodative. The turn around times are pretty good as well. The design team is talented and creative and able to translate a brief into a great design.


Connor Lownds

Brilliant Service, cant wait to continue! I'm halfway though my first month but the service is great. its provided me with some cracking designs that I would've never been able to think of never mind design myself. will definitely be using this service on going.


Stephon Wright

Save time and create. Kimp is easily one of the best-hidden gems I have found to maximum my workflow. I spend less time editing and more time creating the content. Every graphic and video I have received back was amazing! 10/10


Sandra Mayne

Thank you Sansa for your expertise in project coordination with Anto the head designer. The team confirmed details and assisted us with fresh innovative designs for AHHA Global. I was impressed with the fast turnaround, excellent communication, and the high quality results. I would highly recommend Kimp to excel in meeting individual needs.


Rodrigo Campos

What a great group of professionals. Great design expertise and have delivered top-notch design across various projects. In addition to the expertise, they are truly committed to delivering a great communication and experience. Always available for questions or feedback and delivers most projects in less than 24-hours. It's a pleasure to work with this team and I'm really happy to have found them.