Want to start designing better, and scaling faster? Then you need a dedicated design team. But don’t just take our word for it! Read a Kimp review, or two, to find out what our clients are saying about Kimp.


Sarah Turner

I've been working with Kimp for over a year now and they are INCREDIBLE! Seriously, cannot thank them enough. The process, the end product, the communication along the way - it's all so so smooth. I wish other services I worked with were as good as Kimp.



Kimp has been a great service for our company. All the graphic design work they produce is high quality. My assigned kimp team is very responsive and always works with me to make edits until I am happy with the design. The platform Kimp uses for assignments (Trello) is excellent. The board is very easy to use and keeps everything organized. Overall I am very happy with the Kimp Service.


Alan O Flaherty

Kimp team really go the extra mile.

I've been using their services for over a year now and every time I submit a brief, I know the work is in good hands and I have never been disappointed with the results. It's almost as if the design team can read my mind and know what is expected.

Even when I throw a curve ball and look for something to be done within a really compressed timeframe, the team aren't phased and just get on with the work and deliver.

Couldn't be happier!


Insight Business Coaching

I have been so impressed with my KIMP team of designers. We are a business coaching firm that helps coach our clients in many areas of the business climb, including the foundations of marketing.

KIMP has played an integral part in helping us develop some impressive value proposition infographics that set our clients apart as well as designing supportive marketing and sales collateral. We also use them for many of our internal business marketing designs.

They are quick to deliver, have stellar attention to detail, follow through on deadlines, and come up with some amazing ways to deliver special requests, even when I have no idea how they can do it! I have supplied many revisions and they are always happy to deliver. Not to mention our team leader is prompt and always courteous.

I love using KIMP, it has made my marketing development and management fun and enjoyable.


Jack Stracey

Kimp are absolutely unbelievable. They are able to understand my businesses and create content that matches exactly how I feel. Most of the time, I don't have to go back with revisions either so thats a plus. Even when I do have a revision, they get straight on with what I asked and are extremely efficient.



As a solo entrepreneur with a fast growing business, Kimp is what has allowed my business to grow bigger than I even thought was possible. While there are several similar services, Kimp is BY FAR the best I've ever tried.

Their project management is on point and the user experience is fantastic. I've always felt understood, guided, communicated with and supported - at every step of the way.

While their design skills are awesome (but we knew that already), what makes me a committed customer is everything around it - the onboarding, project management, clear communication and fast turn arounds. I'm a HUGE fan and appreciate the service so much!!



Kimp has been an excellent company to work with! They are all remote, and so you have to account for some time differences. But they are very responsive to our requests... and do excellent work! We have used them for graphic and video design. We highly recommend them!



Loved the designs, especially the fact that the team is able to render these with just textual conversation. They included some content on their own as well which we ended up including and which was amazing!


Paola Baker

Kimp has been great! Our team is professional, responsive, and does great work with designs. Irfan, our project manager, is so easy to work with, super responsive, and takes all details into account when working on designs. Kimp has been able to help our agency get back on track with design. Thank you so much!


Dr Caitlin DeWilde

I love working with our Kim designer-- it's allowed us to get more done, faster, plus bring in new ideas to our team. We started it as a way to "catch up" but we'll be keeping it to stay ahead!


Sarah Skeels

I'm very happy with the quality of work received and I feel the design briefs are being followed to the point which is fantastic. The request process is so easy and painless that in itself makes the subscription so worth while!


Joshua Williams

This design team is a superb bunch! I wish I could buy them a pizza. They have become an integral part of the success of our marketing agency. 2022 is looking much brighter thanks to you all!